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  1. Consistency

    I don't want to live in a world of over-refined, mechanized, uniform consistent Habanos. I understand the foolishness of trading time and money for uncertainty, but isn't it part of the allure? Aren't a number of the bricks that this forum is built on made of factory code arguments, chasing years or months, opining/crying over certain harvests, calling out the sanity/manhood of Tabacuba? I know something would be missing if everytime I saw a cigar I knew exactly how it would taste and burn. A premium cigar should be not made shoddily or lacking standards. But a little individuality and uncertainty is nice in a world rushing headlong to homegeneity.
  2. My initial knowledge of Mr. Tang came via this forum, by then I began to see his name frequently elsewhere. A sad story, but an admirable manner in which to face the end. He certainly has lived life.
  3. Oh yes. I know it well but only it pita form. That was far more gelatinous and perhaps rancid looking than anything I have come upon before. Nonetheless, nothing a few beers couldn't pretty up in a hurry.
  4. What the hell is on top of the fries (chips)?
  5. Anyone with extensive AP regional experience care to rank the offerings life to date? I've had a few from the past, but like some of the commenters above I have passed on the RG thus far due to price. Curious if anyone has gone through the whole lineup.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A Monte 3 from 2014. All class. The type you want to hand to a newcomer, "This is what it's all about."
  7. When people of his intellectual capacity speak, I believe it's worth an initial listen at the least. We have taken the road of marginalizing anything at odds with our own dogma, but people such as he get the world spinning again. Sure, he was arrogant and bombastic, but take it or leave it. Don't try to destroy or silence it.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How is it? I've had a couple sitting for awhile now. Not sure when I'm going to find the time for that monster.
  9. Cigars postcards

    This is great Ripper.
  10. Just lit one of the two I own. Wow. What a start. Great construction, ton of smoke. Light honey and I think I'd agree with the cracked pepper mentioned before.
  11. Whatcha reading?

    I just started the third Knaussgard. I find I need to space him out sometimes. Also in the middle of The Road to Little Dribbling (when did Bryson become such a crank) and the 42nd Parallel.
  12. The way trends are running in the urban environs, it will be abnormal to even own a car sooner than later. With ride sharing, hourly subscriptions and automated driving, big changes are afoot. And I don't necessarily even mega cities, but anywhere that is dense enough for the economics to narrowly make sense. I feel for the rural crowd here. As auto sales and fuel sales dwindle, economies of scale decrease and your truck will be that much more expensive to own. Add in new taxes and regulations, along with potential changes to the insurance structure, and things might add up quick
  13. Future Son in Law?

    I agree with much of what has been said. My one addition would be to understand how he views their relationship in the future. Your daughter sounds quite clever and ambitious to be as advanced as she is at that age. Impressive!! I hope he has the foresight and flexibility to support her if she decides to continue down the schooling path or has ambitions beyond your local area or even Texas. I met my wife after she had done her 10 years of post high-school education and training. Her achievements, professional skill and biting intelligence are some of her finest traits and make me all the better for it.
  14. Appreciate the discussion! In this case, I was specifically referring to Western North America and land management going back to the 1910s/1920s. Poor but understandable over-action led to a surplus of combustible material that is now apparently destructive. Man thought they were providing a service but proved a disservice in the end.
  15. Surely it doesn't. But I wouldn't use the term Mother Nature to describe a phenomenon less than a couple centuries old. Apex predators and localized humans lived in some degree of harmony for a long time. Then, interlopers decided sport and population control was the appropriate approach. Viruses and bacteria evolving are not unique to any given time frame. I agree the impact may be accelerated by human intervention and ultimately could punish us worse, save timely innovation. More analagous and to my point may be forest management in North America. We have been conducting population control and industrial intervention under incorrect assumption for so long that the West is now experiencing some very tough circumstances. Nature has been around since the earth formed. Humans have not. Of course I agree that we exist in the greater system and have impact, but I can't sustain that we are wiser than the system itself.

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