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  1. FOH Mould Study

    I've been taking pictures of things that grow on my cigars for years, maybe once I saw something that could have been plume. Every single other time, it was mold. The most recent example: Notice how white it is and how it wipes off (left part) without leaving any mark: (those are 2 of the main criteria of the bloom-believers: it is white and wipes off without mark) lets have a closer look: Aspergillus at its best.
  2. FOH Mould Study

    That's indeed very interesting. Quote is from:
  3. FOH Mould Study

    Thanks, actually I have a fever right I can blame the fever for my stupid questions Now I know exactly what you mean, and I do like this sheen also very much. But to my experience this sheen is not present on all cigars. Have you never seen those claro wrappers with a rather dull and rough surface? Where would the oils be there?
  4. FOH Mould Study

    I'm not 100% sure if you mean the sheen on the box itself or on the cigars? However, I'm by no means an expert in this field (to be honest I even hate chemistry) but the german wiki-entry regarding volatile oils states that they evaporate without residues. I have not a clue if this is true or not.
  5. FOH Mould Study

    Maybe the myth roots even further back? Does anyone know if tobacco oils (which are volatile oils) survive all the drying, fermenting, etc... during the production process? Is there somehting like tobacco oil in the final product at all?
  6. FOH Mould Study

    Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere and I did nor read carefully enough: Only samples which are not obiously mold, have been sent to the lab for further testing. How many have you not sent to the lab because you knew it was mold? And are all the differnt lots from round1 from differnt customers?

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