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  1. NFL Draft - 2018

    Raiders fan here, I hope they go o-line or secondary, but I would not be the least bit surprised if they traded the pick to get more picks. Lot of info out there stating they will grab Smith the LB from GA. I would not mind that either since it would be great pairing him up with Mack. Being from the tri-state are in US (NY,NJ,CT) I am also interested to see what the Jets and Giants will do. I think the Jets will draft a QB and I think the Giants will trade the pick and still get Saquon. What are everyone's thoughts on Lamar Jackson? Another RG3? I honestly like him the most out of all the quarterbacks, but definitely needs some polishing/grooming. -Shake
  2. First and foremost, congratulations brother. I have been blessed and was in the same situation when my son was recently born in March. I did go the route of getting boxes stamped with the month we think the magic happened. There were some great posts that I gathered some info from before deciding, check them out below. Overall I went with something that I could find good quality, not too expensive and cigars that I enjoy and think others would as well. I also wanted to get something that others were saying are smoking great with minimum downtime. I ended up going with a box of SCDLH La Fuerza and a box of RASS. I will probably get something more premium when I start seeing the birth month boxes being offered. I hope that helps you and sets you off on the right path. Reality is, no matter what you choose it will be great because the whole situation and experience of having a child just makes everything better. -Shake
  3. The 7 that I turn to/reach for the most: CoRo Dip 2 HdM DC JL (No. 1/ No. 2 almost equally) PLPC Qd'O Coronas RASS -Shake
  4. Hello all, I believe Cuban Cigar Website is an outstanding website and I frequent it often. There is a wealth of information there and I truly appreciate the webmaster/administrators. Without it I do not think I would have learned as much ( to FOH as well, thanks team) about our hobby and it's history. I have combed through the site and cannot find the info I am looking for in regards to packaging. I have a CCE box with a stamp of MKO OCT 04. Everything looks/smells/feels outstanding but when I look at the actual varnished box there is no Cohiba logo. Is this an error or is this how the packaging was designed for certain years? If someone has this same box in the collection or knows the answer, please let me know. I am looking for a site/resources where I can actually look up pictures/information about specific cigars with a specific production year/factory stamp. Thanks. -Shake
  5. Touch choice, but I would choose (since I have never tried/experienced) H. Upmann Mag 50 (LE 2005), Monte DC (LE 2001) and/or Partagas Serie D No. 4 Reserva. -Shake
  6. I had a Xikar Stratosphere, keyword had. Nowadays, I usually have a plain old BIC lighter with me most of the time. Seems to get the job done and serves a second purpose of opening beer bottles.
  7. Dumpsta Dive-in

    @Islandboy, great video, we had everyone on my company's management team view this video (the owner of the company I work for really has a problem with millennials). I am a millennial and I cring at the fact that this really is a representation of many of my "peers." -Shake
  8. 3 way tie with about 150 total cigars each of CoRo, Rass, and Q'do Coronas. CoLa and Sir Winnies not too far behind. -Shake
  9. Best Cigars During Talking With Women

    I believe it is all about the aroma that is coming from the cigar/ambient smoke. Based on comments from my wife, she has enjoyed the aroma of Partagas Serie E No. 2 and Quai D'Orsay Coronas (unfortunately not on OP's list) . Also, I know it is not a CC, but she compliments Padron 1964 maduros each time I smoke one. As a matter of fact, she actually likes to light those for me when she knows that I will be smoking one. -Shake
  10. The best cigar I ever smoked/experienced was actually on my first wedding anniversary. I actually had those cigars for my guests but never got to smoke one that night. Fortunately, I was cleaning up some boxes with wedding items and found one at the bottom of the box. I put it in my humi and left it alone for almost a year. Lit it up and enjoyed it throughly for almost two hours. The cigar costed me about $12 but that specific cigar/experience is priceless to me. -Shake
  11. Hey all, I would appreciate some feedback regarding status of the Monte 80th release. Specifically, how are they smoking? I know that these were first released around Nov/Dec of 2015. Has anyone smoked those recently? How about newer batches (2016/2017)? How do the releases compare (i.e. are the different release batches smoking any differently)? Is the blend and production been consistent? Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks. -Shake
  12. I really did laugh at Fuzz's point C. III. HAH. -Shake
  13. Yes, I do believe so. Let us know. -Shake
  14. Thanks @Lotusguy. In terms of flavors,how do they compare to regular production? -Shake
  15. Hey all, Does anyone have any inputs/feedback on this release? I have seen some pics in the CC purchase thread (and they look outstanding) but I cannot seem to find any reviews or tasting notes. Thanks. -Shake

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