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  1. They only come in 10s. I am a fan! They are worth a shot especially since you only have to commit to a box of 10.
  2. Blind Tasting Cigar Number 1 Reveal

    I should definitely quit while I'm ahead!
  3. Smoking No. 1 this evening while the wife is out on a yoga date (i want to make damn sure she out lives me!). Nice slightly rustic wrapper with a bit-o-sheen. Tight roll, well packed, no soft spots. Pleasantly firm draw. Some sweetness on pre-light draw. Opens up with a sweet nutty that is great! Getting strong tobacco and some milkieness. Wrapper is not staying lit well at all, so having to touch up and puff frequently. Same core nuttie and strong tobacco flavor continues with the intensity building throughout the stick. Enjoyed the cigar and definitely a unique flavor profile. Do I know what it is? Of course not, but I enjoyed the heck out of it!!!!
  4. I've never been so thankful that I dont like toast!
  5. I love all coffee....instant, truckstop, and 3rd wave. Making it with my power tools would be super cool!
  6. Wall Street Journal Article on Travel to Cuba

    Explained very well. Hoping to fly from the states later this year. The 3 rd party country trips add significant cost.
  7. Any flex in that schedule? The first weekend of Jazzfest in New Orleans happens during your second stint in Boston.
  8. jurassic lake - big trout

    I wanna go badly! Rainbows are such great fighting fish!
  9. You pretty much nailed Upmann right there. The HUHC pack a punch but are still upmann at the core. I have not had any construction issues. I want to love the Montes, but the box I have is overwhelming and they haven't settled down or mellowed out in the last year at all. My sampling of the montes indicates that they are little powerhouses and while the huhc pack a punch they are much more enjoyable.
  10. Washing your cubans

    Wow. I cant believe it was smokable after that dunking. I wanna try this with a "cheap and cheerful" just tonsee if I could get it lighted! He seemed to enjoy it, so thats all that matters!
  11. Just have to add that MJ looks like he is still in NBA shape and If I smoked 6 sticks a day, I would look a lot more like the guy on the left in the video than the guy on the right!
  12. The social media aspect of todays athlete drives me crazy, cant imagine how a man like MJ must feel!
  13. When I die, mumify me and put me in that box!

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