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  1. Connie A

    Ah... I still recall the first time I smoked a Connie A! It can indeed be a great smoke, and the best ones are superb. To answer your question, an Upmann Half Corona can have a somewhat similar flavour profile, if you're only looking for smaller vitolas.
  2. Bolivar Tubos 1 Review

    Nice job!
  3. Okie Newbie

    Welcome to FOH, John!
  4. Saludos from Chicago, USA

    Welcome to FOH, Buck!
  5. Your Ideal Flavor Profile

    Mostly sweet caramel and woody flavours, for me, hence Upmann. I also quite enjoy the citrusy taste that can be found in some Trinidad, specially when it's paired with a bit of sweetness.
  6. If you enjoy the cream/caramel flavours as I do (and Upmann is my favorite marca exactly because of that), I'd definitely advise the Mag50 - it has the closest flavour profile to the Connie A, IMO... and it's quite cheaper! Most people think of Hoyo when it comes to creamy flavours, but I disagree... while they're quite mild smokes, I get a lot more creaminess and sweetness in, say, a Partagas Lusitania then in a Hoyo Epi 2. The PLPC is another good bet, but they do need quite some time to bring out the caramel flavours, without age it's more like burnt caramel, which is quite different.
  7. Happens to the best of them... at least you seem to have repurposed it well!
  8. Newbie from Oregon

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  9. Hello from Charlotte NC

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  10. Hello from Orange County CA

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  11. Glad to be here

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  12. Greetings

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  13. Hello FOH from Alberta Canada

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  14. Hello from the British countryside

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