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  1. Hey JamesKPolkEsq are Congratulations in order? If so, congrats and best of luck brother. I was blessed with the birth of my first child and decided to buy some boxes to age and eventually share with them. I went with the best that I could find produced that month. Luckily I found some El Laguito Cohiba Lanceros and I had no hesitation pulling the trigger since I enjoy them fresh and aged. I guess you are bound by what comes out of the island/factories that month. I am not sure how '17 stock is since I have not yet tried, but I would say go with something you like and would want to share with them one day. -Shake
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Got a box of El Laguito CoLa for a similar reason (birth of first baby). Enjoy them and good luck to you and yours. -Shake
  3. Are there any spots still available? I would be interested. -Shake
  4. In and registered. Good Luck to all. -Shake
  5. Opus X

    How well do the Angel Share age? -Shake
  6. I have a Cohiba Sublime LE (maybe 2) that I am waiting to fire up on a special occasion. Also have a box of Winnies with my wedding anniversary date stamped. I'll probably try one on our fifth anniversary. -Shake
  7. I enjoy the clove-like flavor I get from then. -Shake
  8. Info Sys Mgmt, currently working with a BGA specializing in life insurance and annuity product sales but I also support multiple clients.
  9. H. Upmann Magnum 54

    I very much enjoy the Mag 46 and keep cabinets on hand. I have some Mag 50 and Mag 56 EL resting to give a try in a few weeks (maybe even today since the weather seems to be cooperating over here). I know these are newly released, but has anyone tried? Thoughts compared to the rest of the Magnum line? Thanks. -Shake
  10. Has anyone had the pleasure of trying all three of the releases? Thoughts and/or comparisons? Thanks. -Shake
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Interested in hearing your thoughts on this one. I throughly enjoy the Cien Anos blend along with most of the LA Aurora line. Congrats on the exclusive. -Shake
  12. New México Regional

    I would like to try as well, sounds very tasty after reading the review by @NSXCIGAR Any splits being hosted, or am I asking in the wrong place (or breaking rules)? LMK either way please. Thanks -Shake
  13. First PLPC

    I enjoy these fresh and aged. Was recently given one from 2001, and I'm really looking forward to see what happens to these after 15 years. -Shake
  14. Hey Barry, thanks for the heads up. Does anyone have this particular model filled to capacity? How many cabs/boxes does it hold? Thanks. -Shake
  15. I do not think I have found one yet but I do find myself frequently reaching for a good ol' RASS. -Shake

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