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  1. I've looked at least 5 times per day....I must see deals!!!!!!
  2. My family fave dinner main course is Prime Rib, or Standing Rib Roast done on a rotisserie...Couldn't be simpler! 1. find a nice, well marbled, roast with 5-7 ribs (more or less depending upon the size of your gathering. 2. rest the roast for 1-2 hours at room temperature to bring the roast to room temperature. 3. skewer the roast with the rotisserie rod and secure it using the forked pieces, locking it to the rod and test run it on the rotisserie to ensure freedom of movement while turning over the heat. I use an electronic, table top rotisserie which makes this as easy as possible. 4. using a narrow bladed knife, pierce the roast in several places and insert whole garlic cloves into the incisions. 5. coat the entire roast with Dijon mustard. Don't be shy with this...It's VERY good! 6. pack the entire Dijon covered roast in rock salt...cover all of it! The salt will come off before eating, but will make is SOOOO delicious! Pepper can be added at this point as well, but I don't do it. 7. place the roast on the rotisserie and plug it in. 8. I let my roast cook for appx 20 min per pound but I use a thermometer to ensure that it's ready to come off at medium rare (120 deg F) 9. let the roast rest for 20-30 minutes before slicing. 10. scrape the salt off and slice away! 11. Let the feast begin! If possible, pair this with a good red wine, or nice dark ale, and a full flavored stick like a CoRo Enjoy fellas!
  3. Lol....dietary indiscretion!
  4. Looks like a great time!
  5. Thanks for the review...been curious about these and now I think I may just pass on a box and try to find one or two to sample.
  6. Great topic...never tried any of the GR but do have one PGR that was gifted by a friend on another forum. Waiting for that perfect uninterrupted afternoon to give it a go...
  7. Fun review! I have a box of '12 distinguidos that I just started smoking out of....very good smokes, IMO
  8. Trading Area

    I had wondered about this as well...good to know
  9. Fun topic...for me it would be: Cohiba esplendidos (only had one so far but it was divine) Por Larranaga Encantos RASS
  10. An Especial Esplendidos

    That was very well's nice that something as simple as a cigar can bring back such fond memories. Thank you for posting.
  11. Prices will increase on any CC as taxes will be an immediate multiplier...gub'mint will want to make a buck or few...
  12. Sancho Panza Belicoso TBL NOV 05

    I know this is an old thread but I'm smoking one now and it is fabulous...mine is only a year old (UME FEB 14) but it is delightful...some wood, sweetness, and a creamy finish...coupled with a spot-on glad that I have a few more buried!
  13. A FewJokes

    What do you call the sex change surgery where a woman becomes a man?? An add-a-****-to-me.....
  14. Catch of the day!

    Awesome fishing action guys...I may have just found my new fave thread!
  15. Piramide sample for me too......TORTURE!!!!

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