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  1. Connie 1 vs Connie A

    Still in Cuba and just smoked the Connie 1 given out at the Partagas intro dinner and I must say it knocked my socks off. Spectacular. Assuming it's recently made as it was being handed out here. Better than any Connie A I've had and by far the best Connie 1 I've ever had since the early 2000s. Just so rich with that Upmann shortbread and impeccable construction. Ash to the band. Scored it a 94-95 points--as good as a young cigar can possibly be. Maybe the best cigar of the year for me. There's a couple MEG 15 boxes kicking around at some out of the way LCDHs here but mostly MEG 16 & 17. Grabbing a box for $154. Can't resist.
  2. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Cigars handed out at the introductory gala dinner. Regular production Connie 1, Edmundo, Cedros de Luxe & D4 with a Partagas band...the D4 wasn't great. Have yet to try the others.
  3. The one example I've had was very similar. I liked it and definitely detected Trini DNA but there was some muddling of flavors. If and when they sort themselves out this could be a very good cigar.
  4. Eh, I really don't know. Honestly, after this one I can say some of the 13-14 Superiores I've had were better. The flavors on these will really have to start coming on strong. The stone fruit was there but no more prominent than before with nothing new detected. These previous ones I had last year and early this year were a bit punchier with that same faint stone fruit. I think the strength might have added a dimension to these that led many to believe they had more potential than they do. After this last one I don't think I'd buy more. I suppose a box for $160-170 isn't the worst thing in the world to grab and hang on to while still around but I personally would be concerned going deep on them. These may take 7-10 years for the flavors to amplify if they ever do and if they keep mellowing you''ll have an RACA that's about the same as a Superiores which I'd rate about the same right now. This is one I'd grab a box, two at the most, and smoke 1 every one or two years to see what's happening. I just didn't get the feeling at all from the last one that these are destined to become classics. I'll try another next year and see if there's any changes but honestly, I'd rather spend my coin on some Superiores or Punch Punch.
  5. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Looks like I'll be there as well! 13th-19th. Last minute decision. I should be able to get to some of the Partagas events.
  6. Sorry this one wasn't to your liking. I'm not sure that I would really categorize the Reyes or any Trini for that matter as being strong in the chocolate department. The terms I hear most frequently to describe Trini are "doughnuts & coffee" or "cookie dough". I think marcas like VR, Partagas (non-Serie models) and even some Monte might lean a bit more towards chocolate than Trini. To me, VR is about the most chocolate marca available. If that's what your looking for I'd suggest picking some up. I've had the most success with the Unicos. I will say that I've rarely if ever had a bad Reyes. They are very consistent for me and I like them a lot and purchase them on a fairly regular basis when the price is right (normally they're a touch high in price and I generally opt for the SC El Principe).
  7. Sampled another RACA yesterday and it seems to have mellowed a bit. Definitely not as strong as the last one I had about 6 months ago. The flavors also didn't seem to be any more pronounced than before. I think they will need quite a bit of time to come forth but I think they ultimately will. Overall, I think these are definitely more approachable right now but not close to their peak.
  8. I agree--these are probably not at their peak and may have serious long-term potential as well. I've enjoyed every one I've had so I'm not going to say don't smoke them but I agree if you can let these rest for another 2-3 years or more they'll be even better. I'd snag 3 or 4 boxes no problem and smoke through 2 boxes over the next few years, age one for 2-3 years and age another for 5+ years. I actually haven't had one in about 6 months so I'm going to try one again this week and see if I notice a difference.
  9. Second Half 2017 Box Codes.

    Received an LGR JUN 17 box of Cuaba Distinguidos a few weeks ago. First few have smoked great and have excellent construction.
  10. Many trusted vendors still have them and the price range should be around $150-175 a box. Should't be too hard to find.
  11. As @JohnS points out, the RACA is definitely a full cigar with quite a bit of punch. As MRN would likely say, this one would probably be best after a heavy meal and not ideal with an afternoon aperitif. The RAG or Superiores would be a more suitable daytime smoke and the large RAG ideal for a long lazy Sunday afternoon. I also think the RASCC is one of the best daytime or after lunch cigars available. When good they're probably the strongest RA next to the RACA. Unlike many here, I've just never been a fan of RASS so I've omitted them from my analysis. Not a cigar I like or can speak to quite frankly.
  12. Also agree with above. I would point out that I think the Superiores would be a much closer comparison to the RAG. If you're interested look for 2010-2014 RAS. 15 and 16 seem to have faltered a bit. Haven't seen any 17.
  13. Easy for MJ to smoke 6 cigars a day--you think anyone's going to tell him to put one out? Not that if I wasn't living the MJ life I wouldn't also smoke constantly, but 6 cigars is a lot of smoke time at 45 mins+ per stick and who admittedly prefers larger cigars. Also, regarding the Cuban classic cars comment, I could maybe give MJ a pass in that he may understand that those cars are frankensteins but that owning a genuine Cuban frankenstein classic might be quite novel. No one anywhere else has anything like them. I also find it refreshing that a man who can buy and smoke anything's favorite cigar is the Lusitania. He does have good taste!
  14. Review: PG Perlas & Quinteros Favoritos

    I'd always recommend the RG Panetelas also which are smoking very well right now and are a much better value than the Perlas. If you like the Perlas it's worth it to give the RGPE a try. As far as Quintero, I think the Tubulares are the best model but they're not cheap at around $4/stick at best, although the Favoritos are about $3 each. The Favoritos are certainly not for everyone and I don't think anyone has ever liked them enough to call them very good. They're a great yard 'gar at best. I definitely think the Tubulares definitely use better tobacco.
  15. The doubling of asking price after about 5 years is about standard for all of the top "flipping" cigars including Cohiba Robustos, Esplendidos and Lanceros. But when storage costs and selling/auction fees are taken into consideration, again, the numbers break down to a about a 5% ROI at best. Here are the two best threads discussing all aspects of investing in cigars:

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