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  1. Be nice if they were still 125$cuc ... while we are fantasizing . derrek
  2. Reykjavík on June 21st derrek
  3. I Weep For Our Youth...

    Next thing you know ... the kids are going to be listening to rock & roll . derrek
  4. A box I have had for decades i imagine ... beyond that I have no idea ... would depend on what I felt like at the moment . come to think of it ... this is what I always do . derrek
  5. @99call yes ‘03 ... who would have thought that the next great year after ‘97 ‘98 years was not going to be until ‘03 . derrek
  6. I just don’t get all the spices that others get in cigars ... from time to time I do get hints ... of the “vintage” examples I still have black olives from ‘89 to ‘93 upmanns cedar from ‘92 to ‘96 hoyo du deputes green tea from my mid 80’s partagas 898UV’s still think the best years for cigars (no need for further aging) are about ‘89 to about ‘93 ... with ‘94 to ‘98 only a short distance from “best”. derrek
  7. Cohiba corona !!! derrek
  8. All the coronas ... especially bolivar ... Partagas ... allones derrek
  9. Zig zags ... they already got glue . derrek
  10. Soooooo ... would somebody born in Norway that doesn't eat meat ... be a norvegan ??? derrek
  11. My absolute pet peeve is rings removing a piece of wrapper . personal favourite for avoiding this is to smoke cigars with no ring . I also try to avoid cigars with two or three rings . i have no tricks for if you must smoke a cigar with a band ... just try to be gentle . derrek
  12. LCDH in Varadero?

    All good advice above . i have not been to vara in a while ... (since I stopped going to Cuba twice a year ). in vara I prefer plaza America yes the cows at 63rd overcharge (on everything (singles and boxes))... if you insist on a "factura" they have to charge you the proper prices ... I have had to argue with them to get a factura tho . In Havana ... best "spot" to go is melia havana/comodoro ... two good shops (with good rollers) less than 5 minute walk apart ... both charge government prices . enjoy derrek
  13. In my opinion ... Just about anything "lead belly" wrote and sang was covered better . derrek
  14. Pipeline ... by dick dale and Stevie ray vaughn superior to the venturers by a mile or so . derrek

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