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  1. Oil is not necessarily an indicator of quality/poor storage conditions in dark/French Roast coffees like this one, though this is certainly true of anything on the medium or lighter side of the spectrum. Once you roast into the second cracks (Light Vienna and on) there will be quite a lot of oil present after resting the beans for just a couple of days. That said, there is some evidence of "tipping" in a couple of the beans (when the beans don't move around in the drum/vat too much so they get too much heat on particular areas), though this can be caused by other factors than roaster-error. (More info on how to determine roasting errors here: As to the storage, provided that the beans are stored in a vacuum-sealed bag (and these are) the coffee should be perfectly fine by the printed date...though, let's not kid ourselves, there will always be some quality loss after too long regardless of storage. When I was learning how to roast, the rule I always heard was called the "Rule of 15": green, unroasted beans are "fresh" for (at maximum) 15 months, roasted beans are "fresh" for 15 days, and ground coffee is "fresh" for 15 minutes. Bear in mind that these are "normal" conditions, and don't necessarily apply to vacuum-sealing; though once you open up that bag, there's definitely a countdown timer.
  2. First RyJ Cazadores. FULL-bodied blast in the beginning that's settled into a medium-ish delight of chocolate-covered cherries.
  3. The speakers to a good job. They fill a smaller-ish room very nicely without getting overwhelmed. The only issue is that they can't really do big bass all that well. That might not be an issue with you since you're using them for more classic rock, though.
  4. I've got the same setup as you. I don't really collect, but I do appreciate rituals (be it smoking, cooking, or just the act of changing records."
  5. I'm actually smoking one of these right now. I can echo everything said here, but I'm having the opposite draw problem...I just got into the last third, and the draw was *way* too tight for most of the second. It started out wonderfully, though!
  6. You won't be disappointed (I hope!). It's loads of creamy chocolate. I did a review on this and posted it in the Review Board here. I'd link to it, but I'm on the mobile version of the site now. Edit: Link to review.
  7. Yeah, apparently they're not too widely available. It's a "Slim Panatela"(33 ring x 177 mm), so it's quite a bit thinner than a lancero. I've yet to get my hands on a CC lancero, though I am looking for a good deal on either CoLa or a Fundadores.
  8. I'm not talking in a bad way. I mean that cigar that makes you think "I need to slowwww this down/tune everything else out to fully appreciate everything." Mine is the HdM Le Hoyo du Gourmet. This particular one is MUS March, 2013. Loads of creamy, sweet, floral goodness......I should put my computer away!
  9. Montecristo Grand Edmundo, 2010 LE.
  10. "Ken sure was well-groomed in the latest FoH review."
  11. I'm going as deeply on BCGs as I can. I've already bought a box, and plan on at least three more...that still counts, right? I plan on smoking through one box and let the others nap.
  12. If we're lobbing reductionist insults now...
  13. I've only ever had one box of 4s. I don't have the box anymore, but from what I remember, they're an October 2014 production. I smoked most of the box within the first couple of months mostly because I really liked it being something of a "transition" stick into CCs, with earthiness and some spice that I tend to associate with Nicaraguan tobacco. Anyway, I noticed a few in my singles drawer so I thought "what the heck, let's see how these guys are." I get midway through and I'm seeing a lot of custardy, creamy cocoa, something I don't remember being there before and something I associate more with other vitolas in the marca. My question is this: how do #4s typically age for you all? My tastes have changed quite a bit, since coming into the CC world, and I *was* gravitating away from #4s...but this cigar is making rethink this. Thoughts?
  14. A Thanksgiving infused cigar? I'd be surprised if Drew Estate isn't planning on releasing one!

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