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  1. Yep, one can never enough Lonsdales! It could be a combination of price, youthfulness and the cardboard packaging. Whomever had these in their locker, possibly, knew what they were collecting as I notice that the Cohiba today was all MUO, i.e El Laguito factory. (Although the Cohiba Coronas Especiales was AUM because that vitola is rolled together with the Montecristo Especiales No.2 at the same factory; they are the only two current Laguito No.2 regular production cigars being rolled) I wonder too if it's because the grade isn't listed (i.e PSP/HQ/PE etc.), or there's an aversion to Cohiba in cardboard packaging or tubos? My personal experience is that packaging isn't a factor when it comes to picking up Cohiba. I'm not surprised the Cohiba Coronas Especiales went quickly as that vitola has been scarce recently on 24:24 listings.
  2. Happy birthday, Diana! I hope you have the best day and that it continues into the weekend!
  3. Yeah, congratulations to you. Actually, I bid for those too, they were a good pickup and I have no qualms about losing out. Incidentally, what about the Ramon Allones Gigantes?
  4. Rafael Gonzalez Perlas PMS Abr 15 from a recent 24:24. These have been smoking a dream!
  5. I'm with @Knilas! My thoughts and prayers are with you friend for Wednesday next week!
  6. I have no doubt they will come up again...and most probably sooner rather than later!
  7. Ok, which one of you sent an e-mail to Di in regards to the HdM des Dieux?
  8. On behalf of the FoH Crew, I'd like to ask the obvious...does Ken work for FoH now? Because if he does, I'd like to see how he goes at having El Pres for a boss!
  9. Recent 50 cab Punch Punch have been awesome lately, have they not? Thanks for the review!
  10. It's no coincidence that the close relations to this fellow who carried out the bombing were apprehended, but what surprised me is that they were detained in Libya. It hasn't been the usual method for bringing terrorists to justice in the last few years, but the fact that a Western Government has done so is extremely serious. I have no hesitation in stating that such an action can only come about as a deterrent for the next act of terror in the United Kingdom, which I have no doubt is imminent. The same cannot be said for Russia, where ever since the Chechen Moscow Theater hostage crisis in October 2002, the detaining of close family members of terrorists is routine. Hence why there have been minimal acts of terror in Russia since. I'm not condoning such a response, merely stating what has happened. The Roman Empire and Nazis did similar to maintain control over their citizens. Did not the perpetrator who assassinated the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in December 2016 have his next of kin arrested soon after? (The answer is yes) This is all so sad, for the victims and the innocent family members of the people who commit these crimes, there are no winners. But what makes me sad most of all is innocent Muslims like @LordAnubis who have to face unfair discrimination and contempt for the actions of others. Mus is one of the most kindest Australians I know, and I hope he can continue to be proud of his beliefs and who he is. Mus, because of you I was able to share a glorious Ramon Allones Hunter & Frankau Anniversario 225 cigar with our dear friend Trevor last month. You made that split possible and I'm proud to be associated with a forum such as this one, a forum that values people like yourself so highly. I will miss you very much at Havanathon this year! I do extend my deepest sympathies for people who lost their lives in Manchester, and for the injured and the city itself. It's a very, very difficult time for many right now in the UK.
  11. A picture is worth a thousand words? Indeed, it up the prizes at the end of the day will you?
  12. If one was to read up on the House of Windsor in regards to Male Sovereigns and fidelity, you'd quickly realise that Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI (or Bertie as he was nicknamed) was an anomaly. If you compare Prince Charles to either King Edward VII or Edward VIII (yes, the one who abdicated for Wallis Simpson), then you'd think he was a pure angel and his antics quite normal for a male heir to the British throne.
  13. My thoughts are minor in comparison to what has been already said on this topic already. "The gold star for all churchill cigars" is a beautiful phrase which got me thinking, "how many current regular production churchill cigars is that, exactly?" If you count that the Cohiba Esplendidos and H.Upmann Sir Winston is in a current production hiatus, then yes, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill is the gold star of all churchills.
  14. Oh man...why, oh why in the box of Montecristo No. 1's? On a serious note though, after 6 months in your storage, wouldn't there be evidenve of more damage by now if these things hatched?
  15. Simply unmitigated genius!

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