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  1. I think multiple samplers are in order. After you have decided on what you like, order 2 cabinets to hold all you are about to order!
  2. I love it on sandwiches but outside of that it is a big NO!
  3. Colt, that is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Needed a laugh today and I got it!
  4. Runny eggs, oysters, organ meat, spiders, snakes, and heights. A plane is no problem obviously. A roof is no good for me. Any ladder over 6 feet is a no go! Maybe it is a fear of falling rather than heights. Where do I send my man card?
  5. Great vid and review! Nice to see Smithy and Uncle Festa!
  6. Not a code chaser here. If some do, good on them. I have been more than thrilled with my purchases. I look at the box date when I first get them for future reference. Not an issue for me just what I do. I have the upmost trust in Rob and the crew when I make a purchase. I do not care about box codes but I do understand those that do. Let me be clear, I put my faith in Rob and have never been let down. I know I am in the minority as far as box codes go but I want to smoke the cigars. That is why I love this place. And no I have never gotten the pretty box that was shown in the pics. I do not care. I have never gotten a bad box from the FOH crew and I would never think otherwise.
  7. Yes they are as Stogieluver said and the link is great info.
  8. Great post and pics Skalls! I would love to get into smoking. As of now, I do pork tenderloin in the crockpot and then pull it. Works a dream but nothing beats a real smoked pork! Edit: Is that a Big Green Egg or other type?
  9. For physical considerations I would have to say 30. In great shape and felt good. As for the quality of my life and how blessed I am now, I would say 44, my current age. I can always get back into shape but I would not trade my current life for all the Cuban Davidoff and Dunhill in the world (or anything else for that matter)!
  10. Nice line up! Enjoy and post your thoughts.
  11. Those look great and I love a "Taco". Maybe I will try some down the road when times are better.
  12. Great looking humidor! I personally just get them in where they fit in. I smoke only a couple cigars a month at the most so they age naturally. No method to my madness. Good luck and post pics of your continuing project.
  13. I have limited experience with SLR. The ones I have had were fantastic. I still have 2 from the 2015 Christmas sampler in the humidor. Cant bring my self to smoke them. One is an 03. I think it is time.
  14. Fantastic to all of you. I will have one someday. Oh yes I will have one if it kills me!
  15. I shared an HUHC with a friend before dinner Sunday. Feb 15 box date. We were both floored by how good it was. One of the best this year. Sorry no pics, got lost in the moment.

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