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  1. I do not bother to smoke, at least nothing good, as I cannot taste much anyway. Maybe a NC dog rocket to lift my spirits. Don't typically drink when sick, unless the wife force feeds me orange juice - then I will take the obligatory splash of vodka.
  2. Shanghai - cigar bars.

    LOL, they can certainly make a banquet out of a ham sandwich in China.
  3. ALO factory code?

    I have a box of the new HDM Elegantes from ALO from our host. They look nice, but I am giving them the recommended 6-12 months down before sampling.
  4. Dubai Duty Free

    DDF is certainly a crapshoot, I have found that Terminal 3 is the most consistent. I will only buy HTF sticks there though, that I cannot get from trusted vendors like our host.
  5. No idea on the taste of durian, the smell was sufficiently off-putting to ensure I would never try it. Seriously, give it a google because you will smell it all over the street. Most buildings ban folks from bringing it inside. It's like a used diaper full of spoiled sauerkraut. If you like dim sum, stop by Din Tai Fung. Awesome soup dumplings. It is the first and last place I stop in China.
  6. If you are spending any amount of time in Shanghai, get some custom clothes made at the South Bund Soft Spinning Material Market. Jennifer at stall 237 is great and has turned around custom dress shirts in as little as 48 hours - delivered to my hotel! Cost was <100RMB per shirt. Aren't you lucky to travel now, it's durian season. Enjoy!!
  7. Two hour conference call Friday morning, no problem. Pictures taken from my outdoor office (I'm sort of partial to the shadow!). Guest appearance by an outstanding FOH-sourced 2012 HDM Epi 2.
  8. Coffee Maker

    Which model do you have? I lucked into a S9 Avantgarde for super cheap about 10 years ago at Williams-Sonoma, the thing has run flawlessly ever since. I rue the day is gives up the ghost as there is no way I am spending $2k+ on another one.
  9. Coffee Maker

    +1 My Aeropress has gone with me on countless business trips across the globe. I bring a sealed container of my home-roasted coffee as well and am never disappointed by hotel swill. Getting hot water is sometimes a challenge however....
  10. Sadly, you are correct in that many cannot understand how self-righteous vitriol is counterproductive to polite discourse. A simple substitution of the finger pointing "you" with the collective "we" and hypocrisy is removed from the statement. Due diligence is so simple in the modern age.
  11. I think Piggy was noting the hypocrisy of a French poster pointing fingers at the US, when France sells three times as much weaponry to Saudi Arabia.
  12. Seems the US is just playing catchup to European arms dealers:
  13. Plans for the weekend?

    BIL works for a Ford auto racing, got the family suite tickets to the NASCAR race in Charlotte Saturday evening. Neighbors are doing a crawfish boil all weekend. I think it will be a pretty solid two days.
  14. PerfecDraw

    I googled and found Katman which gives 15% off.

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