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  1. Recent 24:24 acquisition
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    3 day old Alex fresh off the boat
  3. There’s plenty of ashtrays currently in stock at the Nacional I managed to get 3 of the heavy bastids back, only chipping the one I intend to keep
  4. Made it home safely with all of them and only managed to chip the one ashtray I’m keeping
  5. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    Gamble paid off in spades..... 125 custom rolls
  6. Made it through customs in Miami and no one asked what we had. I was planning to declare all items and pay duty as necessary
  7. Cruise to Havana

    Made it through customs in Miami and no one even asked what we had. I was prepared to declare all items and pay duty as necessary.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    One day old Yolanda Piramid
  9. Noooo Cohiba’s in Cuba

    Guess they are holding stock for the festival
  10. Noooo Cohiba’s in Cuba

    Nothing on the E’1 limitada
  11. That’s a little lie Most shops had Siglo 1’s and Siglo 2’s, but nothing larger in any of the shops Even the 1’s and 2’s were in limited supply
  12. They are.... every shop in Havana had them
  13. Cruise to Havana

    Just got back on the boat after a great day I was able to meet Yolanda and pick up a few of her custom rolls- she gifted me 2 piramids Made it through customs and back on the boat with 125 custom rolls and a ton of other stuff

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