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  1. Step 1: Buy more cigars than I can smoke Step 2: Smoke fewer cigars than planned/wanted too (not expected, but weather/illness happens) Step 3: ??? Step 4: Find a box playing tetris at the bottom of the cooler that I forgot about. Profit!
  2. I'm in, even if it's snowing here.
  3. RIP MOM

    So sorry for loss and best wishes to you and your family.
  4. FORMULA 1

    Good race weekend. Indycar race last night was entertaining (Rossi had a bloody rocketship, were it not for a bad pitstop and penalty he would've lapped the entire field at least once). But there were plenty of bad pit stops. Which continued the theme of today too. Wth was with Kimi's stop. Seems like the pit crews aren't on the same page. Good race for Bottas and Hamilton. I like Bottas but he doesn't seem to have that killer instinct that Hamilton and Vettel have. I fear he's not going to be driving for Merc next year. Haas have a proper car underneath them this year. They might be the best of the rest right now.
  5. Dip 2 Hup 2 PSD4 Monte 4 Padron 1964 Maduro (the robusto) Monte Petit Edmundo RyJ Cazadores Fonseca 1
  6. FORMULA 1

    Toro Rosso looked seriously good and got a ton of miles in. Which is shocking given how last years engine was an abject failure (which is being extremely kind). Merc being the fastest on the hardest tires is kinda crazy. But not unexpected. I don't think Ferrari had that good of a showing. The Renault engine looks to be solid, which bodes well for McLaren. The home team, Haas, didn't have a good showing. And the halo is still an abomination. GP of Australia can't get here soon enough,
  7. FORMULA 1

    I know I'm not a professional driver. In fact I know that giving me more HP and torque then i currently have access too on a daily basis (which one can argue is excessive) would be a hilariously awful decision. But when I drive the 2 main pillers are basically in my peripheral vision, there isn't something going straight down the middle. That just looks so damn weird. That this years cars look really nice. Despite that abomination. Wish I didn't have to work at the end of the week so I could nerd out over these cars at the testing.
  8. FORMULA 1

    I dig the renault livery. The alfa/sauber just didn't do it for me. Still really curious what the rest looks like and how they do on the track.
  9. FORMULA 1

    Another reveal. Williams went with a white halo. Car looks good despite the halo but they managed to kind of hide the halo into the design (i mean they didn't, they have that god awful thing out front but still). I'm mainly curious about a few things this season. Does Mercedes get a car with a wider operating range or is she still a diva next year? I can't imagine that they haven't been working on that since last year. Can Botas fight for the crown this year? think he has a shot if he can avoid a string of poor'ish races that he had last year. How does the Renault engine work in the McLaren? I want to see Alonso in a competitive car. Does Honda improve? My early guess is not enough, but I do hope they get better.
  10. FORMULA 1

    I don't like the halo at all. I think the windscreen that indycar tested last week is a far superior option. Though neither will ever reduce the chance for death in these cars to 0. Having said that, it doesn't look as bad as i was expecting it to be. Sharp looking car. I cannot wait for the season to start.
  11. Formula 1 - 2017

    THanks again Mika. Have a good one!
  12. Formula 1 - 2017

    You cheer for McLaren bc both Stoffel and especially Fernando were punching well above their weight. If you put Fernando in a Merc OR Ferrari, he wins the title last year.
  13. Formula 1 - 2017

    Mika, thanks again for covering this post again this year. I think it was a good year of racing but sadly the new cars we have, and will have for at least another year or two will make overtaking damn hard. Just hoping Renault gets their engine more reliable, next year should be really interesting. And I hope Honda finally gets their crap sorted out since they are likely going to need to power RBR in 19 lol.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving

    I stopped abdicating any all responsibilities this year. I wanted dark meat so I had to actually do something beyond drink, eat, watch football and drink. So I smoked a bird. Got the Kamado Joe lit a bit after 7. Bird was on the grill around quarter too 8. Smoked it with Cherry wood. After 2 hours I pulled the bird and put it in a foil pan and then put 3 sticks of butter on it (was going to be 6 sticks but my mom took 3 sticks of butter from me). After that my brother went downstairs and into the coolidor and grabbed 2 sticks, came upstairs and told me to fetch the BTUs (Mr Heater propane heater). Monte Petit Edmundo is such a damn good cigar. AN hour later we were eating, and I did a damn good job on my first turkey if I do say so myself.

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