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  1. I love most all of their songs. Who Made Who album was part of my youth, got me into AC/DC and I still love it to this day.
  2. I never touch the band until it is ready to be easily removed. Most of mine are since I keep a low humidity and they are almost all loose at the start.
  3. I really do miss the Dip 4. Enjoy in good health!
  4. Johnny O's

    Yes! John is a great guy to work with and the cigars are top pf the mark!!!
  5. You folks make me drool. At least it is not just in my sleep....
  6. I had 2 boxes show up 2 1/2 months later one year. In August no less. They were just fine and after resting for 90 days they smoked great. Heck I smoked one as soon as i opened it and it was fantastic. No need to worry. Cigars are very resilient.
  7. Johnny O's

    I am enjoying the ones I have. Great cigars.
  8. At least we can still bring cigars back from overseas. For now anyway....
  9. Freezing Vessels

    See PapaDiscos post with the PDF attachment, page 3. Basically, the colder the freezer is, the less time it takes.
  10. Freezing Vessels

    I froze 25 customs, a must for any cigars bought in Cuba. 2 freezer bags, I think it was 5 days in a normal freezer. Worked great and no adverse effects. The ziplock is great for getting the air out as noted in earlier posts.
  11. Well done Lant63! Outstanding! Give that man a cigar!!!! Congrats to all!
  12. I see that some posts have been moderated. I agree with that. I personally feel very happy to have his book. It is IMHO a work of art. It is a source of conversation in my house for all my new cigar friends. Agree or not with the man, there is no room here to disagree in unprofessional manner. I am glad to see this thread has for the most part been civilized. Guys, lets keep it going in a civil manner and I look forward to the contibutions.
  13. I have always enjoyed these gems. I need to get a few boxes soon.
  14. Le Hoyo du Roi

    I loved the 2 boxes I had in years past. All gone now but they were fantastic then.
  15. Safe flight and have a fantastic time!! Takes lot of pictures

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