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  1. Less dangerous than the USA, more dangerous than Ireland. Fun times ahead I think.
  2. Where is this B&M?
  3. Bolivar Gold Medals. Never had a bad one, wonderful smoke, well missed and were always at a great price point. The only downside to these was the garish gold sleeve!
  4. RyJ #3 tubos for the non smokers. They get it in a tube (which is still a big draw to non smokers), it's quite a short smoke, it is not unpleasant, for them it will seem like a super premium and the price is at something you can handle (based on the other smokes in your first post!). Anything "better" and it really is just a waste on the non-smokers.
  5. They look ridiculous with the foot band. Utterly awful marketing. In a lot of ways I agree with shlomo here although I will wait until I have smoked one or two to see if they are worth it.
  6. What a great find! That Monte Sublime looks.. well, sublime!
  7. That is one ugly (and expensive) humidor!!
  8. Connoissuer Divan is a good spot and on the right day you can spot a rare appearance from a regular member on here.
  9. You didn't have time to name it in your op but have replied numerous times?? I don't understand.
  10. Plenty for sale round here still. Will ask a couple of mates who work at the distillery/for WG what the state of play is with this. Wouldn't surprise me if there is a dwindling felt now as it was quite limited on release if I remember rightly.
  11. Consultant/Team Manager for the largest global employee benefits consultancy. Have enough to lay my hands on the smokes, got about a months worth at any one time, no need for more than that really.
  12. Superb, the look of shock on the roos face is tremendous. Are all roos tht aggressuve? Attackings dogs and the like?
  13. A punch or a v-cutter. Usually a v-cutter for larger RG.
  14. One of my homebrews usually. Or water.

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