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  1. Do you have a quarterly quota on the Euro/Havana bashings?
  2. And if anything is in China's backyard, then China knows the stakes.
  3. Because my greater point centered around those other nations. And even Kim realizes the necessity of China. China will act if necessary. Do I fully disregard an irrational act by Kim? No. But would I welcome a preemptive unilateral act between now and then? No way. I don't wish to see what happens if he feels his back is to the wall. But I fear far more what will happen if he's pushed there prematurely.
  4. Yikes man. I have no doubt that fat bag of lard Kim will do or wish to do something irrational but I think we should slow down on the rest of the world. I don't find the Iranians, Russians or Chinese to be so suicidal, or disinterested in catastrophe, as you've portrayed. Politics and gamesmanship are one thing or another. Nuclear holocaust is quite another.
  5. Nashville looked scary last night. Fast and they were throwing the little Hawks around.
  6. Rangers squeak out another. All square. How about a few more goals?!?!?
  7. One of Us (Anders Breivik): Horrible events, book expertly done. Travels with Charley. Entertaining, need to read/reread more Steinbeck A River Runs Through It. Wish McLean had written more. Currently working on the 42nd Parallel by dos Passos and The Hidden Life of Trees
  8. Let's kick it off. Rangers up 1-0. This is going to be a rough series. Looking forward to the rest there Hab fans. Hank is looking a decade younger.
  9. I'll eat my hat if the Braves finish at .500 this year. Perhaps a cigar wager??
  10. Also...will the Wilpons spend any money to get the Mets some bats?? Teams wait a hundred years to have the rotation they have now. It would be a damn shame if they waste all this talent.
  11. No they can't. But in 2-3 years, watch out (if they young guys stay healthy). The Astros are good. They have the chance to be around for awhile. Keuchel needs to bounce back. Mariners could make some noise but I don't think they're in the first tier yet. Besides they overpaid Cano and took him from the Yanks, so I want to see them crumble. And Atlanta? I guess they need to field a team. They are bad and I suppose those two are cheap (?) options at $20mm combined. I'm curious to how Swanson develops, otherwise Freeman is a lonely guy in that lineup.
  12. Just catching up on this...I got engaged at the Yeatman in 2015 and we had a celebratory dinner at O Paparico. The food was great, the service even better. Very nice people. Afterward, we stayed in Pinhao for a few nights. My wife is also a big fan of port and that trip made us huge fans of Porto itself. It's not something we can consider at this point in our life, but down the road a ways, we are giving some thought to buying something around there. Unless the secret gets out too much... In any event, we hope to make it back soon and I'll be sure to pester you when the time comes.
  13. Interesting thread. Thanks Planetary!
  14. RC is not my favorite Bolivar. Agree with you there. However, I have yet to get stewed fruits from any of them! Which do you speak of? For my money PC and CG are gold. But no fruit. Curious to hear your thoughts.
  15. Hope the cigar was great, but this photo immediately made me think of Sprockets!

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