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  1. Habanos New Releases

    Without the sizes ... what is the point of this post ??? derrek
  2. My size of smoke . '14 monty#4 purchased in Havana in may'14 as a 5pack . Assuming (as I do) that 5packs age faster than anything but singles ... time to try . Youngish but nice ... tasted like tobacco burning . Balance not there yet with strength overpowering flavours . A good smoke . smoking time was 55:27 derrek
  3. My palate is off ...

    This is wisdom derrek
  4. Uhhh ... reading glasses hung on the neck of my tee shirt ... yup yup . derrek
  5. How about make the fuel load/tank smaller . derrek
  6. Every cigar store in Havana is fair game . derrek
  7. Desert Island Cigars

    Dunhill varaderos derrek
  8. @gweilgi every day is Remembrance Day Aye ... the ghosts of Beaumont Hamel . derrek
  9. Happy Birthday Canada

    Happy bherfday Canada . derrek
  10. In the not distant future ... you will all be speaking "Canadian" . g'day all y'all eh derrek
  11. True anecdote from me ( who lives in Alberta) in Columbus Ohio two years ago ... started to rain/thunder/lightning one afternoon ... went outside the hotel to have a smoke ( no smoking inside in hotels in Ohio) ... next was an air raid siren going off ... I asked one of the chamber maids what the siren was for ... her answer was "it's a tornado warning" ... no fear of something I know nothing about I headed around the corner of the building looking for the tornado ... she calmly told me "you should go inside and stay away from the windows" . if you don't know/understand what you are dealing with ... you are (sometimes) not smart enough to be afraid . derrek
  12. What vintage cigars smoke well?

    @NSXCIGAR I think got it right . for myself ... I have found that from about '89 to '93 are smoking best of all just now . derrek
  13. What to do when Gutted

    Chris for the few moments that we talked ... I realized ( a bit later ) that I was speaking to a future "CDS" . so don't get too down ... you have a great future ahead . derrek

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