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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thank you, Sir.
  2. These? A pal picked up four boxes for me while in france this summer. Have yet to try one.
  3. I've always favored Thin Lizzy's version of Whiskey in the Jar over The Dubliners' version. Although who knows when it was first recorded as it's an old Irish folk tune. Metallica's version hits hard too, but TL does it for me.
  4. Sounds like somebody's dog will be staying outside for a few nights… Sorry for your trouble!!
  5. Running out of room!

    Ran into the same problem while I was finishing my "icebox humidor". I simply ordered a couple dozen (at a time) small Boveda and put boxes in ziplocks stacked around my office. Worked out just fine. Nice collection!!
  6. Definitely not in your wheelhouse Mr. Pig!
  7. Kind of a rebuttal to a recent review panning The Judge cigars. Not my favorite by any means, but certainly not as bad as the recent review.... Maybe he just ad a bad single or did I disremember my only other The Judge experience? Time to revisit! I picked up this Grand Robusto sized stick several months ago and it's been resting in a desktop humi with 62% Boveda at room temp. Right of the bat these things are bigger than anything I'd usually pick up, but at the urging of our local My Father reps I figured I'd give them a try. The first one I had shortly after they came out seemed pretty strong to me. Wondering if this will be the same. I will agree they flow a lot of air.... not a particilar wind tunnel, but more than I'm used to. It suits me. Hate getting a headache trying to move air through a tight roll. I prefer an easier draw to that option. Aroma at cold, earthy and leathery for sure, but there are some sweet cocoa notes as well. Upon lighting there was a rather acrid taste which quickly gave way to lots of spicy leather and bitter cocoa, as well bittersweet tobacco flavors which remained present throughout. Burn at the 1/2" point was perfect. Taste was more spicy and leathery than I prefer, but the stick was performing flawlessly by the half. I pulled off the secondary band and right about midway some sweet caramel notes drifted into play with the spiced leather core. I've read reviews describing all kinds of sweetness in this blend, but there was only a hint for me in this example. Nothing too complex, but a subtle change as it burned down to a nub. And I did nub it, just to be sure I wasn't missing anything.... Or at least as much of a nub as I care to execute while driving.... Total burn time was 1:40 minute, and it got me all the way from Flagstaff to N PHX without much more issue than a bit of flower-petalling some ash onto my shirt. Overall not a bad cigar. Not in my usual prefered profile, and I would probably only smoke another if it was given to me, but definitely not a bad experience with My Father
  8. I've had three and all were fantastic smokes.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Autumn. Love it.
  10. Found this languishing in a neighbor's backyard. He let me walk with it. It's junk at this point IMO having been put up wet (inside and out likely), but I think it's some gnarly yard art. Any of you Aussies know the brand?
  11. No. It's standard production, alrhough I'm not sure that color is available any more.
  12. New Partagas Maduro

    $250 box of 10...?
  13. @zepp69 Gretsch 6129TL Thank you sir.
  14. Well, I have one of a lot of things.... But there are duplicates. 4 du Prince. 6 RACA. 6 royal robusto. 3 monte dantes. 3 punch 48. A total of 500 Epi 2 in different cabs. 4 cazadores. 6 Boli Gigantes. 3 punch punch cabs. But lots of one-offs as well. One cuaba small vitola. One coro, siglo 1-6. One maduro secretos and medios. One mag 46. One mag 56. 1 LGCMDO4. You know... kind of like that. Edit; and evidently now two boxes of SPNPs. 😂

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