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  1. Any flex in that schedule? The first weekend of Jazzfest in New Orleans happens during your second stint in Boston.
  2. jurassic lake - big trout

    I wanna go badly! Rainbows are such great fighting fish!
  3. You pretty much nailed Upmann right there. The HUHC pack a punch but are still upmann at the core. I have not had any construction issues. I want to love the Montes, but the box I have is overwhelming and they haven't settled down or mellowed out in the last year at all. My sampling of the montes indicates that they are little powerhouses and while the huhc pack a punch they are much more enjoyable.
  4. Washing your cubans

    Wow. I cant believe it was smokable after that dunking. I wanna try this with a "cheap and cheerful" just tonsee if I could get it lighted! He seemed to enjoy it, so thats all that matters!
  5. Just have to add that MJ looks like he is still in NBA shape and If I smoked 6 sticks a day, I would look a lot more like the guy on the left in the video than the guy on the right!
  6. The social media aspect of todays athlete drives me crazy, cant imagine how a man like MJ must feel!
  7. When I die, mumify me and put me in that box!
  8. If only 285,000 Americans went to cuba last year, i must know half of them!
  9. Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    Has definitely happened to me and made me worried it would be a recurring thing, but it has not been. My advice is always to smoke on a full stomach! I cant always drink with cigars, but I can eat.
  10. Similar tasting cigars

    The blind tasting results would indicate that this is definitely common. Inhabe experienced it fosho.
  11. New Partagas Maduro

    New maduros sound great to me. Partagas is not my preferred marca, but the No 1s I've had have been awesome!
  12. I found the loophole

    Took me a few looks to get it...whew at least you can smoke there!
  13. I have a few others posted on IG @cigarfish_
  14. Now, how to tell the wife that I am going to cuba again????
  15. New forum design

    Thanks for bring that one up! Went to leave feedback the other day, to no avail.

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