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  1. That's funny! Let's see a pic of your view.
  2. Setting off Summer in the Manistee National Forest. My wife, myself and our beloved dog Sweets packed up the ole '98 Jeep and ventured into the two tracks. After a dip in the river we had a campfire dinner. I settled in after dinner with a HQ Saint Luis Rey Regios. Low and behold I forgot my darn cutter! I almost panicked til I reached for my Grandpa's pocket knife. I keep it nice and sharp. Well what do you know it worked great! To top it all off the smoke was a cracker!
  3. I think the guy deserved 18 years for torturing that cat.
  4. That movie was about as one sided as they come.
  5. Karma for torturing that cat.....
  6. Fascinating, funny they want the money like it wasn't acquired through murder and extortion.
  7. Thanks for sharing this relevant information.
  8. Funny that former opponents who Rousey destroyed are talking **** in twitter.
  9. PSP/HQ Cohiba Secrets Maduro 5 Different but good.....
  10. There's a few forums that like to bash FOH. Haters gonna hate.
  11. My biggest challenge has been not draining my bank account.

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