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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Did you just get the fiver or a 5x5? What's the box code on it if you got the 5x5?
  2. Hmm. As you may have seen me post elsewhere, I'll go to my grave thinking the Cetros are blended differently and/or use superior tobacco than every other JLP model. I've tried every JLP model except for the Cazadores and they're pretty much all the same--except for the Cetros. Hopefully the bundle of Cetros proves worthy for you. I'm now intrigued by the Quintero Brevas...I know the Favoritos are never that bad but some here really just can't seem to embrace them. And honestly, at $3/stick they're pushing the premium line with price, although they are Robustos and are a darn good value per gram. I'm also curious about the Petit Quinteros. I just realized I have heard absolutely nothing about them. I have tried the Tubulares, and they are actually quite good, but again, you're looking at $4/stick and I'm with you--If I'm spending $4/stick I'd rather have a premium Minutos or Perlas. As far as a great short premium cigar over a mediocre one, I personally find the JLP Petit Cetros to regularly score 88-90 for me. And at $1.50 each, I simply cannot spend $5 on a Minutos or Perlas when I've got these aside from the occasional jonesing I get for an El Principe or Monte 5. If the Cetros were more expensive or not as good, I suppose I would be relegated to Minutos and Perlas as a daily frequent smoke. I actually think that the PLP and RGPE are unbelievable values ($2-2.50/stick) and while a bit small might become my regular smokes when the JLP Cetros disappear. I have been very impressed with the RGPE recently in particular. I actually think they're on the whole better than the RAE ABR 14 RGPCs I had earlier this year.
  3. Connie A

    You could try the Half Coronas but I think the Connie A is a much richer cigar. It really is a unique, standout cigar that represents a tremendous win for HSA, not the least of which is it's remarkable consistency both within a box and box-to-box.
  4. Once upon a time in Cuba

    That rhetorical question caused me to reflect, and remarkably there has been very little peace in Cuba since 1492. Arguably, the last 20 or so years has been the most stable, which is quite an amazing fact, although certainly nothing to aspire to in my opinion. Just goes to show how Cuba has been one of the most politically unstable and turmoil-filled places in the world (certainly the western world) for the last 500 years. Truly remarkable.
  5. I suppose the primary reason for my avoidance of Perlas and Minutos now are the JLPs. I just find them so good that it makes premium cigars that are smaller just pointless to me. I guess if I don't have a budget stick (the JLP Petit Cetros were cut this year) I'd probably be more likely to drift back to the Minutos and Perlas. And I agree--part of the problem is that the particular Minutos and Perlas still left can be very, very good. As I said, that's part of the problem--I too often get frustrated that I want it to last longer, not just that I like a longer cigar in general. I just find when I have a cigar that's performing, Minutos and Perlas just end too soon. I'm surprised to hear that. There is one particular box code that has been floating around that are the worst I've had which is BLE DIC 11. All other codes have been winners for me from 11-15. I also have only ever purchased bundles of 25 and never petacas. I'll have to send you a few hand-picked sticks...
  6. I'm having a similar issue. Marevas are becoming an odd man out vitola for me. I actually have come to dislike the vitola and am finding that I only buy them when a particular Mareva is smoking so well it's the best use of my money. I've been really finding Coronas to be about the smallest vitola I enjoy smoking anymore unless I'm really in the mood for a Minutos which I'm also beginning to find a bit small. Perlas are just about too small for me to go for anymore, which is a shame because Monte 5s can be so good, but the good ones I just curse because I want another two inches on them! And quite honestly, my JLP Petit Cetros smoke so well at $1.50 if I'm going to spend money on a premium stick I like something I can sit back and spend time with and anything smaller than a Coronas just doesn't get it done. That being said, I dislike large RG cigars. My favorite vitola of all time was a Franciscos and now that they're gone I'd have to say Laguito No. 2 is my ideal vitola, followed by Long Corona (Coronas Grandes, Cremas). If we could get a Coronas with the blend of the RASCC or El Principe, they would probably make up at least 90% of my smoking stock. My dream cigars. I would even settle for Marevas at this point.
  7. Cohiba

    I'm never happy after smoking a Secretos. Because I want another two inches on it. Unfortunately, the Genios and Magicos are a bit too large and pricey for me.
  8. IMO, Boli Tubos No. 2 is the premier Marevas right now. Can't rank them, but other solid Marevas I've smoked this past year are Punch Coronations, RGPC, HUPC.
  9. ^^ This If the cigars smoke similarly, no reason to go with the fatter vitola. And it will be interesting to see what sales volume is if the cigars do perform similarly. It may prove to be the best case study yet of whether the market really is demanding 53+ RG or if HSA is just pushing them on the market.
  10. Buying Blind

    My general feeling is that there are certain cigars I simply would never ever buy blind. It's not just wrapper color. Everything Rob sells right down to the seconds is going to be an above average box that he's checked for any major issues and most minor issues like sponginess or overfilling, uniformity, wrapper sheen or oiliness. Certain cigars like Monte 2, Monte 4, PSD4, RyJ Churchill, Trinidad and Cohiba as a marca are cigars with a ton of variation and a lot of crap out there. Buying blind can result in receiving a very, very ugly box of any of these. That being said, there are certain cigars I have no problem buying blind for the most part. Generally, they are cigars on the lower end of the size and price spectrum like SC El Principe. But I can tell you that if I'm going to drop $400+ on a box of cigars it's probably going to be through Rob. Anything like Trini Fundys, Siglo VI, Lanceros, HUSW--I'd probably be picking them up through Rob. That being said, I've had generally good luck with blind purchases of sealed boxes. I've honestly never received what I would call a crap box in over 15 years, but most of my boxes are less than $200.
  11. Factory codes

    For most codes up until 2012 there's this: After 2012, only El Laguito, La Corona and HU are really known with any degree of certainty. For those: LUB and MEG are HU from 14-17 MUO and AMO are El Laguito from 14-17 EML and TOS are La Corona from 14-17
  12. When both are at their best, price not a factor, I'd probably personally prefer the Esplendido. But good Esplendidos are hard to find and would need at least 2-3 years on them.
  13. I've never noticed any difference in blend between the two models even going back to the 90s. MRN does state that he believes the No. 1 may be a tad stronger than the No. 2 but this was in reference to cigars pre-2004 and again, I've never been able to say that this is true. The blends are much stronger than they were 10 years ago anyway. JL was known as a medium, woody and floral cigar until it became a citrusy-espresso cigar several years ago.
  14. Good to know. Did it seem bitter or harsh at all? Some of the smaller Partagas offerings from 15 and 16, particularly the Super Partagas, have certainly been strong but a bit rough.
  15. Don't doubt that some leaf could float around here and there on a personal level. Commercial level is another story, obviously.

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