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  1. Well i have to admit... i read couple sentences.... then scrolled down... yep im not reading all that... lol Oh and yea... im 47... ADD? Maybe... or little patience for diatribe... maybe that too lol. Peace
  2. As this goes on and NK abilities increase... is as scary or scarier than Cuban missle crisis. Its intense... and can you imagine if they had an icbm with a nuclear warhead? Something has to be done.... and it wont be without risk whatever it is.
  3. Wow...whole container load? That sux... you think about logistics of a heist like that... no common theives. As mentioned, hope their insurance policy is adequate.
  4. Its also possible to set aside a bunch of boxes ... and 5 to 7 yrs later find that their profile does not fit your taste preferences anymore... im sure others have had this experience as well
  5. Lol so funny... are we ever gonna see plume :/
  6. I have read many posts of folks reporting rh and temp values. Often whats in the back of my mind... maybe lost in their translation is the accuracy of the devices and calibration procedures. Add drift to our instrumentation...and the differences of our smoking micro environments... well what actual condition other folks cigars are and their smoking environment compared to yours is a crap shoot. Its best to experiment with your own cigars smoking condition with respect to your smoking environment and go on taste alone. Also, realize that without one of piggys systems... its alway in a state of flux. So, take these reports with a big grain of salt... as they might not work for you.
  7. I have not had a lot of monte 4... a box or two... but the ones i have had are consistent... somewhat standard tobacco taste. A decent cigar that is in the background as you read a book, etc. Nothing that goes pow.... if i concentrate on flavors i can pick up cocoa... hint of spice maybe... I find the monte 3 to be more rich in flavor... but maybe those are just inconsistencies inherent in box to box.
  8. Something similar happened to me from FOH. Greg I believe, said that he would set them aside for awhile to acclimatize then resend. All was good. I did not ask he do this, Greg said that was the best course of action... and just did it. Props to Rob and his team for great service.
  9. Now thats funny lol
  10. Aging as the result of incidental hoarding pretty much fits me I buy what i like... and buy more than i need! What i will like 10 yrs from now... well that may be a crap shoot. And with the inconsistencies with CC who knows. Smoke, love, and laugh today and enjoy. And whatever is left 10 yrs from now, enjoy those too!
  11. Lol just smoke one man
  12. The heavy hitting pepper bombs and heavy nicotine hits is really what led me to cc. Not all are that way of course... but certainly it is the trend... and it seemed that trend was started by pepin.
  13. Yes, cherry is what i meant... thank you. Yes, that flavor undertone has not been consistent. Also, i have a box of no 4 that have some under filled cigars.... and those, as you would think, are not good. That is why i originally asked about smaller rg sizes... as in my experience they have less construction issues
  14. I have been tempted at those but my preference are smaller rg.... but maybe give them a shot sometime
  15. Cant go wrong with that berry i agree! Lol

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