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  1. Age please? Looks wonderful!!!!!
  2. Copied El Pez intro. Classic to say the least!!
  3. Stop with the beach pics.... Miss the beach but hope you enjoy!
  4. I enjoy the "me" time it gives and I enjoy the flavor. Also, it is the only vice I have left and my wife lets me....
  5. Have a great trip Tim! Be sure to bring back the new Italia RE!
  6. HdM du Prince ( I think) from the '16 Christmas sampler. Wish I had more than one.
  7. I can only imagine the work they do to get orders out. Good on them! Fantastic service comes with a small price of waiting. All will be good and I know for a fact that the team does a fantastic job!
  8. On a buying freeze not by choice but due to the fact I lost my job. Once I find a new job, I will make up for lost time....if the "boss" will let me.
  9. Those lonsdales Piggy....
  10. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt........
  11. Congrats! Seems like only yesterday I popped the question. Enjoy your (her) day.
  12. Play the ball, not the man. Please! Just MHO.

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