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  1. Edmonton grads ... woman's basketball derrek
  2. When I was working (retired Jan '12) I used to get a "funky" taste after going a few days without a cigar . Los statos deluxe brevas were the answer ... they were my "Friday night" go to cigar for a couple of years . Havent smoked one for a year or two now . Derrek
  3. Upmann half corona ... best new release from HSA ever . Better new cigar than sigloVI or any robainas or Trinidad fundadores or or or ... got original release half coronas ??? Treasure them . derrek
  4. as long as I understand what a person is saying ... I care not at all how it is spelled . derrek
  5. I have done this with dozens of boxes and successfully get them back in the box . only time I could not get the bundle back in was a box of " pandoras " . derrek
  6. Just finished an '02 siglo II ... magnificent cigar in perfect balance . i feel the raw materials could stand another twenty years of aging easily ( mine won't ) . derrek
  7. Wondering about this thread . i never stash partial boxes ... once I open a box it lasts me about a year ( twice as long for cabs of 50 ) . Then it is gone . i said that so I can say this ... I have never tried a box of cigars that I thought was over the hill yet ... I have tried boxes of the same pedigree over a 25 year period ( say a box every 5 years all identical box codes ) . maybe it's just me and what I like ... or ... maybe this whole thread is more a comment on how cigars should be stored for the long run ( or smoked after cracking the seals ) . then again maybe I don't know what I am talking about . derrek
  8. In China someplace by now I imagine ... or Russia or ??? derrek
  9. Yes the odd plugged cigar ( maybe one a year ) but never had a whole box that doesn't perform . maybe I have lower than normal expectations but I find almost all of my cigars (strength and flavours and balance wise ) are somewhere between magnificent and fabulous . but then (as has been said already) ... if you don't get a dud every year or so ... how can you tell that you smoke great cigars all other days ??? derrek
  10. @planetary Trouble with this is ... one persons trash is another mans treasure ... or ... your 99 point smoke only rates 89 to me . derrek
  11. @Canoli dont be worried about cigars fading away at only 20 years . i open up boxes of cigars I bought 20 or 25 years ago quite regularly ... I have yet to find an "expired" box of cigars . i believe it all has to do with storage ... buy em fresh and age ... I would not buy older cigars that somebody else aged ( but that's just me ) . derrek
  12. 1492/1992 cubatabaco grand corona . Second best cigar I have had ( after a humble but perfect bolivar corona ) . derrek
  13. That would be these ... 5 or 6 or 7 years ago seems about when I got em . thanks shlomo derrek
  14. Related to this discussion yet different quandary ... I will just add it to this thread . years ago I got four bottles of these ( noellas ) ... no date code on the cedar lid ... anybody got an idea what the date/box code is for these ( I think ) first release noellas. been a long time since I got em and my old man memories suck ... still have yet to smoke one . derrek
  15. Pardon me ... 160$cuc was only out by a 1 no idea if there is fake topes out derrek

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