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  1. favourite islay malts

    An Islay malt comes from Islay. There are no technicalities other than that.
  2. New Cabinet humidor advice

    All the humidor I have seen of theirs have been good. I would replace the humidification system though.
  3. Excellent first smoke. Still my favourite cigar (still in production anyway...) Love them.
  4. Comfy chairs, bit of music in the background, Windows even if they are tinted or partly shuttered. No TV's is my preference. Helpful staff is also a big bonus, especially when they are not too pushy with sales but helpful when you need it. LCdH in Warsaw is a cracking spot and works good for me.
  5. A lot do not allow tobacco to be smoked but the Bulldog chain have always been very accommodating. So many changes though I'm not up on the latest places. For a great shopping experience head over to Almere, cracking shop there and very friendly staff.
  6. My kid (7 years old) just got a hand delivered card and sweets before leaving for school this morning. Very sweet but he is so embarrassed it is hilarious.
  7. What do you make of these beauties???

    I'm glad I'm not him.
  8. You are not going to watch a film because a health warning in the credits?
  9. Christmas Party

    What a load of rubbish.
  10. Been to The Connoisseur Divan and really enjoyed it. Also liked the Olde Cuban, more for the eye candy waitresses but the company was far better the the Divan.
  11. Superstar by Sonic Youth is far superior, for me, to the Delaney and Bonnie version (and the more famous Carpenters version). Are You Experienced by Belly I always found better than the original (although mostly because I saw it live a few times and not Hendrix). Loads more where I prefer the cover version and genuinely think they are better than the original. These two stand out though.
  12. No change to my smoking when the seasons here change.
  13. That is one ugly humidor, if it is a work of art then fair enough but not for me. Interesting to see these things though.
  14. As above. Let us know where you are heading and someone should be able to recommend somewhere decent enough. Deco true that you will get curious locals if smoking anything of a decent size.
  15. Lions to the playoffs. Probably not the super bowl.

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