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  1. Not sure how to take this

    Or a sinkhole swallows your house......
  2. Not sure how to take this

    Great advice from other posters. IMO the best thing you can do is communicate openly your concerns. Also you can't go around living in fear. You risk your life every time you get into a vehicle.
  3. I'm smoking a Sancho Panza Belicoso as I type. It has a roasted nut profile to me.
  4. You pretty much summed up my reasons for feeling this way. We are at a time of very comfortable living. Of course I am speaking from my experience in a small American town. I agree with pretty much your whole post.
  5. Rob's 24:24 intros

    I'm going to upset some of you but I usually just skip to the cigars......
  6. I personally think society is doing the best it ever has. I am sick of the fear mongering. It is called change.
  7. I believe we have officially derailed this thread lol!
  8. That's simply just not true. The sumatra wrapper came out before machines were used. "Sumatra was introduced at the 1876 centennial and took over the wrapper market, wrapping about 60% of all US cigars of all price ranges in less than a decade. It was light, strong, more leaf per pound, stretchy, less wasteful, good color...more expensive to buy than Havana and Connecticut, the other two wrappers, but more cost effective for most users. Tony Hyman, Curator"
  9. Honestly I think the best gift you can give this gentleman in return is to smoke them!!!! For 50 years old they are very nice.
  10. There was plenty of tobacco grown outside of Cuba. India and the US were large producers. Sumatra wrappers were considered to be some of the finest worldwide. I agree that the Embargo brought about Premium tobacco industries in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. However Tobacco was grown in very large amounts in many places besides Cuba. I would check this site out if you haven't already:
  11. There was plenty of commercial tobacco grown outside of Cuba prior to the Embargo. Havana tobacco was the and still is the benchmark.
  12. That Punch looks to be in very good shape to me. The color to me indicates decent storage conditions. Please smoke it!!!!!
  13. That's funny! Let's see a pic of your view.
  14. Setting off Summer in the Manistee National Forest. My wife, myself and our beloved dog Sweets packed up the ole '98 Jeep and ventured into the two tracks. After a dip in the river we had a campfire dinner. I settled in after dinner with a HQ Saint Luis Rey Regios. Low and behold I forgot my darn cutter! I almost panicked til I reached for my Grandpa's pocket knife. I keep it nice and sharp. Well what do you know it worked great! To top it all off the smoke was a cracker!
  15. How to Make a Murderer

    I think the guy deserved 18 years for torturing that cat.

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