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  1. I hate peppery cigars.

    The pepper bombs of NC are what drove me to cubans. It seemed the trend back then was pepper and nicotine behemoths. Cubans for me are more flavorful and relaxing... but thats just me. Havent had a NC for quite sometime though
  2. Nice looking for sure
  3. I was intrigued by the grand seiko with its unique movement. Also, intrigued with tudor. Their heritage is interesting and like the look of the date day models... i like the vintage style But for first watch, wanted to stay on budget. I want to learn more before i spend too much
  4. Yes, i have read that. Suposedly Oris modifies the sw200 to thier specs which improves accuracy. One modification i guess is the addition of a thicker spring. And in house movement is more than my budget ha. Then the topic of asking what qualifies as an in house movement.... as all parts are not made in house.
  5. Thanks for all the help folks. I have been learning more about watches... reading about movements, etc. I ended up purchasing a Oris Artelier Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Men's Watch 733-7670-4071LS. With the sale, reward points, and no shipping and tax.. mangaged to get it for 400. Seems like a good deal and i like the look of it. Calibre 733 movement i guess is a modified Sellita SW-220. So not in house movememt... but that can be a whole another thread discussion. The number of brands models etc is mind boggling... so hope i did ok for my first purchase
  6. Thanks for all the help. Have been looking at all the watches and online sites suggested. I gravitate towards tissot, mido, hamilton, oris... some models slighlty above my price point. Any pluses or minuses when considering these brands? Looking for a stainless case and bracelet, 38 to 40 mm sizes.. with a silver or white face. Simple but elegant ... maybe "timeless" style? Thanks!
  7. Thats a nic looking watch. Looks a bit too similar to my current watch. I currently wear a tag that was given to me by my brother.
  8. Wow lots of watches on that site. Thanks!
  9. This is very good info. Thanks. I like the power reserve at 80hrs.... Tissot definitely has my interest
  10. Thank you. The blue face SARB033 does look nice. Will check that line out
  11. I like a leather strap... but a stainless band would seem to go with any shoes, belt, etc. So have not decided on bracelet or strap. I seem to gravitate toward a round face... nothing too splashy... seems tissot makes a lot i like. Not sure of their quality... is there a mfr out there that produces best bang for the buck? Thanks!
  12. Thanks... for the online site will take a look!
  13. The Tissot watch is my style... been looking at those. Other than looks dont know anything to look for far as quality.
  14. I am looking for a dress watch under 500. Looking for an automatic, sapphire crystal, no diver type watch though. Also, any reputable online retailers.? I know we have some collectors here... hope to get some pointers! I admit i do not know much about watches so any advice would be well appreciated!

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