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  1. Good day yesterday. Finally got the old car's motor completely apart (it's a total revuild: radiator through drive shaft) after three days of effort. On the way to the shop enjoyed this PLPC. Beautiful box. It's so nice I want to dip into another and let this rest. Then, wrapping up work for the day, me and my pal Brian always end up cranking music we like, swilling beer (or bourbon when it's colder) sweeping and mopping. Usually end up standing around the bench trading favorite songs from our youth stories and alternatively playing them off youtube over the Bluetooth speaker This My Father Flor de las Antillas was fantastic Super sweet stick. Got it for Christmas '14 and I really can't say enough about them: Finished up with a (not pictured) El Rey demi tasse on the drive home. A good day indeed.
  2. I wouldn't know. I don't smoke the stickers..... Too many are caught up in the color sticker they get. Throw the damned sticker away and smoke the cigar. Rob doesn't send out junk.
  3. If they're tasty now, smoke some now. Taste is personal. Give them 30 days in your humidor and dive in if they're in your taste wheelhouse. If you have several boxes you're working through a sample are bound to get some age on them and you'll get to experience what the wait is about. Nothing wrong with smoking what tastes good to you no mayter their age. PLPC are known to be fantastic with several years on them, but try to keep El Pres out of a fresh box.... It can't be done.
  4. JLS1 on the drive. Featured in the Sublime Selfies thread. Fantastic stick.
  5. Enjoying another sublime drive theough Sedona. Juan Lopez selection number one
  6. There's no reason at all to have to miss them. I still maintain a collection pf both NC and CC, athough admittedly my tastes for NCs has changed and I keep a much narrower sample range. You can have your cake and eat it too. welcome to FOH
  7. So sorry to hear this.... Was going to joke about helping you work through the collection, but that's been done. But was also going to say take some time. Let things heal. Enjoy the water! Its great for you!! And hopefully this doesn't take too much time to get back in line. Fingers crossed here anyway.... And if your tastes change on the other side give me a shout and mabe we can work some trades to get you what you want at that time.
  8. One sport I just cannot get into....
  9. This has been discussed at length on the forum. You'll get a mixed bag of opinion.
  10. Another road trip. Another D4.
  11. I've kept dozens of boxes in Ziplock freezer bags with Boveda 60g packs for months and months. Zero issue. No reasn why you couldn't I guess, but the drop in temp may still play a part in rH anyway. Pigfish may be able to shed light on humidity issues in this situation.
  12. It's not something to brag about. Ask me how I know.... Edit:. And around here it can be a matter of only months.
  13. Punch Punch bra oct 13 The Punch that turned the tide for me.

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