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  1. If i was getting paid the money Alonso or Vandoorne are I'd sit my fatass into a McLaren this season lol
  2. Well, if McLaren gets the Merc engines like rumored, I don't see Alonso leaving. If that falls through and they are still powered by Honda, I don't see Alonso staying there. But I don't think Ferrari would take him. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kimi going to williams, sainz to ferrari. My question mark is Bottas, does Merc keep him? They should, but I dunno
  3. I don't know if RBR is going to be able to get Merc or Ferrari engines. So their choices are Honda (hahaha, sad though) or Renault. I'd take the latter as they don't completely suck. Had Newey designed a world breaking chassis I think RBR would be in full whambulance mode now.
  4. Stagg Jr is fiesty as hell and bottled at flamethrowing levels but so tasty. Local liquor store gets blanton single barrels at 49-51%. I've had 2 different ones and have a third unopened. Both of them have been fantastic as well.
  5. Interesting race. The Indy race the night before turned into a wreckfest. This race continued the trend.
  6. To be fair, aside from the wrenching (I suck with vehicles lol) that sounds like a great weekend. Cheaper too
  7. I left work early on Friday by an hour to get home to take care of 1 little item and then load up my range bag so a good friend and former coworker of mine could go out to the gun range to sling some lead downrange. I brought a weeny gun (Ruger SP 101 in 22), an oldie but goodie (AK47) and the new hotness (Sig MPX). I love shooting the MPX. Except I always forget to turn the damn red dot site off. So what happens when I go to turn it on. Yeah, dead as hell. That gun wasn't accurate at all lol. But we had a good time and enjoyed a beer and some BS back at the range hall. Got back home, fired up the grill so I could make shrimp tacos with a mango salsa. Man they were tasty. I think I could've made the salsa better with dicing the mango a bit more and pull back a bit on the red onions. Mighty tasty though. After that I had a couple friends come over and we enjoyed a couple cigars, bourbon and of course BS lol. I had to shoo them out of my house earlier than expected because I was golfing early Saturday morning. I woke up at 5 a.m., which while only an hour earlier than I normally wake up, is a god awful time to wake up on a Saturday. Made it to my home golf course at 10 to 6 and managed to play a round in 2 hours 5 minutes. And man what a round it was. Birdied the first hole and that was the closest to par I was the whole round. 3 holes later I birdie the fourth and that was the "worst" I was at any point in the round. Finished the front 9 in -2. I can't sit here and tell anyone that I could've or should've shot any better than that. The back 9 on the other hand, could have been something truly special, if not for the "head up ass" syndrome that can afflict golfers. (I just love the smell of fresh cut grass early in the morning). I wound up finishing the back 9 in -1, but i had 3 really, really stupid bogies (when 2 of the holes I should've been sniffing around birdie) and missed 3 6-8 footers for birdie. But, a -3 with no doubles, no penalty strokes, minor mental gaffes and I stayed under par for all 18 holes. Yeah I was surprised at the score but man I was on cloud 9. I also smelled worse than a football locker room. It was muggy as hell and HOT out. When I teed off at 5:50 it was 75. By the time i took the turn it was 86, at 7 a.m. So I ran to my mom's house to clean up because I had some research to do at the local Ford dealership. I wanted to get some info on the upcoming 2018 F150s. 2 years ago I got into a car crash and had to be a responsible adult and not overextend myself in a loan. Being an adult can at times suck, but that's life. I was going to right that perceived wrong. I wanted to get my ass into a truck again. Now to be fair, I did look at their website and they had several F150s I really wanted. However a Lariat, King Ranch or Platinum trim was above my paygrade. The Raptor they had was also already sold and also out of my price range. But they did have an XLT with the trim level I wanted (heated seats, rear sensor, backup camera...) with the 3.5l ecoboost v6 mated to the 10 speed transmission. Which was priced right. Pretty much knew at this point it was going to be an expensive morning. I got some good news with a very generous trade in deal, 2 grand above what the top end of the KBB value for my 2013 Edge. Yup, expensive morning. So while the finance guys were working numbers I clean out all my crap from the edge and box it up. Get the numbers and wind up shaving another 3k off the asking price due to financing with Ford and a personal offer from Ford themselves I sign my life away for the second largest purchase of my life. And my first legit new vehicle. And btw, the engine was regularly getting 30mpg on the highway at 70 mph. Not sure what wizardry Ford did