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  1. Purchases actually came from different places, I just hadn't had the opportunity to post 'em yet. Only the DJ and the Casanovas came from Italy, and none were purchased at Duty Free. I'd suspect it would be quite hard to find Italian REs at Duty Free, seeing as they tend to sell pretty well.
  2. Welcome to FOH!
  3. Good review, great pics!
  4. Couldn't tell you, as my two boxes are currently in the fridge on the way to the freezer, and I don't plan on actually ageing them in the jar, even though this jar does seem to have a very good seal system to it - which was quite a surprise. Perhaps someone who is ageing them in the jar can say more. Regarding the SF, I suspect they said 30 so that it would be more of a round number, and not 32 or 33 sticks. Logically they should've gone with 25 like they did here, but they'd probably have to make a very skinny jar. Nonetheless, and while I'm no expert in jars nor do I like most of them TBH, this one really is beautiful, both in color and in shape, and the finish is better then I expected.
  5. So..... this happened today: Gotta say I wasn't a fan at first, but these are really growing on me - every one I smoke is better then the last.
  6. The latest acquisitions: Don José LFDC Casanovas RA Gigantes Another box of HUPC
  7. A superb and very classy actor. May he RIP.
  8. Finally tried the Punch 48 - not bad, but different then I was expecting. Quite herbal and below medium body, but a pleasant smoke nonetheless:

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