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  1. SLR Serie A x4 on a lucky find
  2. For me... Some recent ones 2014 CCE (ill gladly buy 5 more boxes if anyone dislikes them) 2014/15 Hdm San Juan 2014 Monte Especial 2014/15 PL Picadores 2014/15 Hdm Epi1 2014 Punch Punch 2014 RA Sur Libano 2013 UPE JUL Connie A 2013 LGC Mdo No2 (something special brewing) Some older that i loved... 2009 Boli Fabulosos Benelux 2010 Boli CE (prob smoked more of these this year than anything else) 2008 Cohiba Siglo VI 1998 Monte Especial 2008 Partagas 898v Some flat out fails for me... RA Club Allones EL H Upmann Mag56 EL Cohiba Robustos Supremos EL Just all muddy tasting garbage. Typical for ELs in my experience. Fair to say, not a fan [emoji2]
  3. Hahaha i was just in Hong Kong, Toronto, and Beijing saying the same thing. LCDH Hong Kong was cheaper than HKG duty free!
  4. Here you go Not sure why link wont post. Nvm
  5. Haha yes, prices are AWFUL!!! I enjoy more the experience. Someone i work with is buying me a box, which i almost feel bad about knowing he is overspending, but it was his gesture so im going to just go with it. I believe ive been to the Emporium in the past as well. Another nice option.
  6. I really enjoyed this shop in Shanghai. Have been there twice. Old location was very small, new location is very cool. 1933 location. A cool concrete building, nice lounge, humidor with some good aged options. China prices....terrible. i cant compate to AUS prices, but fair to say every cigar is at least 20usd.
  7. Ill be at the LCDH hong kong at the Sheraton in Causeway Bay in a few hours. Very good selection, some unique regional options if you dig, and a nice lounge area. Nothing super fancy, just relaxing
  8. Just need some behike to show up with SOM to make the game a bit more fun ;^)
  9. 2006 Up2s 2008 psp2 tubos
  10. A fun mail day to forget about for a bit 1st Lusi cab. BUT JUN 13 RAE OCT 14 Punch punch cab #2 Sleeper, psd5. GAT ABR 13 Can never have enough 898v, RAE JUN 15 2x ULA 14 Mdo2
  11. Iirc, being rolled somewhere but boxed elsewhere gets stamped with the boxing factory, hence the partagas factory muo (maybe). It wouldnt shock me to learn that some factories use multiple codes either. Guessing game most of the time, but does make for some entertainment i suppose.
  12. Freakish looking 2014 Siglo III Coro 2015 2014 898v (one of my favorites) Fabulosos, one regional i put high on the list

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