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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Fonseca No1 with my smokin' buddy. She likes to warm herself by the fire. If she's feeling really amorous she will get in my lap and nap. Maybe tolerant is a better word than amorous....
  2. Your Toy of the week...

    No telling.... well, you could tell this week at the auction I suppose. But 10 years ago this guy spent close to $200,000 to acquire the car and have it completely built. Today Duffee said it would easily approach $300k. So, someone that really wanted the "most desireable Fairlane" and didn't want two years of work and a $300k bill might just buy it up happily at its current ask. But not me. Way too fancy for me.
  3. Your Toy of the week...

    This is mine: My buddy's shop built this car before I knew him, so I know it's done really nicely. And who wouldn't want to cruise in a hot rod like this. The only things that I'd change would be to get that gay shifter off the floor and back up onto the column, and have decent door panels made to cover the speakers and eliminated the awful black speaker grills.
  4. Love that the wrapper shade didn't scare you off.... I don't get folks eschewing anything other than a dark wrapper. "I don't want that. It's not dark enough". Man, I've had some incredible smokes that so many would have ignored! I guess more for us then.... I just finished a 10ct box of "clearance" M2s, TOS 15 IIRC, and they were just fantastic. Light shade, not too oily looking but not dull and flat either, and I wish I had 10 boxes of them....
  5. Gratbsize choice! Looking forward to the final product. Odering would be NICE, as Havana isn't on my "to visit" list any time soon. Thanks for the update El Prez!
  6. Cigars and Games(Chess?)

    Impressive... Chess was never something my brain "got".... Used to play Risk for days though. For a while I was ranked No. 1 among my entire family. Hats off to the folks that can play it.
  7. Palio Cutter

    I have a Palio, but forget when I acquired it. Are there any obvious differences between the US made and Chinese made versions? Pretty sure I've had it a while though.....
  8. I understand the QdO Secretos from this past year are quite good and have a fair aging potential. They're a fairly small smoke. I have several boxes, but have yet to try any.
  9. In that case read through a few pages of threads. Also, you can go to youtube and look up reviews there and usually find what you are looking for.
  11. I feel ya, @HarveyBoulevard I'm out of the hospital now for only 48 hours and have two weeks of home health care and I'm already bored.... I can smoke, but i can't shower without help. If I decide to smoke daily my wife will lock me out of the house I'm sure. I have the engine of my '37 Plymouth to finish, but it's at the shop 18 miles away and I'm homebound. I could adjust the valves on my '67 F250 and old VW beetle, but I am trying to avoid the need for showers because I have a central line in place and want to minimize chances it will get wet. I did get my Drobo RAID reset, formatted and ready to reload my photos this evening, so there's that... would't mind sitting out back and shooting some more hummingbirds tomorrow. I might just do that. Might have a cigar anyway (a good one to celebrate life), get out the big gun and pick off some hummingbirds as they fight over the back yard feeders. Okay, for tomorrow at least a plan is in place.
  12. I will say the RG PCs are fantastic right now and very approachable by pretty much anyone, so don't write off the marca. If you have the opportunity try to get some. Like @canadianbeaver I'm planning to leave these 88s alone for several years.
  13. Certainly not my intention....
  14. Always appreciate your insight, @JohnS. Yeah, I recall all these SOM threads of the past. Everything else I have from there looks great, or died trying Age wasn't going to help this single so I gave it the torch, but the remainder will be back in for the long(ish) haul.

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