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  1. Formula 1 - 2017

    God that halo looks ugly as all hell. Curious about Honda going to Toro Rosso. I know their a #2 team, but I wonder if them going to Honda is a subtle (like a bus full of 6 years about to go into a candy shop, without parental oversight) hint to Renault to speed up their engine design or we're out of here. Of course this is presuming Honda gets their stuff together. I thought they were coming together last year and then the first half of the season was generally a god awful disaster. So the silly season isn't going to be batshit insane this year, if the rumors are to be true. Seb will be resigned and wants Kimi resigned, which appears to be a done deal. Bottas likely got an extra year at Mercedes. Red Bull isn't changing their line up next year. Haas has stated their line up is clear. McLaren likely will retain VanDoorne and Alonso (who is driving out of his bloody mind this year). Force India's guys aren't gonna go anywhere. So what seats are open next year? Does Massa re-retire? Most likely. I think if their car was better this year he may have wanted to keep on going, but the bad luck he's had may just be enough for him to move on. So who most likely gets that seat? My money is on Pascal, Mercedes likes him and they may be able to work out a deal to get him that seat. Merc is high on him and sees him long term to fill Ham's seat down the road. I see more upside with Pascal than I do Sainz. Would they go after Palmer? I don't think so. They may want a Brit in one of their seats but I don't think Palmer has done anything to deserve that seat. Sauber likely jetitisons both their drivers for Ferrari junior drivers. Also not sure who the top Ferrari junior drivers are here. Maybe Haas's reserve driver and the guy leading F2? Renault is going to boot Palmer, who mostly through no fault of his own, has had a season that is probably worse than either the McLaren drivers. I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if Kubica gets signed this year to finish the season out. Does well and keeps the seat for next year. This is the one that I think we could see a curveball and maybe they go after Sainz. So that leaves us TR who if the crazy season does go crazy they lose Sainz and decide to jettison Kyvat (no loss there imo, he appears aloof and lost at this point). But they have a junion program too so doubt they'd go after anyone on the market and just promote from within. My money is on a boring silly season and no more than 4 seats open up.
  2. Formula 1 - 2017

    Kind of a boring race. There was like 2 good overtakes the whole time. Alonso on Sainz was a hell of a race there. The halo is stupid and I wish it didn't need to get implemented just bc the FIA said they were going to do something. Doing something for the sake of doing something is stupid. I think revising the windscreen is the way to go if anything at all. I'm curious about who signs who in the next couple weeks.
  3. Friend of mine has a 2015 F150 and towed a rather big boat from New Hampshire to Minnesota. Managed 16mpg on that trip. I bet that would be a week plus trip on batteries. I do think EV is the future, but the infrastructure and charging time has to get close to what fuel does now otherwise your not going to see widespread adoption. And I doubt very much people will be for EV if basic goods cost three times as much bc shipping costs skyrocketed.
  4. I could see petrol/diesel cars/trucks disappearing in large cities. by 2040. I don't see that ever happening in rural america. I could barely get from my house to my brothers place without a long charge with existing EV vehicles. 10 minutes to fill up 30ish gallons of gas, take a piss, and buy a snack at a gas station is a hell of a lot more efficient for me.
  5. Formula 1 - 2017

    Well you'd have to take a week of vacation to keep up lol
  6. Formula 1 - 2017

    I don't know why I'm just so eager to the silly season this year but I am lol. Ham to Ferrari just doesn't make any sense at all. If Ham were in a lesser team sure, but not at Merc.
  7. Formula 1 - 2017

    Just wait Mika, the 4 weeks of no races after Hungary are going to a bonanzo for rumors and innuendo lol. Lets say Renault replace Palmer with Sainz (waste of money IMO). If he gets the same garage as Sainz does, Sainz now inherits the same setup issues that have been plaguing Palmer all year. Applies to Kubica if he fills in for Palmer. Now, I'm not one to wear a tin foil hat, but for those conspiracy theorists maybe Renault didn't want Palmer on their team anymore and his side of the garage is super clever and sabotaging his drive. Gives Renault a solid excuse to bail on him and find someone else. Ahhh the silly season. Not even the NFL matches the craziness that we're seeing now. I just don't understand Merc's reluctance to sign Bottas to a long term deal. He's young, damn good driver, good face for the company. That's as much a no-brainer as I've ever seen. And I bet he meshes well with any other driver int he garage except Kimi.
  8. Formula 1 - 2017

