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  1. Great article there Ken. That's quite some headline though, sure to garner attention. I always though that the peculiar feature of the Montecristo brand, founded in 1935, is how it was so successful and how it achieved this success early on too. After all, it was the Pre-Revolution era, and there were a lot more than the 27 brands around that we know today.
  2. I assume that in the long-term there won't be a need for Di to even have to put up the ALL SOLD phrase on 24:24 listings as the store would probably do it automatically?
  3. What??? @dicko is irreplaceable!
  4. I'm very happy with both too, although my EML Feb 15 boxes I had were the very best. Perhaps @NSXCIGAR can offer his opinion too as he enjoys his Principes!
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cigars I've had lately... 1. RUM Jun 2017 Cohiba Esplendidos Mocha coffee, honey and citrus flavours mainly, but what can one expect from an Esplendidos not yet a year old? Still, judging by how plentiful in supply these have been lately, I'm happy to take what I've got. How many of you have this cigar on your 24:24 waiting list? Join the club! 2. AEM May 2014 Montecristo No.4 I wrote in my notes..."Lilted in and out throughout. Complex." Wow, now I'm struggling to remember what I meant. Oh yeah, Montecristo combined cocoa, nut and coffee, with elements of cream texture, but the strength of this cigar fluctuated throughout from mild-medium to medium-full. When that happens, you think to yourself, "when was the last time that happened?" Answer? "I can't remember!" 3. PET Feb 2017 H.Upmann Magnum 54 My notes for this recent new release? "Gifted by Rob Ayala at a FoH Get Together (thanks!). Big nicotine kick when youthful. Needs rest." I promise you that I struggled to finish this cigar, it had that much kick to it! H.Upmann Shortbread, Cedar and Coffee flavours were evident in spurts, however, this was mainly tobacco and white pepper. If I had a box I would wait 3 years until I cracked it!
  6. Another quarter pack of OBM May 2017 Romeo y Julieta Churchills from our host because, frankly, lately they've been great!
  7. The ¾ Sir Winston?

    Maybe the H.Upmann Connossieur A could be regarded as a '¾ Sir Winston' more than the Magnum 46, in my view. I feel the blends of the Connossieur A and Sir Winston are more similar.
  8. I modified the topic title @Kierkegaard, because whilst there are a number of "What lighting method do you use" type topics on our forum over the years, adding a sub-topic heading in parenthesis in relation to overheating makes this one a little different. Coincidentally, I've been using the FoH lighter for a few years now and became so used to it that I never thought about how I was lighting my cigars, until recently, that is. I bought a Tabletop lighter a few weeks ago for 'get togethers' (or herfs) and after testing it, I noticed that I was lighting up closer to the blue flame than normal, as it was more powerful than what I was used to. I concur, it was easy to taste the difference in the cigar for the first part of the first third of the cigar.
  9. Fundies

    The Fundadores sold out on that 24:24 listing yesterday, as did the other cigars listed. I believe they took longer to sell out because Fundadores have been listed more often than usual lately. I concur with the original poster, these latest batches of Fundadores have been great. I've enjoyed some with a nice complexity to them...dough, earth, wood and spice flavours complementing that sweet Trinidad tea!
  10. * Henry Winkler as Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzerelli on Happy Days * Michael Richards as Kosmo Kramer on Seinfeld * Phil Hartman as Bill McNeill on Newsradio
  11. You know where to bring a bottle next time we catch up!
  12. He's a Japanese-born Australian chef famous for his Japanese/French degustation menu. He has a restaurant in the Sydney CBD since 2000, before that he was in the inner-city suburb of Rozelle. Reservations require around 3 months to get a table.
  13. For me - Cigar - Cohiba Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003 Siglo VI Wine - Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 1998 Spirit - Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Cask Strength Single Malt Taiwanese Whisky 2015 Meal - The degustation at Tetsuya's Restaurant, Sydney.

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