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  1. I'd argue that the Yankees winning 50% of the World Series over a 40 year span is more noteworthy than Russell and his incredible stretch. Truly splitting hairs and I'm truly quite biased, but a 20 of 40 work rate from 1923 through 1962 is something US/Canada will never see again.
  2. I disagree here. The Jordan Bulls were historic, successful, unique teams. But they were not successful without him. The Pippen teams were less successful and less robbed than my Sisyphus Ewing teams. Once Jordan and Pippen left, the Bulls declined quickly, haven't won anything since and had their previous and current management called to serious question. The Spurs, meanwhile, have discovered four distinct superstars in Robinson, Parker, Duncan and Leonard and, arguably more importantly, integrated any number of role players into the mix. As an organization over the last 30 years, the Spurs are better than Bulls. The Bulls summited higher, sure, but lost the marathon. My analogies are confused, but my logic isn't. Spurs win.
  3. I haven't looked too far into his criteria but using two other samples, it appears this guy's dynasty definition denotes sustained excellence across generations or derivations of a team, rather than sustained reliance on a singular, extraordinary player or duo. In other words, had management and the coaching staff constructed an atmosphere calibrated to winning in a given era and then progressing despite the diminishing talents of one or more key players? The Yankees and Canadians from the selections above highlight success from the DiMaggio to Mantle eras and the Richard to Beliveau timeframe, for example. I believe, in time, the current Patriots reign will be more than deserving of inclusion despite Brady's singular vomit inducing tenure of sustained excellence. They keep winning in a dynamic NFL and with a rotating cast...Again, haven't done more than a cursory glance, but there seems to be a rationale behind the choices beyond cherry picking the teams that happened to have the greatest players.
  4. Make sure to check out Occidental when you're in town. I was there a few weeks back and the owner was sitting next to me - couldn't have been any more generous! Great scotch and rum selections.
  5. How did you subscribe to bimonthly published hacker magazines? Seems to violate their ethos on any number of fronts. Cat Fancy tis not.
  6. The Dip Países Bajos was very good and showed great potential. Alone, sitting near the beach, windy as all hell. I suppose you could say the cigar was secondary to the setting, so for me to take that much notice might indicate it's quality.
  7. I hope Hamlet puts his experiences to paper one day. Not only the time in Cuba and his departure, but his impressions of the US. He's been to big cities and small cities, coast to coast, all during a time of political turbulence and angst. Would be interesting to read his views.
  8. Sadly I think the RAG could be under threat. My experience is limited admittedly, but to me, this is the king of DCs. Rich, interesting, complex, but doesn't seem a big seller (?). This would leave RA with RAS, RASS & RASCC. No S in your acronym and you're toast. Unless you're a regional and then game on.
  9. Please insert Vancouver in lieu of Sydney. Then grab a glass and drink my tears.
  10. The legal system exists for a purpose and if needed should be used to whatever extent necessary. The previous discussion framed it a bit flippantly but he cleared it up. Nope, I don't live anywhere near Charlotte and don't know of Bobby. Why do you ask?
  11. Hmmm. Bold play here. Not sure I would post this. Were you truly injured? Because "wala" is a nice, albeit suspect, manner in which to describe recovery from bodily harm thanks to a "quack" doctor. As to the wonderful design and structure of our legal system, I'll leave the billions of dollars of national harm and retardation to our economy that these actions cause for another discussion.
  12. Champagne and Left Bank Bordeaux (with a tip to Rioja). Expensive quiz.
  13. Grabbed a few more bottles of the 2010 Muga Selección Especial the other day. That is good stuff. Highly recommend and very decent price outside the confines of the Maple Leaf. Anyone have thoughts on the various Muga offerings? I had a disappointing Prado Enea (believe 2006?) a couple months back. Found it austere and tight (gave it a decent decant). Have a few 06 left and one 05. Will see how they go
  14. If the range of films is any indication, he seemed like a very interesting guy. Sorry for the loss.

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