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  1. Very nice review, on a personal favorite of mine!
  2. Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome to FOH!
  3. Salutations from SoCal

    Welcome to FOH!
  4. Now that's a great way to present yourself to the boards! Good job.
  5. hi

    Welcome to FOH! You shouldn't have any type of problem regarding boxcode verification.
  6. Excellent job, keep them coming!
  7. Now that's what I call a short review!
  8. Good job! It is quite a good stick, often underrated.
  9. Nice review! Could never warm up to this RE myself, but glad you enjoyed it!
  10. Nice review, and I completely agree - they need to rest quite a bit more to really shine, IMO.
  11. Great review, and with great pics!

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