to that engine but I like it. What I did find odd is that in addition to a towing setting (which does make sense) there's a "Sport" mode. For an F150. Near as I can tell it makes the engine rev 500-1000 more than normal, sound a bit different and probably just burn more gas. Admittedly if I was in a Mustang and not a full size truck I'd be in Sport mode 100% of the time. Well, I know myself so I'm sure Sport mode will be engaged from time to time too. I drive home and then see these boobs on the back of a Chevy. I don't know why you'd put that on your truck but I was laughing hard. Get home and realize that I left my damn garage door opener in the Edge. Call the dealership and explain to them that I'm an idiot that can't keep track of things and that I'll head back to Hawley (a 33m drive with traffic that morning) after I clean up and rearrange my garage. Doing that when it was 95 out and humid was most unfun. I was ready for another shower and a cold beer. And lunch since I haven't had much to eat today. So back on the road I go to get my garage opener. When I get home I warm up some leftover chicken and soup in the fridge for lunch. The moment I sit down on my couch to watch some TV I crash out hard for 3 hours lol. Wake up and think, yeah it's time for a good cigar. Enter the RYJ Exhibition #4 from GEO Jun or Jul 14. Tasty little bugger. Today I did about 20 minutes of work decluttering my garage. I have a bit left to do but that can wait for another day. I did however smoke up a small pork butt for dinner tonight and lunch meat for the week. This was a teeny pork butt coming in at about 5.5 pounds. Took 7 1/2 hours of smoking at 275 degrees. Applewood made it be very very sweet. Most of the fat cab rendered so nicely too so it's crispy fat chunks. As for now, I'm grabbing a double corona and a cold beer and going to sit outside and relax, before the craziness of the work week starts in under 12 hours.
  8. Using the LGC release and doing some math (accurate or not who knows) I'm guessing $154 (US). I would buy 1-2 boxes at 160 or less. 1 if under 200. None if over 200.
  9. I have to admit that the Serie P is my least favorite of the torpedoes. It's an enjoyable cigar, but I just don't like it as much as the others. It's also a bit odd as it is a good bit milder than a D4 or Lusitania, which in my opinion isn't a good thing. But on to the cigar, wrapper is silky smooth, smoke is creamy and viscous. Flavors don't last terribly long here. Mild-Medium bodied at the start. Flavors are that typical partagas twang, white pepper and leather. The transition at the 2nd third involved the body becoming a bit fuller but is only just barely medium. Flavors are mostly the same with the leather becoming the most prominent flavor and the white pepper fading into the background. The final third did something strange, i was getting salted caramel as a prominent flavor. I've never had that before with this cigar. That made for a much more interesting smoke. This cigar was a 92. That final third was seriously interesting, but that's the only time I've gotten that flavor from this box. It's likely going to be a one off, but a damn good surprise none the less.
  10. This is another one of those cigars that I have an irrational love of. I went through a box of seconds of these (MUL Jun14 if I recall). Those were amazing cigars. Tasted like a cinnamon bun, but the wrappers were admittedly paler than my preference and not terribly oily, but they performed well and damn enjoyable to have. I had this cigar Thursday when I got home from working a track meet. Was a long day but the weather was perfect for a meet and the timing system I run worked without issues. So I deserved a cigar and beer when I got home. I had high hopes for this Dip2 because it was a PSP box. The wrappers were a colorado maduro (love that shade), silky smooth to the touch and oily. The flavors were long lasting, smoke was both thick and oily, and the burn on the cigar was perfect. Not surprisingly there wasn't a rough edge to be found. I got a doughy flavor off the bat. Cinnamon is there but it is very faint. Pepper and a tangy earth are the other flavors coming to the forefront. Throughout the first third my thoughts were mostly of "this isn't the same cigar I remember," which isn't a bad thing because despite lacking the cinnamon intensity the flavors melded well with one another. And it's gorgeous out and I'm totally relaxed. Second third found the cinnamon spice increase in intensity with the tangy earth receding. Final third the pepper became the primary flavor I get with cinnamon following second and dough being third. Burn time was 80 minutes. I'd give the cigar a 92/100. I wish the second third was the first third and the evolution started from there. That said it's still a damn enjoyable cigar. I'm not sure what the future holds for this box but I'd guess it's another couple points over the next couple years. There are 24 cigars left in that box, but I don't see it lasting much more than a year.
