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  1. New humidor recommendation

    I am not certain, but quite a bit. I have boxes + singles in shelves, but I keep my cooler laid down, some people will stand it up and put shelves in it. I just use a pound of beads and random small boveda packs thrown about.
  2. New humidor recommendation

    Link didn't show up for some reason, here ya go
  3. New humidor recommendation

    Nope, I'm referring to a Coleman 150 Qt cooler, mine is like this one, but it's blue. I've had it for almost 6yrs now, and never had an issue, it stays at 65% all year round with just a pound of beads in it, and occasionally I'll throw in a small boveda pack that I randomly get from trade or bombs, or purchases.
  4. New humidor recommendation

    I can't recommend a cooler enough, I have a cabinet that holds 3k cigars, a wineador that holds maybe 500 and a desktop that holds about 150 + a 150 Qt cooler, and if I had to do it all over again I would have 9-10 coolers. They keep humidity, they are cheap (less than $60 in the states) and they hold a ton of cigars. Go with a cooler.
  5. Cigar Art/Pictures

    That is beautiful!
  6. Very interesting, I have the Magna 2.0 Oasis, and I have been using these but have had to replace them a few times, maybe this Soil Moist will work better, and last longer.
  7. Well put Ray, and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
  8. This story sounds like propaganda for the anti-smoking lobby. It's not really news, and who cares? He chose the role, and this is what it called for, suck it up.
  9. This is a gift from my mom *warning Star Wars related *
  10. Where was his hometown?
  11. Yeah, I get just seems hard for me to believe he didn't have friends to smoke or if they didn't smoke knew how passionate he was about cigars......I just don't want to believe he's gone, but he probably is, I keep waiting for him to come back and be like "man, that was a long as wait, sorry about's what's been going on guys." and then jumps into his wineador build that he was working on. *I'm very good looking, and great with rice.*
  12. Sadly I have to believe this, think about it......the man would do extensive research on his sticks, he pretty much devoted his life to cigars, I can't believe he would just up and quit with no explanation & no sighting? NOTHING? C'mon! People knew him from somewhere, he had to have don't just fall off the face of the earth with no sound.......i just don't buy it. Another thing, his brother posted and gave us an update when he was very ill.......shame on him for not following up with us on his condition, I know I'm being a whiny *****, but dammit I learned so much from "Dr. Joe" R. I. P. Brother, and thank you for everything. *I'm very good looking, and great with rice.*
  13. Upmann all the way *I'm very good looking, and great with rice.*
  14. New Partagas Maduro

    Very nice!!! *I'm very good looking, and great with rice.*

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