    I don't get the love affair either, but there was a rumor that Palmer could be out for Hungary and Sainz move to Renault in 2 weeks. Sounded like there was an 8m buyout clause. I'm surprised that TR is thinking about keeping Kyvat. He was much better but now he's just not got his head in the game.
  9. Formula 1 - 2017

    yeah I meant Sainz, not Perez. My bad.
  10. Stopwatch: Robusto

    Well, the robusto kick continues with a JL Selection #2. After the British Grand Prix. Semi-boring race until the end, and man what an action packed ending. Anyways, moved the hoses around and then fired up a breakfast cigar. This one hails from ULE ABR14, and the box is almost empty. Bloody tasty cigar. Wrapper was a bit under a Colorado shade. Easy draw with a bit of resistance, Medium bodied, and an oily voluminous smoke. And this one, unlike the other ones really took me on a journey. First third was a sugary sweet and leather with hints of nuts. Second third dropped the leather altogether, the sweetness amped up, and a tea note arose. This is the only cigar that I've gotten the flavor of tea from. Finally third dropped the sweetness and tee, nuts came to the forefront and the leather came back with a vengeance. 93/100. I think this cigar has hit it's peak. They aren't getting any worse but I just don't see how it's going to evolve much more beyond where it's at now. The burn time shocked me though. 45 minutes. Way under what I would've thought it'd be .
  11. Formula 1 - 2017

    A race that was relatively boring turned out to be thrilling because of the last 5 races. Merc--SIGN BOTTAS NOW! What more can this guy do to prove he's earned that seat? Last to second in Baku, 9th to second, passing both Ferraris here. 2 wins, 2 poles. SIGN NOW! Aside from Riccardo, I don't think there's another non-Ferrari driver that would match his results in the Merc this year. Dude is good, keep him. Kyvat -- The flying torpedo keeps the nickname going. Ferrari -- Wth, same dead tire at the end. I liked Horner's message to Max with the why on his 2nd pit, though it didn't make sense at the time. Vettel -- Comes in with a strong car, good but not great qualifying, good but not great start, steady pace, and leaves with a single point lead in the driver's championship. That cannot feel good. To be a fly in the wall in the debrief. Ham -- I think he redeemed himself with his now show on Thursday--which I still think was bogus, but winning tends to sooth wounds. Haas -- Kinda bummed with their finish but I don't think they can complain, they didn't seem to be the best of the rest as they were last week. I know the livery isn't knew but man I dig it. Palmer -- dude cannot get a break. I don't see a way he's racing for Renault next year. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they buy his contract out this year and start trying another driver. Most of it isn't his fault, but still. Perez -- Another retirement and because of a teammate. I don't see him in Torro Rosso next year unless Kyvat is passed on. Alonso -- What more can be said?
  12. Stopwatch: Robusto

    Well, what's better than 1 cigar? 2 =) After the BRC I had a PSD#4, seconds BUM ABR14. Now I prefer the D4 with a really oily and dark wrapper. These are way off the mark but are decently oily, and I knew I wasn't getting the ideal wrapper but these have been mighty tasty. And for the price I don't mind giving these out to friends--and yes I will horde the PSP ones to myself and may give a few of them to select friends lol. Anyways back to this cigar. Totally different draw, easy but firm. Definitely your typical cuban draw. Smoke was oily and ok output but not as good as the BRC. Unlike the BRC the flavors lasted a very long time in the mouth after a puff. Burn was excellent but not as razor sharp as the BRC. There was 1 transition with this cigar at the final third. THe first 2/3 of the cigar I got a peppery spice, earth, and a hint of coffee. The final third the coffee notes asserted itself and the spice went to the background. Enough to know it's there but way down in power. Body started out at medium and ended at medium-full. No strength whatsoever (which is my preference). I give it a 90/100. Excellent cigar, but I've had much better D4s and I know these are just a bit off the mark. That said the cigars were a fantastic value and been enjoyable. I don't see these improving much more so this will be a box I'm going to empty this summer. The good news is I've got a PSP box (RUS Jul14) to replace this one when it's empty. Burn time was 55 minutes. Really surprised that this one finished more quickly than the BRC. But it is what it is. I also had 2 NC robustos today golfing. Both were 50-55 minute smokes.
  13. Stopwatch: Robusto

    First up after work yesterday was a PSP BRC, ULA OCT14. These have the most NC like draw out of any cubans I've tried. But I love these cigars. Medium bodied from light till finish. Smoke output was fantastic, burn was razor sharp. The smoke was very creamy in texture. The flavors didn't change one bit, which normally would be a bit disappointing. However the flavors were so good it didn't bother me that this was a one hit wonder (it was a hit after all). Bit of dark chocolate, cream, earth, and a hint of white pepper throughout. I've got 16 or so left from this box and I must say that they've evolved greatly from when I've received the box. This one may not have been a good example to go on a journey with, but man what I got out of it was on point and damn enjoyable. I give it a 94/100. I'm not sure if this box is going to evolve much beyond the 95 mark. Probably will be my go-to box next summer to end it. I was surprised that the burn time came in at 61 minutes. Normally they had been a shorter smoke, not by much, but happy for that amount of time. Also tried out a new flavored beer. Tastes like a flat Mellow Yellow. Kinda dig it.
  14. This reminds me of my bottle opener made from a 50BMG. It's cool but that cigar holder is largely useless unless i'm sitting on the grass.
  15. Formula 1 - 2017

    Great race. feel bad for alo and max for getting taken out. Lewis had a good day limiting dmg. haas got 6th! And we get to see another shoeey

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