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  1. Dumpsta Dive-in

    @Islandboy, great video, we had everyone on my company's management team view this video (the owner of the company I work for really has a problem with millennials). I am a millennial and I cring at the fact that this really is a representation of many of my "peers." -Shake
  2. 3 way tie with about 150 total cigars each of CoRo, Rass, and Q'do Coronas. CoLa and Sir Winnies not too far behind. -Shake
  3. Best Cigars During Talking With Women

    I believe it is all about the aroma that is coming from the cigar/ambient smoke. Based on comments from my wife, she has enjoyed the aroma of Partagas Serie E No. 2 and Quai D'Orsay Coronas (unfortunately not on OP's list) . Also, I know it is not a CC, but she compliments Padron 1964 maduros each time I smoke one. As a matter of fact, she actually likes to light those for me when she knows that I will be smoking one. -Shake
  4. The best cigar I ever smoked/experienced was actually on my first wedding anniversary. I actually had those cigars for my guests but never got to smoke one that night. Fortunately, I was cleaning up some boxes with wedding items and found one at the bottom of the box. I put it in my humi and left it alone for almost a year. Lit it up and enjoyed it throughly for almost two hours. The cigar costed me about $12 but that specific cigar/experience is priceless to me. -Shake
  5. Hey all, I would appreciate some feedback regarding status of the Monte 80th release. Specifically, how are they smoking? I know that these were first released around Nov/Dec of 2015. Has anyone smoked those recently? How about newer batches (2016/2017)? How do the releases compare (i.e. are the different release batches smoking any differently)? Is the blend and production been consistent? Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks. -Shake
  6. I really did laugh at Fuzz's point C. III. HAH. -Shake
  7. Yes, I do believe so. Let us know. -Shake
  8. Thanks @Lotusguy. In terms of flavors,how do they compare to regular production? -Shake
  9. Hey all, Does anyone have any inputs/feedback on this release? I have seen some pics in the CC purchase thread (and they look outstanding) but I cannot seem to find any reviews or tasting notes. Thanks. -Shake
  10. How Many Boxes

    Approximately 150 (plus many singles)...actually starting to downsize. -Shake
  11. What should I buy next?

    Give Rafael Gonzalez a try. I enjoy the Panatela Extra but many on this site enjoy the Perlas and Petit Coronas as well. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I had one. -Shake
  12. Your first ever box buy?

    My first was an outstanding box of 5 EL Cohiba, came in a nice glass top box as well. Purchased circa 2013 by a nice mobile cigar salesman on a beautiful Mexican Beach. $20 later and a bit smarter (I guess) first CC box was a dress box of RASS, based on research/reviews on many forums and message boards. First NC box was a box of Ashton VSG Illusion. -Shake
  13. 20 Habanos marcas are represented in my collection. I am deepest on Winnies, QdO Coronas, RASS, Coro and Cola. I have never did an official inventory but I believe I have over 1500 CC along with another who knows how many NC. -Shake
  14. Hey JamesKPolkEsq are Congratulations in order? If so, congrats and best of luck brother. I was blessed with the birth of my first child and decided to buy some boxes to age and eventually share with them. I went with the best that I could find produced that month. Luckily I found some El Laguito Cohiba Lanceros and I had no hesitation pulling the trigger since I enjoy them fresh and aged. I guess you are bound by what comes out of the island/factories that month. I am not sure how '17 stock is since I have not yet tried, but I would say go with something you like and would want to share with them one day. -Shake
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Got a box of El Laguito CoLa for a similar reason (birth of first baby). Enjoy them and good luck to you and yours. -Shake

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