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  1. This thread is a bit old, but I thought I'd add this anyway. An acquaintance gave me this Behike which had been given to him source unknown. I compared it to a box of 52 purchased from a reputable ‘R’ source. By eye, it's obvious the suspect (s) smoke is darker, shorter, and appears to be thinner. I later confirmed its a 51 ring guage using an inexpensive ring guage chart. The band is pretty good and looks a lot like the OP's band, but the following discrepancies from ‘R’ bands are observed: 1. Different number of white blocks between nose and ponytail tip to "Behike". 2. Gold border around "Cohiba" wider on "S" than on "R". 3. Printing heavier on "S" than "R" for "Havana, Cuba" My conclusion is fake Added 9/18/17 I finally got around to lighting this suspect smoke. Pre-cut I sort of got that barnyard smell, which had me wondering. However after cutting the draw was definitely not Cuban tobacco IMO. I don't consider myself expert by any means, but I have been smoking mostly Cuban cigars (95%) for over 15 years. About 650-700 cigars per year, mainly Partagas but some Cohiba. I am fairly confident this was not Cuban tobacco and comfortable with my conclusion this is a fake Behike.
  2. Not currently on the road, but have owned since 1972
  3. My dentist's (cool guy, smokes cigars, rides a Harley) wife went on a trip to Cuba with a licensed group. One day the guide took them to the Robaina farm where she purchased a bundle of farm cigars for her husband. He gave me one but I haven't smoke it yet. Today I got this text from him: I cut one open for the hell of it. Has an outer leaf wrapper. Has one inner binder leaf wrapper. Didn't think I found two binder leaves only one. Has some inside full length tobacco leaves but one deep inside leaf has filler bits and pieces rolled up in it for bulk. That doesn't seem right? Its obviously not a fake Cuban and one all the workers on the farm were smoking right as he rolled them.... Any thoughts? Anyone have experience with these farm smokes? Are they simply handmade short filler?
  4. I think you'll enjoy his live show even if you are not a big fan of his music. Have a great time!
  5. Vetteman

    Opus fans?

    I have smoked a couple LC over the years and liked them, but not nearly enough to pay the prices they go for.
  6. Vetteman

    Opus fans?

    I smoke probably 95% cc but Opus is one of the few non Cuban sticks I smoke on a regular basis or as regular as 5% can be. The others would be Ashton VSG and Padron 1926/64. Hutch mentioned the Angel Share which I like even better than the regular line.
  7. I wasn't there, don't do stadium concerts anymore, but it must have been pretty epic for BS fans Setlist New York City Serenade (with string section) Wrecking Ball Badlands Something in the Night The Ties That Bind Sherry Darling Spirit in the Night Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Harry Reser and His Orchestra cover) (sign request) Independence Day Hungry Heart Out in the Street Growin' Up (sign request) You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) Death to My Hometown Mansion on the Hill (solo acoustic with Patti Scialfa on vocals) Jack of All Trades (with string section; tour debut) My Hometown The River American Skin (41 Shots) The Promised Land Working on the Highway Darlington County Because the Night (Patti Smith Group cover) She's the One Brilliant Disguise The Rising Land of Hope and Dreams (with “People Get Ready” outro) Encore: Jungleland Born to Run Dancing in the Dark Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Shout (The Isley Brothers cover) Bobby Jean Jersey Girl Courtesy of
  8. I think it's particularly difficult when you're attempting to weigh your remarks against both the domestic and international audience
  9. Nothing that can't be satisfied by a week or two vacation (if necessary) [emoji6]
  10. I've been there several times over the last few years and IMO it's got a better selection than either PdC or Coz. It's across from the police station that's next to the Kulkukan (sp?) Mall. They did have customs most of the times I was there. Sit on the porch out back overlooking the lagoon, and enjoy a smoke/drink
  11. Well I know who my number one target is.....lawyers and ltigation laws
  12. Vetteman

    Dual Citizenship

    What I mean is.... I believe even if you use your second non-US passport and travel to Cuba, it is still considered an "illegal" trip by OFAC and no different than if you flew to Cancun with your American passport, and to Cuba from there.
  13. Vetteman

    Dual Citizenship

    Unfortunately I don't believe dual citizenship where one of them is US, has any impact on the ability to legally travel to Cuba.
  14. Have finished space above my garage which was basically "attic" space and the ceiling slopes so you can't stand tall in all parts of the room. Wood panel walls, carpeting, electric of course, one window and in wall a/c which I don't use because I rarely smoke inside in warmer weather. I plan to take the a/c unit out and put in an "in wall" fan for exhaust. Currently use a window fan which works just OK, and electric heater.

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