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  1. Thanks guys! I am all over this like a fat kid on a Smartie!
  2. Cigars in Victoria, BC

    I love the atmosphere in that shop. I agree the prices and selection leave a little to be desired. I got into traditional shaving from that store however. I stop in when ever i get over to the Island.
  3. I would love to participate in this. I am in Surrey British Columbia. Thanks
  4. Beetle alert

    I had a box i opened about a year ago just after opening i saw a wood mite scurry across the brown glistening tobacco leaf. I SCREAMED like a school girl. inspected every box i had with a magnifying glass.
  5. Marathon MSAR. Made for Canadian Coast Guard. Swiss made. Canadian owned. Toughest watch I have seen. Also love having the Maple Leaf on the dial.
  6. Roger Moore

    Rest in Peace. One of my favorite actors. Also a classy man behind the scenes to boot.
  7. 24/24 contest idea

    First come first serve. I have bought at least 50 boxes off the 2424. I have missed out on probably 100 more. Such is life.
  8. This place is a bad influence ;)

    When I started everyone kept saying how it was a slippery slope. 7 coolers full and 30 boxes in my OLH. I think everyone was way off base. Its not a slippery slope it a straight down plummet.
  9. Back From Disney

    Disneyland in California has a smoking section between the Small World Ride and Utopia. i sat there this spring on a park bench and enjoyed a Monty 2.
  10. Boy! That's going to cause a bunch of site traffic as everyone is searching for the hidden "easter egg" of the 24 24. Good luck everyone! Happy hunting!
  11. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Would like to know more about the garage lifts.
  12. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Your buddy parks crooked. But beautiful cars!
  13. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    I'm in the other Surrey. BC Canada.
  14. Rye paired with cigars

    I see pictures of @Rye with cigars all the time. Whats the big deal?
  15. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Probably has more than 300 horsepower and is as fast as any sports car I own!

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