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  1. What is the manufacturing number all about?
  2. Europeans don't consume a lot of drugs? I would beg to differ. There is also a lot of drugs in Cuba, whether that has anything to do,with these restaurants, I have No idea.
  3. Superb Steph, good to see. I am sure there are a lot of knickers in a twist after that.
  4. 1. Pro basketball player - Booze, cigars and recreational drugs got in the way of that though, such a waste. 2. Whisky industry - worked at a distillery and a bottling plant from age 16 and wanted to give it a go. 3. Dry Cleaner - Ditched the whisky job when my old man died and took on the running of the shop while still working as an insurance underwriter. The old dear didn't want me to ditch the day job to take over the business full time so eventually sold up.
  5. I enjoyed the Connioseur Divan and the Olde Cuban in Chinatown. Was not a fan of the shop at the Regency, found the staff very poor and incredibly rude. Was a couple of years ago though so they have perhaps changed.
  6. I have never had a problem smoking any size of cigar in Scotland, and I've smoked there for 25 years. In my humidor I never used any humidifcation and it held strong at 60. No problems whatsoever, perhaps I was just lucky.
  7. HdM Epicure #2 for current and for older the AF Opus X Double Robusto edges it.
  8. Yet in that period Manchester United were not the highest spenders. Poor, and bitter, argument.
  9. All the aged stock is not sold.
  10. Nothing "poor man" about them. Sometimes only a JLP will do. Sent from my HUAWEI CAN-L01 using Tapatalk
  11. Less dangerous than the USA, more dangerous than Ireland. Fun times ahead I think.
  12. Where is this B&M?
  13. Bolivar Gold Medals. Never had a bad one, wonderful smoke, well missed and were always at a great price point. The only downside to these was the garish gold sleeve!
  14. RyJ #3 tubos for the non smokers. They get it in a tube (which is still a big draw to non smokers), it's quite a short smoke, it is not unpleasant, for them it will seem like a super premium and the price is at something you can handle (based on the other smokes in your first post!). Anything "better" and it really is just a waste on the non-smokers.
  15. They look ridiculous with the foot band. Utterly awful marketing. In a lot of ways I agree with shlomo here although I will wait until I have smoked one or two to see if they are worth it.

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