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  1. I found the loophole

    Took me a few looks to get it...whew at least you can smoke there!
  2. I have a few others posted on IG @cigarfish_
  3. Now, how to tell the wife that I am going to cuba again????
  4. Hi from Guilin, China.

    Sounds like a great trip! So hard to find good coffee when traveling though. I feel your pain, but at least a good cup of joe will be one positive when the time comes to go home!
  5. New forum design

    Thanks for bring that one up! Went to leave feedback the other day, to no avail.
  6. I am a big fan of the No.2 but haven't had the same experience with the No.1s. I have only had a couple, so maybe they weren't the best examples. I will have to bust into the box I have been saving to see how those are. I love the size, though!
  7. Did you get a pic of the bar code for the habanos verification site?
  8. Australian Heaven

    Come on in, the water is fine!!!!!
  9. The foam inserts in my Xikars are fine. Although after keeping cigars in the travel humidors for a couple of weeks, I didnt like to smell they developed so I lined the sides with cedar. Solved the problem and the cigars keep a better aroma on long trips.
  10. The changes are not supposed to go into effect until December.
  11. It is truly hard to imagine how people can maintain the drive it takes to be successful there. There is a fraction of the graft and disfunction where I am and it is almost paralyzing. My heart goes out to these folks!
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    In New Orleans so I feel for you guys in the direct path. Hunker down and be safe!
  13. I am in. Go Steelers!
  14. When a cigar won't stay lit?

    I notice a lot of my burn issues come from a gap between the wrapper and binder, the same as @NSXCIGAR stated. The occasional cigar that wont stay lit is always in the second half of the cigar for me. I usually blame my smoking speed leading to tar or humidity build up, but it happens rarely so it could be the cigar. Interested in hearing other theories.
  15. If its a small humi, I would prob freeze the sticks, if I believed it was a beetle hole. Large humi, freeze the box. My first H Upmann Mag 56 came with a definite beetle hole (i got a single in a trade). Unfortunately I smoked it and it resulted in buying several boxes of those expensive jaw breakers!

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