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  1. I made a funny card for my better half. I thought it was funny but she did not. 2 years later and she will not let me live it down. This was what the card said: "Dont think what you do goes un-noticed. I have been watching you from the couch during commercials!!!" Love ya babe!! I love my wife!!
  2. There are several where I live but I do not attend. Most do not allow outside smokes as well as Cubans. I like to smoke at home or friends homes.
  3. la Puntilla update

    Great looking cigars Rob! Wish I was going to Havana but not in the cards.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Fantastic Monte 1 from the Christmas Sampler. 2015 I think. Cant remember. Does not matter. What a great cigar!!
  5. No on auto petrol but yes on AvGas and Jet-A! Especially when it is burning! As for coffee, I take mine with cream and sugar on the rare occasions I drink it.
  6. "To exclude a cigar from your portfolio solely based upon ring gauge is ignorant and elitist. Very few people do this truly on preference and often more for the ability to tell others that they only smoke with so-and-so RGs inferring that this somehow makes them a true cigar aficionado." @Buck14 Well, I am one of those few. I will give any Cuban cigar a try but in the end I prefer less than 50 RG. I will say that I make exceptions if I enjoy the cigar. Such as the Connie A. Great cigar but I would love it even more if it were a smaller RG. My personal preference. And no, I do not think of myself as a "true cigar aficionado" whatever that means. I am not ignorant nor elitist. I like what I like and that is my personal preference.
  7. Goose statement of the week

    I used sunscreen on my arm. My right arm would get a lot of sun since it was right next to the windshield. Learned that lesson after a bad sunburn on that arm. on a separate note, I made some great sun tea in the cockpit
  8. Not what I thought this thread was about. No, for me under 50 RG is my preference.
  9. Glad I ate dinner before I read this....
  10. No mold is "good". Just wipe it off and move on. Keep the humidor at the right conditions and no worries.
  11. This. Its not like Herpes. It does not spread. If the humidor conditions are right, the issue will not come back. Mold spores are everywhere. Growth will appear only if the conditions are right.

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