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  1. Should be good. Claim it on the inbound. At this point, honesty is the best policy. All good at that point. For now........
  2. I wish, oh how I wish! Embargo here at Casa de Mike. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts!!!!
  3. Nothing out of the ordinary to me. Things happen.
  4. Have 1 box. I love those cigars and am still kicking myself for not getting more. Of course if I had bought more at the time, my wife (read BOSS) would have cut me deep. Enjoy them!!!!
  5. English is my first and I still have issues 44 years later!!!!!!!
  6. Party Lusi from the Christmas Sampler. What a wonderful smoke! I will need to get more!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Have a great trip and please do post some pics!
  8. The 2015 I have are fine for me. I do not reach for those often as I tend to go to the earlier years. Just me and my smoking habits tend to let things age since I smoke very few a month. I am trying not to deplete the stock since replacing it is not possible at this time.
  9. I am not a lawyer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. Damn, what are people thinking? Make drugs legal and tax them. One of the worst drugs that are legal is caffeine. I am addicted to the stuff and would sell my mother first thing in the morning for a cup of joe.
  10. Ok, no more drinking liquids when viewing FOH.
  11. Thanks Piggy! Just spit my coffee out....
  12. Love it!!!! You sir are a great sport!
  13. Looks like a great trip so far Tim. Enjoy and keep the pics coming!!!!!
  14. Left, out here too. Funny how I feel naked when I don't have it on.
  15. Just spit my coffee out

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