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  1. Thats some seriously dry humor, but it has to be an attempt at just that.
  2. Do you have it set below the target temp? I have my whynter set 2 degrees below target and my new air set 6 degrees below. It maintains thetarget temp steadily when this is compensated for. The fact that power outages cause the coolers to reset to the lowest temp setting drives me crazy!
  3. Welcome, fellow New Orleanian!
  4. What size of bags are you using?
  5. Many of us share in a common problem of limited storage space. Do you mix sticks within boxes and cabs to maximize your storage space? Other than not being able to find certain cigars easily, do you see any issues with this for longer term storage (years)? To get as many sticks as possible in my Humis, I will mix sticks in boxes and cabs. I even bought a 25 Cab to store mixed double coronas:
  6. Normal weeks at home, I try to limit my smoking to one day a week. That could be 1 to 4 sticks. At fishing camp, 3 to 4 a day.
  7. 50 Cabs......so sexy!
  8. The 4 or 5 medio that I have had needed some time down, the Monte 5 still gets my vote!
  9. Man, am I gonna be bummed if there is no such thing as plume. That would be like finding out Santa isnt real all over again! Of course there are those who will always believe!
  10. There are members who have been thru tasting sessions with sample cigars rolled from the different leaves. Inwould love to hear them chime in on if more of a certain leaf will cause that to happen????
  11. "Cuba is a good neighbor" thats awesome. Hope we get back there someday.
  12. Preconceived ideas of what the cigar is prior to smoking it has adversely affectes this year and last for me. The nutty creaminess of the last third was def upmann to me but I was convinced it was a diplo before smoking. Gotta trust the taste, not the instincts!
  13. I attended a Cuba Business Summit in New Orleans last year and it was pretty hilarious. Basically consisted of the government spokes people adressing the summit touting the party line and flat out saying a lot of things that arent true about investment and property ownership there, followed by break out sessions where experts told us what was and wasnt true from what we had just heard. Also its hard to have a summit and make connections when not a single attendee actually conducts business there. All people wanted to talk about was how they could travel to Cuba, basically a bunch of people with money who were way behind the curve. Not worth the entry fee and we ducked out early to hit the pool ;).
  14. Enjoyed Cigar 3 and trying to decide whether to go with instinct or flavor on this one...... 1st Third opened just under medium body with cream, wood and toasted tobacco 2nd Third got a little sweet with yoasted tobacco and cream 3rd Third lashings of cream with slight nuttiness right up to the end. Decisions, decisions.
  15. $45-50 for great service $35-40 for mediocre service If I didnt get paid for every time I had a bad day I would be living in my car. Tipping is a very US thing and is really based on generosity which I think is one of the better attributes to the states (total generality). Also servers make well below a living wage in the states and if you want to eat out its part of doing so.

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