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  1. With mixed emotion I have to say my last '03 Siglo VI no longer exists. For my birthday (yesterday) I smoked it pared with some Macallan 18. What a fantastic cigar. It was well worth the wait but i'm also sad that it is gone. No regrets though. Simply amazing cigar.
  2. Happy Birthday... Hope you have a fantastic day!
  3. Mag 46 Epi #2 Sir Winston PSD4
  4. Congrats! Very much enjoyed all the reviews.
  5. Where Are You From ?

    N.E. Pennsylvania. In the heart of the Poconos
  6. HDM#1's which are a staple for me.
  7. Happy Birthday Rob !!! Best wishes for today and many many more to come. Greg
  8. I use my pinky finger and slip my finger nail under the band and lift. Never had a problem.
  9. I drink mostly espresso except at work, then I drink drip. At home I have a vario grinder and a Mini Vivaldi II espresso machine (Semi automatic). I buy fresh roasted beans from a couple different places. I also roast my own using a popcorn popper. On occasion I use an aeropress or a french press. Nothing like a great shot (mostly drink quads) and a fine cigar.
  10. Started to pull out my last Siglo VI 03. Just couldn't do it today. So I picked the 2006 LE instead.
  11. A Christmas Carol Christmas Story It's a wonderful life Miracle on 34th street. all the classics.
  12. Farewell Alastair!

    Best of luck in our future ventures...where ever you end up they will be luck you have you on board!!
  13. Lawyer jokes

    Q: Why do lawyers wear tight collars? A; Helps keep the foreskin down.

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