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  1. I have a great building for you! Wanna bring Hamlet to check it out??????
  2. Glad to see Boli RC getting some love! Thats my go to robusto at the moment. JL No 2 would also be if I had more of them!
  3. Quality!
  4. That is pretty darn cool. I dont have one....yet!
  5. Trying to psychically plumb the mind of the Host for the lesson that must lie in the viens and curve of cigar no. 2. Alas, I fear the lesson escapes me and undoubtedly my choice (a total f'ing guess) will miss the mark. I anticipate the reveal and expect it to stand what little "knowledge" I have on the topic of cuban cigars right on its head, again! A fun contest, and I am glad I got in it again this year!
  6. Those lanceros look great!
  7. Yeah I paused when I filled my desktop, then I paused when I filled my wineador, then I paused when I filled my other wineador, next pause will be when I fill my locker in the OLH, whats the box limit again???
  8. Sign me up to ship those sticks to! Knowing what you like is a powerful thing. Congrats!
  9. That cigar must have been rolled up high on some very nice thighs!
  10. Thanks for all the work putting this contest together FOH!
  11. Really enjoyed this stick, I have a remote inkling of an idea of what it might be. A dark rich wrapper really added a nice sweetness to this stick which is right up my alley. Strenght built nicely throughoitbthe stick and it would have paired nicely with a rum or sweet bourbon. Smoked it in my rental car outside a hotel (its awful cold in Wyoming right now) hopefully the scent disapates before I return it Definitely box worthy!
  12. I would have to comenout of retirement to pay my cc bill!
  13. Happy you made it this far and looking forward to the future!
  14. Nothing visual but I did "find" (taste) either candy or very sweet lip gloss one time for about 3 puffs. It was literally like a candy cigar, then it was gone. Clearly something was in there. Whatever it was, it tasted damn good!
  15. I am a fan. Def worth trying. The cohibas are great. The secretos are in my rotation. I have only smoked one of the Partagas but a box is now on my wish list. Yeah they are spendy which is prob why I just havent bought a box.

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