  11. I am seriously impressed with this cigar. I know it's not special per say, but it's damn enjoyable. I'm also seriously digging the Petit Edmundo. I wish they would've called it the Vegeuros Petit Edmundo because that is way easier to say. Anyways after having the Magnum 50 I wasn't ready to go back inside and warm up dinner (I smoked WAY too much food this weekend, but the plus of that is I love leftovers and wanted to be lazy this week). So a smaller cigar was on deck. The wrapper is oily and silky smooth. Love this shade of wrapper too. The smoke output wasn't just enough but I was looking for more. The smoke was light and airy, which unfortunately didn't leave a lasting flavor in the mouth. There was no transition in flavors in this cigar, but the body of the cigar started at medium and when i put the cigar down it was up to full. Mostly got lemongrass, hay, and salt. Cigar lasted about 45 minutes. 88/100. If the smoke output were more and the flavors lasted longer it'd be a solid 91/92 cigar. I've had 3 of these and they are continuing to evolve. Assuming the smoke output or how long the flavors I don't see it getting much above a 91 or so with another years worth of age. That said it's an enjoyable little cigar if you don't have a ton of time.
  12. Ok first off since I have a 6th grade sense of humor, I giggle every time i open this box. Now that I got that out of the way, onto the cigar, and man is the Mag50 an interesting cigar. Despite sharing a bready texture/flavor with the Magnum 46, they are so different. The Magnum 46 is the loud angry drunk at the bar ready to pick a fight with you. The Magnum 50 is just seductive. The wrapper was thing, oily and silky smooth to the touch. The smoke output was fantastic, oily and long lasting flavor, but the burn was perfect. It didn't take me on a journey though as there was only one transition at about the halfway point. The first half of the cigar was dominated by a doughy bread flavor mixed with some black pepper, spice and leather. The final half lost the leather but picked up some earth. Overall it lasted just under an hour and a half. I'd rate it a 93/100. This is my third cigar from this box and I don't see this box improving drastically. That's not to say that the cigar is disappointing, far from it in fact, but I don't see any signs of evolution through aging that this could get to a 95/6+ cigar. I can handle an A- any day of the week though.
  13. Golf didn't go well this morning. But that's how the sport is. Just finished watching the Indy 500 (feel gutted for alonso) so it's time for a beer and a cigar. The divinos isn't a complicated cigar. This is a 2014 PSP example and it oozes peanut butter. Medium bodied with an oily smoke. My only complaint with this case is tar. It's happened in a third of the cigars from this box. And it happened here too. Disappointing end to an otherwise enjoyable and pleasant experience.
  14. I am an unabashed lover of lonsdales. I just love the format. I smoked a couple chickens for my mom, brother and I for an early dinner and after waking up from the food coma I put myself in (desert was delicious and the main cause of the food coma). Anyways when I roused myself from my slumber my brother suggested we have a cigar. I figure it's a good excuse to dig into "the" box of Monte 1s that I insist on a good reason before reaching for it. The cigar is just incredibly smooth. The wrapper is thin, oily and supple. The burn remained perfect from start to finish. Smoke output remained on the voluminous side except right at the end. There was only one transition which happened at the final third, and it was pretty subtle at that. Dark chocolate, cream, and espresso were the main flavors for the first 50 minutes of the cigar. The last 25 minutes added some black pepper and some overall sweetness to the flavors. I love this cigar. I will lose my mind if HSA cuts this cigar.
  15. Missed monaco this morning. Feel so bad for Fernando. He was doing so damn well and then another honda engine grenaded.

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