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  1. Info Sys Mgmt, currently working with a BGA specializing in life insurance and annuity product sales but I also support multiple clients.
  2. I very much enjoy the Mag 46 and keep cabinets on hand. I have some Mag 50 and Mag 56 EL resting to give a try in a few weeks (maybe even today since the weather seems to be cooperating over here). I know these are newly released, but has anyone tried? Thoughts compared to the rest of the Magnum line? Thanks. -Shake
  3. Has anyone had the pleasure of trying all three of the releases? Thoughts and/or comparisons? Thanks. -Shake
  4. Interested in hearing your thoughts on this one. I throughly enjoy the Cien Anos blend along with most of the LA Aurora line. Congrats on the exclusive. -Shake
  5. I would like to try as well, sounds very tasty after reading the review by @NSXCIGAR Any splits being hosted, or am I asking in the wrong place (or breaking rules)? LMK either way please. Thanks -Shake
  6. I enjoy these fresh and aged. Was recently given one from 2001, and I'm really looking forward to see what happens to these after 15 years. -Shake
  7. Hey Barry, thanks for the heads up. Does anyone have this particular model filled to capacity? How many cabs/boxes does it hold? Thanks. -Shake
  8. I do not think I have found one yet but I do find myself frequently reaching for a good ol' RASS. -Shake
  9. Cedar sheet was included just not in pics. Not fully triple capped as Fugu mentioned. Habanos actually burned in on the back as you said. Can anyone confirm that quality can vary this much from box to box like this? Also does anyone out there have a similar box? Thanks for all of your inputs. I guess paranoia has gotten the best of me. -Shake
  10. Thanks fellas, the things that are throwing me off are the following: 1) Caps and pig tails are somewhat rough compared to my other box. I have a feeling this is one of those quality control issues. 2) This box has a stamp on it. My other box has the stamp on the cardboard. Not sure if they decided to change things when producing. I thought I saw a post that listed factories/months where these were produced but I cannot find it at the moment so that is also a question that I have. -Shake
  11. Hello all; Need some help with trying to find out authenticity of these. I am in a hard place right now: no outer box, no seal or barcode. Below is all that I have available to me. Available through secondary market, although said to have been sourced through a vendor many have used in the past. I have another box that looks great, but I do not know if comparing would be the right thing since quality can be all over the place. I can also provide more photos. Thoughts? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Shake
  12. Plume! Forest floor/mushroom anyone?
  13. Sexy AF, may I ask at which factory they were produced?
  14. Nothing creative....just my name. Shekhar (pronounced shaker) Mistry (like mystery but not cause we know how to pronounce it), most people call me Shake. -Shake
  15. Tell me about it, only 6 correct picks...I think its time to change my strategy. Congrats to the winner of the week. -Shake

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