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  1. Congrats Jim.
  2. Sad to hear of Terrance's passing, Lisa. Thank you for sharing a bit of his background to let us know what kind of man he was. My condolences.
  3. I'll be busy with work over the next few weeks so I decided to light up Blind Tasting cigar No. 1 this weekend. The cigar has a nice looking wrapper. Clip the cap, nice draw as well. Picking up flavors of bread/yeast, toasty tobacco, and some woody notes. Every now and then, I had a bit of sweetness pop in but it never lasted more than a puff or two. Not a ton of evolution but the flavors are enjoyable so no complaints there. Lovely aroma from the resting smoke. Construction was near perfect. Overall, I'd give it an 89-90. Good luck to everyone out there partaking in this competition. I learned last year that this is a challenge, but loads of fun. Thanks again to the FOH crew for putting this on!
  4. Have to agree with the 109 as a favorite large cigar format but if I were to build a big Frankenstogie to see how it turned out, I would model an H. Upmann after the Arturo Fuente Shark. The cigar would be about 6" in length and would start off as a rounded parejo that progresses into a square press, tapering from a 49rg to 56rg. (Slightly less girth than the actual Shark) The blend would be a hybrid between a Sir Winston and a Mag 56...plenty of depth in flavor, but must retain that element of class. Ladies and Germs, I present to you the H. Upmann Frankenshark:
  5. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed it...One of my favorites!
  6. I had another one of these this weekend. Not quite as good as the last few but still very good. This was more woody with notes of espresso. It didn't have as much sweetness as I have noticed in the others from this box. Construction was excellent.
  7. Wow, Bill. It is incredible that they were able to find the mass and save you major complications down the road. Very glad to hear that after the surgery, you are able to get back and enjoy life as usual. Best wishes on the recovery and a long and happy life! Cheers, Dan
  8. I'm with the above crowd in saying that I really enjoy these cigars. They are one of those cigars that hit the ground running in the flavor department.
  9. A couple from this weekend. The Connie A was sensational
  10. Hey Lisa...Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.
  11. Not even hungry but I'll take a plate A smoker will definitely be on my wishlist for 2017!
  12. I would send Rob a PM or email. He will pick you a good box at a fair price if/when he gets another shipment. When the BCG comes up again on a 24:24, my guess is that they will not last long. RyJ Churchills have also been good over the past couple years if you are looking for a backup Churchill plan.
  13. Happy Birthday Smithy! If you ever break out of the Shoo-away bunker, we'd love to see you back on the deck for a cigar review
  14. Happy Birthday, Rob. Enjoy your the weekend my good man!
  15. I usually don't eat while having a cigar but last year I had a steak with sautéed onions and mushrooms while at a higher-end cigar shop that serves food. It paired incredibly well with the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes I was smoking.

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