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  1. GotaCohiba

    Diplomaticos' Availability

    I lucked into 2 boxes of Dip 2’s at Hotel Libre in May Haven’t seen the discontinued list, but knew I needed to grab them
  2. GotaCohiba

    USA usd currency exchange in Cuba

    The exchange there is still based off the value compared to the US dollar
  3. Equal parts Rum of choice/Monster energy drink over ice with any med to full bodied cigar
  4. GotaCohiba

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    OBM DIC 15 Media Corona
  5. I foresee increased pressure on countries that trade with Cuba, including tourism I pray that I’m wrong because none of us here want to see a repeat of the 90’s for the Cuban people Again...... Just my opinion
  6. There are a lot of us Americans that have continued to go, and not all Americans are lazy It’s my opinion that things will get harder, if not impossible for us Last I checked I’m still allowed to express my opinion here
  7. I expect it to get much harder for us to get there in the near future Hope I’m wrong
  8. If you’re American and you want go, get off your ASS and go before it’s too late Horrible blow to the moral of the Cuban people
  9. MSU SEP 17 have been very good. Plan to load up on these next month if they are still as abundant as they were last month Ran out of cash
  10. GotaCohiba

    Dirty Water

    Welcome aboard
  11. GotaCohiba

    Rate My Wrapper

    The SIG VI look horrid, enter send them to me
  12. GotaCohiba

    Havana, El Aljibe--question

    I walked away from several similar situations in May If there are 9 in the box and you can’t have the box = FAKE
  13. Facebook works well for Alex Search for Alejandro Glez
  14. GotaCohiba

    Cuba in Aug.?

    You should know Sir and I plan to follow this advice on my late August trip THANK YOU

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