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  1. Met your goal? Sweet! IIRC you were shooting for a 92kg....
  2. Okay.... Cab is finished save a little bit of cedar lining and some singles trays (another project, I'm sure). Top's on. Bead board's back in place. I'll finish wiring this week and get this thing in service asap.
  3. @Hurltim, I had a wood source with a mill cut down some 4/4 for me. Got two sheets of 1/4" sized 7.5-8" wide and 78" long. Panels finished yesterday were plenty wide for door lining and some interior as well. Got started affixing them to the doors. I hit the edges of the panel backs with spray adhesive and stuck a 1/2mil sheet of plastic to the back of each hopefully to help keep mositure in. And the panels are fit to the actual door openings for the same reason. They hang over the door edge quite a bit but will allow a better seal.
  4. Do it! Nice job!!! You won, my friend. Keep winning!!! I'll weigh in tomorrow, 1st of May. Not home ATM and a terribly busy day planned. Who knows.... Might misplace another pound today with all that's going on.
  5. Did you mean @Bohn007 - in ribeye perhaps...? Personally, I'm loving these little El Rey demi's. Need more... Going great with some Cruzan aged rum ... Just perfect
  6. RGPC on a perfect afternoon. Just waiting for glue to dry on my current project
  7. Cedar sourced and panels glued for door lining today. I'll be removing the porcelain currently in place (store it in the attic, likely) and cutting 1/4" thick Spanish cedar replacements. I'll need to pick up some more cedar to line the metal box, or at least part of it. Also, I think I'll be rewiring as well. In retrospect it would be really convenient to have the receptacles under the unit accessible with the kick panel rather than putting a receptacle inside the cabinet. The wiring for the fan and LEDs will fit nicely through the delrin plug I made for the drain hole.
  8. @JohnS, glad you pulled through, Brother!! Thank Goodness you and your son are safe.
  9. Another group today. Tasty looking as the group from yesterday...
  10. A walk with Connie...
  11. Need to glue up cedar panels for the icebox humidor build. Machine shop all day Saturday. Drinking. Drugs. Sex. (Scratch two of those...) Hopefully a smoke or two. You know... The usual.
  12. If they were all this good I'd buy more... Monte PE

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