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  1. Superstar by Sonic Youth is far superior, for me, to the Delaney and Bonnie version (and the more famous Carpenters version). Are You Experienced by Belly I always found better than the original (although mostly because I saw it live a few times and not Hendrix). Loads more where I prefer the cover version and genuinely think they are better than the original. These two stand out though.
  2. No change to my smoking when the seasons here change.
  3. That is one ugly humidor, if it is a work of art then fair enough but not for me. Interesting to see these things though.
  4. As above. Let us know where you are heading and someone should be able to recommend somewhere decent enough. Deco true that you will get curious locals if smoking anything of a decent size.
  5. Lions to the playoffs. Probably not the super bowl.
  6. Dream Cigar Beverage

    Water or some of my homebrew ale.
  7. Wooden Desktop Humidors

    I made my own from an old solid mahogany bookcase. I am truly rubbish at wood work so it was a Real challenge but on completion is the most beautiful humi I've seen because I did it myself. Holds about 120 smokes and keeps humidity exactly where I want it. I did hope for a wood finish but had to paint up to his the fillers I had to do. Give it a shot and do it yourself.
  8. Great achievement zb, well done.
  9. D without a doubt. Don't see what the problem is.
  10. They do exist. Been smoking for 25 years and always preferred the larger ring gauges. My old man was the same.
  11. Employee Benefits Consulting. Best bit is meeting clients and getting a tour of their factories/offices. Other than that pretty dull on the most part with the admin aspect and having to shout at incompetent employees/insurance companies.
  12. Perhaps it has but the people involved were making too much money from plumey/mouldy cigars to publish the results...
  13. I knew that guy!!!

    Oh yeah, and Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords/LOTR fame is my cousin (sort of).
  14. I knew that guy!!!

    Used to at ball with a couple of guys that got to the NBA and played against Dirk Nowitzki when he played for Germany in the junior euros. Got a few friends who are comedians and actors in the UK and are on TV quite a bit.
  15. That is an ugly looking stuck. Every BHK I've had have been beautiful looking sticks, that looks way off to me. Smoke and see though, that where you will get a better idea than some dumb ass on the internet.

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