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  1. I have not smoked a lot of hoyos ... perhaps 20 boxes in all... the majority have been du deputes (maybe a dozen boxes) . i love em ... at 20 to 25 years they are outstanding . my half a Lanceros Derrek
  2. Hockey ... no more 2 minute penalties ... all minor penalties are a penalty shot . all scoring records would be broken in less than a year ... except mozienko’s . derrek
  3. Cabbage boiled derrek
  4. I think I hurt myself laughing . thank you . derrek
  5. Value ... bolivar coronas juniors every day ... bolivar petit coronas special ... bolivar coronas 🤓 derrek
  6. Define “aged” please . have never chased “aged” smokes (so I guess my answer is no) ... but 10 or 12 year old smokes are occasionally on the shelves in Havana ... you just need the time and patience to find them ... I will buy if they are the make/model I am looking for . derrek
  7. These are the people that work at the comodoro LCDT . derrek
  8. One thing ??? I would visit with andres Katy Alex and Farrah . derrek
  9. dvickery

    Havana, El Aljibe--question

    Have been “dealing” with this store for a dozen or so years 🤓 . soooo ... what is yer question ??? derrek
  10. Now that I think about the question . i can fix a 30 year old car ... not a new one . derrek
  11. @gweilgi Was in grade 12 ... it was Easter break and I had the 6$ for a ticket to “deep purple” at the pne grounds in vancouver . to be honest I thought some of the best music was by the “warmup” band ... fleetwood mac was still a blues band at the time and did a bluesy version of “black magic woman” that I really loved . Derrek
  12. dvickery

    Dog Identification Required

    Get her a “Shih Tzu” ... be sure to tell her it’s name is “sue” ... now she knows what to say when they go for a walk . 🇨🇦 Derrek
  13. dvickery

    Happy Canada Day!

  14. About a week ago I was checking wiki to see if he was still alive . “spider kiss” derrek
  15. ‘49 Chevy ... all I can remember is it was a 4 door ... and he got some cans of paint and spray painted it at work one night . derrek

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