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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. List of Cuban Cigar weights

    Hi Great work Wondering If you guys have the wieghts on Trinidad topes and montecristo 80th anniversario
  3. Cohiba Esplendidos check?

    wow where did you get these babies from ?
  4. Do these boxes look right?

  5. Behike 54 & 56 - Real or Fake?

    Even with shortages a lot of retailers had singles available just complete boxes where harder to find but If you new the guys at the store they alway had a few boxes available at any given time.
  6. Real or Not

    Fake looke at the the C on cuba it points down should never do that it must be a older fake
  7. I think they look fine everyone goes on about bands I have purchased single sticks including limitadas from LCDH store sometimes the bads are off a little.
  8. New Shipment In

    No Fakes In Germany is what I have been told and thiere not allowed to discount on tobacco looks genuine
  9. Super high quality suspected fakes.

    Looks Genuine to me as far as what I can see the colour on the sticks look great to. I recently purchased a box of medio siglo cohiba looked great smelt and tasted fairly average, couple months later (3 months) was a great smoke. Some times you just get average batch happens even at lcdh stores, unlucky I guess let them rest for a few months and then try again. Also take into consideration have you been smoking other great sticks limitadas or something higher end and then going back to robustos can be a bit bland. Happened to me
  10. Habanos just have such a big range thats why they get discontinued. still looking for Trinidad robusto extra
  11. I don't think its possible to get a handle on it , first its I wish I had that box and then I really want that box or I should have bought 2 boxes , flavours change etc etc. you never ever get a handle you need plenty of money and plenty of time on your hands to enjoy.
  12. Im sure It will be a great smoke , I think there is another Dantes by Montecristo not out yet but off memory its a 54 ring
  13. yeah absolutely pm aswell thank you for the info in advance.

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