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  1. To beat the dead horse...why again?
  2. For all you spider lovers, rejoice! There are 25m tons of spiders on the planet. And they consume between 400-800m tons of prey each year! Keep those lids peeled...
  3. "Do you understand that most of the country thinks that youre one of the stupidest people around?" "Haters gonna hate" Much Aussie gold in this clip. Anyone know if there is a redneck Olympics anywhere? Yanks vs Aussies would be a truly mighty battle. The Canucks are nipping at the heels.
  4. Better shot of my foot than the cigar but after a hot and cold La Punta, an ULA Abr 14 BPC. Despite being underfilled and rough wrapper, this was terrific. Really enjoy Bolivar in this vitola.
  5. I have some 15s (think ULA?) that were a downward departure from the 14s I initially got. I only have a few of those left and they are being left in the bullpen for awhile. Hopefully things start to look better because it is a damn good cigar when done well.
  6. That is sad news but it also made me smile to think two strangers at other ends of the earth could and would end up as friends. The world is a much smaller and friendlier place as long as we keep our doors open a crack.
  7. Some of us seem better than others. All of us could probably do a little more in the rush of living. I like Ozzy's outlook.
  8. I have 2014 EMLs and they are very very good. Perfect construction and wrappers. Wonderfully smooth
  9. Could we argue for, based on general availability and reasonable (?) price, the RA Superiores? In turn, can we start to argue against the SLR A?
  10. What's in the glass?
  11. Thanks for the reply Ken. First let me clarify. Sharp may have been an ineloquent manner of saying vibrant. That is, rather than some standard Ruby's or other LBVs, I'm finding clearer expressions of the wine rather than a summary, one note feel and taste. The notes are hitting higher and clearer. In short, I enjoy it. And thanks too for the explanation. It would make sense for the best to go to the best and thankfully this is what you pay for! And yes, very valid point that a good year will lift all boats. Ill email you separately. Very interested in the article.
  12. I opened a bottle of this last night and was really taken with it. Generally, I find LBVs enjoyable, but also a bit of an afterthought. I will buy a bunch of this Taylor however. Sharp, expressive fruit and lingered quite a while. Questions: Has anyone else tried this out? In an exceptional year like 2011, what grapes are finding their way into this bottle rather than a vintage bottle? And if they are the same, is it simple economics that LBVs are pushed out en masse to keep the Quinta lights on, rather than depend on the higher end Vintage offerings to move quickly enough?

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