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  1. Whoever ends up with the Sancho, post a review up for me when you smoke it. Of the 6 from that box, that I have smoked, 5 have been pretty good but one was just transcendent, probably top ten all time.
  2. Okay, here are the photos. Hope this look good for everyone. Puts: H Upmann Connie A '15 LGC MdO #2 '09 RG Lonsdale '05 Sancho Panza Coronas Gigantes '03 Vegas Robanas Don Alejandro '07 Takes: San Cristobal La Fuerza '16 San Cristobal El Morro '12 El Rey Del Mundo Petit Corona '11 Punch Royal Selection No.12 '07 ERDM Grandes de Espana '02
  3. No worries, I have a box of trade bait incoming from elsewhere so giving it a little more time to arrive will be better for everyone I think.
  4. Man, I was really hoping that Sanchos would make it to me
  5. Your first ever box buy?

    H Upmann #2s in 2012. Might still be one of my favorite boxes period. I might have one left somewhere, I'll have to go diving.
  6. Man, you guys are going to have to take it down a notch or else I won't have anything I can put in by the time it gets out here.
  7. Candela a calling?

    The Illusione ~hl~ candela is the only one I have ever had that I thought was memorable.
  8. Public speaking advice

    The way auditoriums tend to be lit, you are probably going to get up there and not be able to really make out anyone. Because of the spot lighting, it will just look like a big black room to you. Get going before your eyes adjust and by the time you can see anything will already be in the groove of giving the speech. From there you can let the adrenaline carry you through the rest. 4-5 minutes isn't very long. By the time you can tell you aren't in an empty room, you'll be almost done. Hell, if its really bad for you, glance into a spot to contract your pupils and keep going.
  9. Obviously, it depends. But when Ive wanted boxes from a certain date Ive found that about one year later is when I have the easiest time finding that box date. Some of the more popular cigars might be out sooner, but I suspect you have at least 9 months to start saving your pennies.
  10. A question was asked about dates. I can't say for sure in either case. I came into possession of the Behike 52 in early 2015, and the Behike 52 'second' in late 2014, but either could be much older for all I know.
  11. So to celebrate a significant promotion, I dug out the nicest cigar in my collection, a Behike 52 won in the fantasy baseball league we had here a few years ago. While I have never had a real behike before, I have had several cigars that are purported to be Behike 52 "seconds". I have enjoyed the ones I have had, but never smoked one next to the real thing, so I thought it would be fun to try back to back. I set forth to do this review simply because the intentionality of reviewing a good cigar often helps me appreciate it more. I'm not looking to call anyone out and I cannot verify nor dispute any claims to authenticity except to say the band on the Behike looks real to me. I just know what I taste and see. In terms of quality of construction, they are pretty close together. wrapper sheen on the 'second' is perhaps a touch weaker, but neither is amazing compared to what I have seen on other cigars. The pigtail on the 'second' is perhaps a little looser. The kicker is that the foot of the Behike 52 (left in all photos) shows a sloppier roll. It is hard to see why the 'second' would be rejected and this Behike accepted. Draw on the Behike 52 was loose, as you would expect with a foot looking like that. This lead to an uneven burn, marring an otherwise excellent cigar. This Behike 52 demonstrated a remarkable balance of strength and finesse, never getting harsh despite the loose draw. It had the grassy cohiba opening with lots more of the peppery ligero (or medio tempo) flavor. Notes of black tea with milk, some cocoa and ceder with just a touch of honey sweetness towards the end. Very complex for a petit robusto. So strong that I wasn't sure I wanted another cigar, but having committed to reviewing them back to back, I didn't want to back out. Our Behike 'second' had a slightly firmer draw, but still pretty loose by cuban standards. Burn was just fine however, so ironically I have to rate the construction of the 'second' as being much better. Unfortunately, it is hard to find much in common between these two cigars in flavor profile. The 'second' has none of the strength of its banded brother. Instead it would be a mild to medium cigar at most. This is not to say it was a bad cigar. If you like creamy cigars, this puts my hoyo epicure especials to shame, but instead of the woody background of the hoyo, this cigar carries a more vegetal background. Think cream of celery soup, but I mean it in a not bad way. In retrospect, it might have been better to light them both at the same time and smoke them simultaneously, but I only had one Behike, and I wanted to enjoy it for what it was. i will smoke the other 'seconds' I have, and enjoy them for what they are, but I'm not sure any one of them will give me flash backs to that one special cigar.
  12. I think there some issues of scale here to consider. @TheGipper doesn't mention the minimum investment for his strategies, but I bet its a fair bit more than the $400 I need for a box of coros. If I'm wrong, let me know and send me a prospectus. Storing a retirement fund's worth of cigars would be expensive, and liquidating it quickly would be difficult, at that scale its no contest. For me, I tend to divert all of my 'hobby money' into cigars, and then sell cigars to fund other hobbies when the desire emerges. In contrast to just about every other recreation pursuit I have, cigars at least don't loose money the second they leave the store. CUNTINT has about a 37% mark-up between singles and boxes, so its not hard to resell a small amount of singles or fivers from recent purchases while making a profit yet still providing the best deal available. I couldn't do that for $10,000 worth of cigars, but freeing up $1,000 wouldn't be hard.
  13. Opus X

    The petit lancero has always been the standout in my mind, but I've never had any of the really exotic shapes that sell for crazy prices.
  14. One of my Pet Peeves.

    I'm missing something here. If they were too wet when rolled, wouldn't it just be a matter of dry boxing? Wouldn't the expected problem be that the tobacco was too dry, and once humidified to better levels it then ends up too tight?
  15. Anyone been smoking recent release Don Alejandros? I know they are on the discontinued list and I have enjoyed them in the past. I kinda want to stock up where ever I can, but if the quality hasn't been any good I might just have to let that dream die.

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