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  1. Very cool!! Thanks for the great read.
  2. My college alma mater mascot (Iowa Hawkeyes), and my favorite numbet, 36.
  3. That is fantastic!! Now I want to upgrade mine....
  4. Fan-freaking-tastic job of the end to end!
  5. So I saw this ashtray on ebay the other day, and low and behold it was a buddy of mine selling it! So I shot him a text message asking about it, and bought it for less than 1/2 of what he was asking for it. A cool old ashtray from the Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana. I'll be putting it to good use once it arrives.
  6. My humidor is running low with the mild midwest winter....can't wait for the return!
  7. I am thinking that new members should have to pass a simple "reading comprehension" test prior to being allowed to purchase....
  8. spectre

    I just saw it last night, and I would agree with the consensus....not the best of the Craig version of Bond, but definitely not the worst either.
  9. Great jobs as always...and LOVED the holes in Ken's slippers!
  10. Being new to this forum, the information and wealth of knowledge on this site are absolutely invaluable. This thread alone has taught me a lot. Thank you to all the friendly folks here that are always willing to share information.
  11. My old cigar boxes

    Those are really cool!
  12. KUDOS

    Welcome and congrats!
  13. Happy birthday Di!! Thanks for all you do (and put up with!)
  14. Meet Ignatius

    Congrats! Kids are the best!
  15. Rest in Peace BB

    He was a huge musical influence to me, and one of the reasons I first picked up the guitar. R.I.P. to the King.

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