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  1. Robert De Niro as Frankenstein. Awful.
  2. @wabashcr Thats totally fair, but I wasn't directing my comment at you specifically or anything. Just a general statement as I see lots of comments that blame the US market as the primary reason as to why RGs are increasing worldwide. Its one of those things that strikes me as funny, kind of like some of the guys on the forums back in the day that were 100% totally positive that the Feds were watching all forum talk as they sat in their basements wearing tin foil hats. In fact, some of these guys might've coined the term "Feds is watching" before any terrible dime a dozen rapper ever did. The US was undoubtedly the first market in this current large RG trend but it seems the rest of the world has been catching on to it as well for the past few years.
  3. For as long as I've been smoking, there have been complaints about the increasing size of RGs. On the bright side, several of the recent efforts with larger RG cigars have been quite good. The Malecon, Phoenicio 35th, Magnum 56 and the Cohiba Robusto Supremo are just a few examples of cigars that have all been well received despite their larger RG. As far as these releases being aimed at the US market - that is increasingly doubtful in my book as time goes on. I've seen more Netherlands Dip Ambajadors stateside then any other regional in the past and thats "only" a 52. Ive seen exponentially fewer RA XXLs available. And its not just Belgium trying to sell larger RGs either, as Germany is doing the exact same thing: the LGC Glorias release is a 54 and the Tesoro is a 57. The last England release was a 55, and thats not a market I would generally link to attempting to get a US customer base at all. Hell, the last Asian regional was a 55, and a popular Hong Kong grey market retailer never even received boxes to sell to the US market, and I could probably count on 1 hand the amount of times that Rob had boxes to sell on 24:24. The Phoenicio 35th is a 55, and Lebanon regionals aren't exactly easy to get over here for most people. Increasing RG size is a global trend that I would have to assume is being driven by global demand.
  4. Cohiba Coronas Especiales

    When was the last time CCE were made at El Laguito? I haven't seen a single box that is BTO, MUO or AMO coded here or anywhere else for that matter.
  5. Only 3 Cubans in CA top 20

    The ratings are a complete joke and have appeal to the casual American smoker only, the kind of person who smokes more as a lifestyle choice than anything else. The cigars are rated based upon smoking 1 inch of a cigar. How can you hope to really accurately judge a cigar based on the first inch? On top of that, here in the US the real best NC cigars annually are usually limited editions and single store releases, none of which are ever included in their top 25, and by rule are actually excluded from the top 25. So the list gets comprised of regular release NC stuff and while some cigars on the list are actually good I would never dream of purchasing about 3/4ths of what ends up comprising the list.
  6. Why bother worrying about that guy when the 49ers just signed Darnell Dockett for a steal. 2 years 7.5 mil? Thats a steal for a player of Dockett's caliber. Hes getting a little old, sure, but hes still a beast.
  7. I also thought the show was great. I think its cool that he had an idea that was pretty original and outside the box in this day and age. It was creative and funny and showed viewers the big hits that I think they would want to see while making it humorous. I commend him on a job well done.
  8. LIons fan, and I know some franchises have it bad, but we have sucked so badly and so consistently that our franchise is seriously considering slapping a $26 million dollar franchise tag on Suh. You know everything you do blows when spending $26 mil on one player is a serious option, especially since I think that player has made it quite clear that he really doesn't want to be here and that getting paid top dollar is his true motivation. He's a great player, but I can't stand the guy and I would rather seem him be replaced by multiple players instead of paying him that insane amount of money. In addition, we pay Calvin Johnson (formerly Megatron) the most for a WR in the NFL even though he's no longer the player he used to be, and we pay Matt Stafford top 5 QB money to be firmly mediocre. So our franchise will continue to suck until they understand how to run a salary cap and can put at least 2 successful drafts together in a row, as 2013s draft was the one of the greatest of the new millennium and 2014s draft was a tragic joke. In addition to those issues, they need another CB, OL help, and depending one what happens with Suh and Fairley they'll need as many as 3 DTs. Here's how I'd fix it: transition tag Suh and hope he walks (to collect draft picks,) cut Johnson and resign Fairley. Then shop for a FA WR as there will be a few on the market and especially go after Demaryius Thomas and try to pay him slightly less than what Calvin's contract was. Then go hard after Greg Hardy and get the value discount because he's a team blackeye with his domestic abuse issue that he's coming off of. After all that, you could still have the money left to be a serious contender for a Brandon Flowers caliber player. Draft OL help and boom you could actually make the playoffs for 2 years in the row for the first time since way before I was born.
  9. Hi everybody! My name is Cass and I'm from the Detroit area. I just recently started getting into CC's and am looking to expand my knowledge on the subject, and I certainly have much to learn. Previous to coming to the dark side some of my favorite sticks were Opus, Crowned Heads, and Tatuaje. The few CCs that I have smoked have been every bit as good as some of best NC stuff I've had. Ive been flipped and I now see the light. Teach me.

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