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  1. Lets try again. Proposed takes Pl Robusto RE AP 07 La Gloria Cubana MDO #2 La Gloria Cubana 5yh Avenue RE RA Grandes RE Spain 08 Proposed Puts VR xv Aniversario RE Canada LAR nov 12 Punch Medala de ORO RE uk AME DIC 12 Cohiba Robustos Supremos LE 2014 ARG DIC 14 Partagas Culebras OEB MAY 07 And Finally a Gift For Chris for all his hard work in organizing. A Cuaba Diademas SXF MAY 05 Also a special thanks for everyone who came before me making a interesting Journey.
  2. Picked up the Parcel at my local PO yesterday. It was pretty exciting to look around and see all the great cigars. Some i Have tried many I have not. A big thank you to @ChanceSchmerr for putting this on and also allowing me to back out in July and jump back in on the tail end. Proposed Puts Partagas Culebras OEB MAY 07 Cohiba Robustos Supremos LE 2014 ARG DIC 14 Montecristo Grand Edmundo LE 2010 MGA DIC 10 Trinidad Ingenios LE 2007 USE SEP 07 Trinidad Topes LE 2016 MEL SEP 16 Proposed Takes La Gloria Cubana MDO #2 PL Robusto RE AP 07 Punch Ponderosa RE Suiza 09 RA Grandes RE Spain 08 La Gloria Cubana 5th Ave and Finally I am including a Gift for @ChanceSchmerr a Cuaba Diademas SXF MAY 05
  3. Thanks guys! I am all over this like a fat kid on a Smartie!
  4. Cigars in Victoria, BC

    I love the atmosphere in that shop. I agree the prices and selection leave a little to be desired. I got into traditional shaving from that store however. I stop in when ever i get over to the Island.
  5. I would love to participate in this. I am in Surrey British Columbia. Thanks
  6. Beetle alert

    I had a box i opened about a year ago just after opening i saw a wood mite scurry across the brown glistening tobacco leaf. I SCREAMED like a school girl. inspected every box i had with a magnifying glass.
  7. Marathon MSAR. Made for Canadian Coast Guard. Swiss made. Canadian owned. Toughest watch I have seen. Also love having the Maple Leaf on the dial.
  8. Roger Moore

    Rest in Peace. One of my favorite actors. Also a classy man behind the scenes to boot.
  9. 24/24 contest idea

    First come first serve. I have bought at least 50 boxes off the 2424. I have missed out on probably 100 more. Such is life.
  10. This place is a bad influence ;)

    When I started everyone kept saying how it was a slippery slope. 7 coolers full and 30 boxes in my OLH. I think everyone was way off base. Its not a slippery slope it a straight down plummet.
  11. Back From Disney

    Disneyland in California has a smoking section between the Small World Ride and Utopia. i sat there this spring on a park bench and enjoyed a Monty 2.
  12. Boy! That's going to cause a bunch of site traffic as everyone is searching for the hidden "easter egg" of the 24 24. Good luck everyone! Happy hunting!
  13. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Would like to know more about the garage lifts.
  14. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Your buddy parks crooked. But beautiful cars!

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