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  1. I don't sell ( and what I buy I usually put away for a few years)... so why am I responding on this thread ??? just a little something to add to franks picks/post ... when I was in Havana last November ... just about every morning I had either an upmann half corona or a monty media corona (about 3 of each) ... winner was the upmann half corona . Although cosmetically the monty was a "prettier" smoke . there you go ... all I know about buying/selling young smokes. derrek
  2. Welllll ... I wasn't going to post on this thread ... my stash is pretty pedestrian stuff . but I opened a new box last night and was so impressed with how these are aging . purchased from Cyprus a dozen or so years ago . '01 allones Mille fleurs derrek still sealed not intact any more box of chocolates simply ... yummm
  3. Groucho first ... a warning ... don't expect to find anything in Spain or Italy open on a Sunday . in gibraltar stagnetto's and say hi to Loren for me . if you need stags phone number to pre order ... let me know . barcelona gimenos was okay and easy to find ... if you are going to find cigars "on sale" in Barca it will be here (it happens from time to time) l'estanc de laietana... better than gimenos ... and not too hard to find estanc duaso ... best in Barca that I visited ... a few boxes of older smokes derrek
  4. My size of smoke ... I like them all equally ... can't honestly rank any pc's above any other pc's ... with one exception . my desert island smoke would be bolivar petit coronas . derrek
  5. @prodigy lucky you I call it my "cigar coma" ... not every smoke but fairly frequent . does not affect my buying ... except to pat myself on the back for my taste in cigars when I purchased a few years ago . derrek
  6. Partagas - smaller vitolas

    I just about hurt myself laughing . derrek
  7. Hurricane Irma

    Rather than worry about "price and quality of cc production" ... I would first be concerned about the people of Cuba !!! They have precious little to begin with . derrek
  8. Just opened a box last week . '00 ryj cazadores box was sealed in '00 when I bought it and still was last week . first smoke was not good , tight (not plugged) and required quite a bit of modification... not going to review or comment further . second one ... way way better draw . Should have opened the box and let it rest/breath/whatever before first try . a bit boring for the first cm. ... after that ... flavour explosion with building strength . the flavours ... well rob I can't describe as others do sorry ... let's just say I like "burning tobacco " flavour . This was tasty albeit youngish for my tastes . strength was in the 5/5 department (for Cuban cigars anyhow) . smoked like and tasted like a good 5 year old cigar ... be aware of the patience needed to allow cigars in tinfoil to mature . derrek
  9. Habanos New Releases

    Without the sizes ... what is the point of this post ??? derrek
  10. My size of smoke . '14 monty#4 purchased in Havana in may'14 as a 5pack . Assuming (as I do) that 5packs age faster than anything but singles ... time to try . Youngish but nice ... tasted like tobacco burning . Balance not there yet with strength overpowering flavours . A good smoke . smoking time was 55:27 derrek
  11. My palate is off ...

    This is wisdom derrek
  12. Uhhh ... reading glasses hung on the neck of my tee shirt ... yup yup . derrek
  13. How about make the fuel load/tank smaller . derrek
  14. Every cigar store in Havana is fair game . derrek

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