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  1. Those are one of my favorites! Need more...
  2. Lasts about as long as a robusto for me.....
  3. I enjoy the Deluxe. I find them fuller and richer with nice chocolate flavors.
  4. Friend just got back from Italy and brought me a little something
  5. Numerous Angry Birds, Spades, Temple Run, and F-Sim Shuttle. The shuttle apps is fun. Can fly just a final approach or the whole thing around the HAC with different wx conditions, day or night.
  6. I am afraid of heights! If a ladder is more than 6 feet, I don't get on it. My friends always asked me how I could fly if I was afraid of heights. Simple. It is more of a fear of falling. In the plane I was in control (mostly) and was not going to fall out (hopefully). You sir are a brave man!!
  7. Not to my knowledge. I was on short final, ILS, poor wx when my phone rang. Forgot to turn it off. It was on the entire flight. The look and laughter from the Capt and jumpseater was priceless.
  8. I love it! Reminds me of the old advertisements the 9 out of 10 Doctors smoke Camel
  9. Not a damn thing since I was let go. I kind of like having all this time on my hands. Getting lots of things done at the castle. Keeping me in the wife's good graces.
  10. I have not either. What I do know is I will not try one!
  11. I love the peanut in the Cuaba. If they could get construction right consistently, I would stock up!
  12. I would NEVER pay $750 for a box of cigars let alone a single. No matter what the cigars. That is my personal choice. Other's may differ.

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