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  1. Sancho Panza Ducales???

    I missed this. So Cuban tobacco but not rolled in Cuba...to me, this would fall much more under the category of a custom distributed by Tabacalera with permission to use the SP marca further distancing it from Cubatabaco. I really don't know how much collectability these would have in that case. It would be severely limited IMO. This seems much more to lean towards a distributor production than anything to do with Cubatabaco. That said, if they're good, send them all to me!
  2. Sancho Panza Ducales???

    Fair enough. The collectability would rest on the verification of the story and how easily what is stated can be ascertained. An official statement from Tabacalera or Cubatabaco or some record of these would be sufficient for me to consider these as collectable as any official issue. Similarly, most of the items acquired at the Habanos and Partagas festivals aren't official HSA releases but come with supporting documentation and records or first hand accounts and photos, and are therefore considered under the umbrella of official HSA release or at least sanctioned by HSA which is good enough.
  3. Sancho Panza Ducales???

    This is quite interesting, but my position would be that these are not an official Cubatabaco release and are therefore not Habanos. It would be more in line with a custom roll commissioned by Tabacalera, sanctioned by Cubatabaco with special permission to use the SP marca. A bit complicated, but that's as accurately as I can classify them. Similar to the many jars that are sold by LCDHs around the world that are not official HSA releases (Siglo VI, Edmundos) outside of the limited W. Europe 2010 releases. These original 2010 jars have been duplicated by the distributors and LCDHs. Cohiba, Behike and Partagas jars are also readily available at LCDHs in Cuba despite these not being official HSA-released jars.
  4. The fact that any 2017 ELs were released in 17 is a miracle. Q1 2018 for the others is a huge feat for HSA.
  5. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    Just occurred to me we're well into the 2018 season and the weather has been fantastic again. And apparently the crop is about 500 hectares larger than 2017...getting two excellent seasons in a row would be absolutely incredible. Let's hope for another good 60 days.
  6. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    Ones that come in these boxes:
  7. I wouldn't say you're paranoid--the RAG has a target squarely on its back as does the VRDA and SCEM. HSA has shown no reluctance to take a marca down to one or two models. I would not be surprised if the only Prominentes in production in 2020 are the Punch DC and the Lusitanias which will probably never go away, thankfully. I would say in all my time consulting with other BOTLs the most missed cigar is the PSdC line, and the Ninfas are frequently mentioned as well. Amazing that HSA can find a way to produce PLMC and LGC MdO4 but not the SdC line or the Ninfas. I have no doubt these would sell if reintroduced. My most missed cigars are the BCE, Party Charlottes, Coronas, Lonsdales, Punch SS1/2 and the Trini RT (which I get reminded of each time I smoke the few I have--12 I think)
  8. Well, the thread is about Piramides and the BBF is a Campanas... Just smoked the best Monte 2 I've had in many, many years. SAT MAY 17. Very light wrapper. True medium, pure Monte profile--cocoa bean and light citrus tanginess. Perfect construction. Scored it a 94/95. Best Piramides I've had from any marca in recent memory, although I'm about to try my first Dip 2 from recent production (TOS NOV 16) so we'll see how it stacks up against the Monte 2.
  9. Yes, anything that could be used to light a shoe or underwear.
  10. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    I'd have to point out that I think the real MIA cigar has been the Siglo V. Haven't seen a 25 box of these in a looong time. Not really a vitola HSA likes to make anymore anyway, so probably makes sense to reduce production on that one most. As far as where the 17 leaf is going to be allocated, I could care less. I think a good crop causes all boats to rise. I doubt there's going to be a reduction in 50+ RG cigars anytime soon. The last 10 years should have shown us HSA is fully committed to special production and large RG. And IMO, regular production has always been on the whole better than special production. I don't expect that to change, although it could I suppose. I've always felt good, large crops are vital to strain and blend refinement. When all the strains planted in every part of every finca are viable it produces a massive amount of information that carries over for many years and results in better blends, better cigars and more consistency in flavor. I can always deal with shortages--just make them good when they're available.
  11. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    I don't think the 16-17 cigars have been that bad considering how bad the 15-16 crop was. Yes, wrappers are generally sub-par (underfilling has nothing to do with the tobacco) and consistency is spotty but if this is a low quality point I'll live with it.
  12. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    If the crop is really as good as has been corroborated by just about every report since January than we are potentially looking at some great, great cigars in 2018-2020 especially considering 2016-17 hasn't been that bad at all. Best vintage of the century so far? Possibly.
  13. I got a headache reading that one...wow. Can't count the number of bizarre statements in that "piece", and I think it goes a little beyond lost in translation.
  14. I think the best of 2017 list pretty much translated into what's smoking well fresh... Notable omissions from the list that seem to be rock solid are Connie A, Cuaba Distinguidos, RA Superiores, RG Perlas, RASCC. Can't go wrong with any of those.
  15. Flavour Blind

    If I could, I'd smoke all day every day. That being said, obviously that's not realistic. And I do find I need about 30 mins between cigars to kind of refresh my palate. But I've never had any dead palate issues smoking multiple cigars daily. I also do like to vary the cigars I smoke consecutively. I rarely smoke two of the exact same cigars in a row. If I do, they're smaller like Minutos or Perlas.

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