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  1. A mystery cigar:
  2. Welcome to FOH!
  3. Welcome to FOH!
  4. Very nice job! I've smoked some of those Behike seconds and, while they do taste "cuban" to me, they are very different from actual BHKs.
  5. Very interesting analysis, thanks for taking the time. I personally don't buy for investment purposes, but I do make it a point to be aware of a consistent resale value down the line... you never know if you're gonna need it!
  6. Good job, the Fundis really are great smokes, specially with age on them!
  7. Welcome to FOH, George!
  8. Welcome to FOH!
  9. Welcome to FOH!
  10. Lovely afternoon smoke - shame about the oversized ring gauge.
  11. Welcome to FOH, Nick!

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