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  1. Johnny O Talisman Review

    You asked to hear it out of the horse’s mouth. Since we’re on to cliches, you may say that you’ve beaten this topic, or this horse, to a bloody pulp. It’s becoming clear that you’re not going to get an answer you want, so what’s the sense of continuing to yell at the clouds?
  2. Johnny O Talisman Review

    Would a dead horse’s mouth suffice?
  3. Most certainly works.
  4. Well done! If you could point to one, is there a blend in production today that’s most similar?

    Yes there is that distinction between Dan and Stan. But Dan can’t get out of his own way. He launches napalm on virtually any PR sensitive matter. The Cousins “negotiations” have been wonderfully one-sided the last couple years, and minus Jimmy G stealing a bit of leverage with the Niners, they are going to have to open the vault for him. And yes they must do it or you will be witness to at least another half decade of misery. The Sanchez saga has been interminably perplexing and Ozil seems to gets thrashed week in and week out by the media and fans. Haven’t they figured him out yet? He’s moody and he can be complacent, but when on he’s one of the finest at his position. I really enjoyed him at Madrid and was sad to see him go, but perhaps they were on to something. That being said, outside Lacazette, where have the big names been? Or the young talent panning out? Ramsey has been tough luck with the injuries certainly but like I said they’ve become awfully stale and predictable. I can’t imagine a player in his prime right now looking favorably at them if given choice among the 25 best clubs in Europe. The prestige that Viera, Cesc, Henry, et al established seems to have evaporated and for my money an overhaul is needed to become attractive again. Liverpool seems somewhat analogous. The ship seems righted (outside the defense), but post 2005 it started to list badly. It took Gerrard leaving and a big revamp before roots could take hold.

    You need a people’s revolt against Snyder before anything good will ever happen again. He is your curse. And I second hoping the Belichick drama has some merit. Only he’s riding off into the sunset or coming on home to the coachless Giants. Imagine that. Can’t beat em, gotta join em right?? And in my opinion, Arsenal can’t turn around until their image does an aboutface. They’ve gone stale and entirely lost their shine of a decade ago, and I believe that transformation begins with Wengers head. But he’s Teflon so you may be right about next year.
  7. Not that the league is much of a competition for anyone this year, but does a sixth place finish (time still yet to go of course), no Champions League salvation and now a Nottingham beating finally nail the lid shut for ol’ Arsene? Zidane’s seat is starting to smolder over in Madrid as well.
  8. So what are all other tomato sauces called? Tomato sauce on pizza is pizza sauce? Tomato sauce on pasta is marinara? Or just pasta sauce?
  9. Very well done. Thanks for that.
  10. CNY....FOH Custom

    How was the Dow’s? Ready yet?
  11. tanking? ever acceptable?

    I agree here. The marlins of MLB are a horrendous example. They have two championships to their name, acquiring high priced talent and culminating the season with an unlikely streak through the playoffs. The team was then gutted and cast aside. Followed by years of zero investment. The owners name was Jeffrey Loria. Truly a criminal. He fleeced MLB, Montreal and Miami.
  12. tanking? ever acceptable?

    True on the personal player level, but this is where management conspires to put a terrible product on the field/court. An individual can still compete for future earnings on a personal level I suppose we should define tanking. Players competing below their ability on purpose or a logical and determined plan by management to suck with lesser or less experienced players? Detest the former, ok with the latter The Astros of baseball, current champions, stripped their team of any quality and ended up with a number of high picks. They parlayed that with good management, timely trades, well spent money, a keen eye for talent and some luck to turn around their fortunes relatively quickly. My Knicks have done none of that. The guillotine is their only option.
  13. tanking? ever acceptable?

    To add to the euro system, Champions league and Europa also of course add interest and revenue. There’s something for everyone at each strata of the table. It’s beautifully engineered I think. Keep the rich clubs flush and the minnows afloat and everyone ends up ok. I’d love to hear opinions from folks in Europe on the matter actually. But I don’t see such a system ever working in the states.
  14. tanking? ever acceptable?

    Short answer, yes, it’s acceptable in my view North American sports have largely constructed systems that entrap middling teams in purgatory. See Knicks and Jets (though their misery is good fun for most everyone). Most have a salary cap. Most promote equality and parity (unlike Euro soccer, which has settled on big city oligarchies and relegation fights to maintain interest and revenue). Ultimately, what’s the use of giving it a try year in and year out with little open of succeeding toward a championship or sucking enough to warrant a high draft pick. Horrendous management often coincides with these regimes, but the system also provides little recourse if you can’t buy your way out. Luck can only get you so far. The 76ers have been the most obvious example of this. They slashed payroll and talent, stockpiled draft picks and then slashed and stocked more. They drafted redundancies at virtually every position. They were and are rather ruthless about jettisoning a young player if he didn’t fit the “Process.” And now? They’re one of the most exciting teams in the league with a number of marketable and talented young players. I’d be thrilled as a fan. As a Knicks fan on the other hand, I get year after year of Dolan’s idiocy trying to slap a bandaid on a bullet wound. It continues on and on. It hurts. So please, make it really hurt for a few years and then move forward. And as punishment for being incompetent they’d deserve to have their fans stay away for a bit.
  15. MLB Season 2018

    I have been grinning since the Stanton deal came together, mostly because I didn’t think there was any chance the Yankees would be involved! I’ve been much in favor of their FA restraint and farm system restocking the last couple years, so I’ve been a bit leery of what could happen with the impending Harper/Machado class next year. Stanton though? I’ll take that any day! Cheaper than Harper, seems like a really good fit and the trade was very light on the farm system. Lot of compelling names on the HOF list, steroids or not. I always enjoyed watching Sheffield play, so I’d like to see him get more due. He was terrifying to face in his prime, but I guess the suspicion of juicing will follow him. A shame. If Thome does get in, then I think Vizquel should also. Vizquel gets knocked for his hitting but he ended up with nearly 2900 for his career. However, as a “one dimensional” player known for his defense is that not as impressive as Thome’s “one dimension” of power hitting? Vizquel was not as dynamic as Ozzie Smith but i don’t see them too far off as comparable players. Matsui’s vote totals will also be interesting because I think it will give an indication how the voters view the impact of time spent in another league. Suzuki will be a no-doubter because of his MLB exploits, but should Matsui’s accolades in Japan be a factor? Other than that, I’d like to see Mussina make a serious run. Vlad needs to be in. Curious how Wagner and Hoffman fare. I have no time for Schilling.

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