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  1. worst movie ever

    Star Wars Holiday Special, no question about it. The commentary from the MST3K guys had me dying for breath.
  2. I thought you would all being negative Nanci's until I tried to actually guess the price based on the price difference between a CoRo and a BHK52. Based on that, I'm guessing the Prez' pricing will probably look something like: $335 $425 $585
  3. The old release Illusione Singulare Phantom with about 5 years of age was as close to a Cohiba as I have ever had without being a Cohiba. This includes the Cuban custom rolls that are allegedly backdoor behikes. Age I think is the key. The pepper blast you get from a lot of Nicaraguans dies down after a few years and they start to seem more like fresh Cubans. If I'm looking for a cheap smoke at a US lounge, I always check to see if they have any old stock Don Pepin Black Labels laying around. With a bit of age they start to get a PSD4 vibe to them.
  4. You would think at some point they would release a regular production Petit Robusto, but no...
  5. Cuban Cigar Tobacco Weights

    Any guess on the margin of error on this list?
  6. It was a good year for the Connie 1 though
  7. Trinidad La Trova

    And 26mm shorter. The point is more that the Connie A has been a recent special release that has been regarded widely as worth the premium. With the spotty recent history if the Trinidad line, a consistent gem would be a win for everyone.
  8. Trinidad La Trova

    If that pricing holds these could be a bargain. Imagine if these end up be the 'Connie A' of Trinidads...
  9. If these track at the current prices for the anejados program, they wont end up being any more expensive than those ridiculously priced mag54s.
  10. Cuaba Bariay

    Just be sure to edit the video down. I like Cuabas and those large format 'A' type cigars, but there is no way I would watch you smoke one for 3 hours.
  11. Cuaba Bariay

    But seriously, since they were a gift, I would feel weird considering ever selling them, and since I think almost all of these are in the hands of collectors, I say light one up and see for yourself. Smoke one a year and post the review online and you will probably be the world's foremost expert on Cuaba Bariays.
  12. Cuaba Bariay

    My take is I need more friends like that.
  13. I have definitely been a fan of Upmanns rolled around that time period. People here were raving about how 2011 Connie 1s were a hidden gem not too long ago. How much worse could these be?
  14. Group Buy? 🤔

    Id be good for about 3 and a half puffs off of one.
  15. Congrats! We are expecting #3 in the spring. Its a a lot of work, but certainly worth it. Just curious, how many cigars did you end up with that are new to you?

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