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  1. The first name that came to mind. Good on ya, @JohnS!!
  2. Oh! That was a monsoon storm west of town. Think 20 second exposure. It was an interesting night. Coyotes howling all around me and my son....
  3. Well, she was almost asleep, so....
  4. Mostly snapshots, but I still like to make 'em. Some would ruffle feathers here due to rules, but here are some that shouldn't.
  5. A magazine "cigar lifestyle" would certainly include an expensive car, yacht, island retreat, a beautiful member of the opposite sex, ridicoulusly expensive watches, whiskeys, Scotch, fine toggery and exquisite food. My cigar lifestyle usually involves no more than a long drive in a car with 350,000 miles on it, swilling a Monster energy drink (because I can't legally enjoy Segram's Seven whilst piloting a vehicle) with my hemorrhoids crying for a walk break and dropping ash in my lap at 80mph. OR actually enjoying that fine, $9 bottle of hooch by a fire in the back yard while a crippled, vocal, needy and shedding cat tries to maintain a comfortable perch in my lap.
  6. I'm definitely a fan of "first editions" over remakes. Not too many remakes come to mind that are worth my paying for (either dollars at the theatre or time on the couch). One comes to mind that I did enjoy, however, and that was Oceans Eleven. While my wife and I are a fan of the original, the remake was different enough to be great on its own as @JohnS mentioned.
  7. "Good to the last drop. And that drop's good too" Never did get any of those La Glorias... Maybe I missed out....
  8. Understandable, but I guess I was wondering more about aggression to humans. You and Fuzz answered above. Could you do a favor...? It's awfully difficult to judge its size in the picture. Maybe go lay and Punch SS1 next to her for some reference...? I'm thinking you must still have some on hand....
  9. At least in a dentside you're not leaning back and smoking against the fuel tank like I do in my bumpside.
  10. Rotating cigars

    That depends on what humidor cabinet they're in. I've found that the bottom shelf of my "The Redmon" tends to let the boxes on the lower shelf stay too wet (being right over the water reservoir) and if I don't keep that cab rotated i get some mold growth. Trying to think about how to aleviate that issue lately.... My icebox humidor has far superior circulation and zero issues as does my end table cabinet. It just took a while to figure out the characteristics of each cabinet. I'm good now, but I DO have to rotate that one unit.
  11. Three cases of whiskey. One High west APB aged an additional two years in a rye barrel, two cases of Stranahan's yellow label and this Wild Turkey because it sounded good at the time. Have yet to open it.

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