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  1. Can you create a Wiki page on the forum? Something with living content that can be update by members?
  2. I am in the Chicago burbs but it is going to be 60 here this weekend. I doubt this will last till you get here, but it has been rather warm this winter. For the sheer fact that Chicago is still trying to attract jobs and businesses to the loop, crime there doesn't seem to be as bad as other cities. However, you go south of McCormick Place, west of United Center or North of Wrigley Field you may see a rise in crime. I have noticed more stories on the new at night about crimes happening within this area. Uber and Lyft are great in the city. I would recommend the L if you are coming in from Ohare. If there is traffic, you can get to the heart of the loop much easier and quicker.
  3. Isn't there a good cigar bar off of Windward parkway down there? I believe one of my co-workers recommended that one to me. Unfortunately all that Pine worked up my sinuses last time I was down there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I would agree that the only thing worth bringing back from the LCDH in Cabo is the Edmond Dantes if they are in stock. I think I got Dippy 2 and and HDM1 and it was around $40 USD when I was there two summers ago. I think I read that the tax on cigars in Mexico is around 150%. Even Duty Free at the airport had crazy high prices compared to this site. That said the LCDH is a great shop. They have a great bar and it would be a great stop even for the Girl on the Bachelor Party. They have an excellent Tequila selection and their staff knows how to make great drinks. When I was there my wife came with me while I was to enjoy a cigar. While there, we began talking to some other people and some guy ended up buying us glasses of 1942 all night long. My wife ended up having an great night too! It was probably the one thing I will remember about my 40th birthday! That and the dinner before at the Patagonia Steakhouse up the street!
  5. Just picked one up at Meijer for $65 the other day on sale.
  6. Christmas came early.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Finished raking leaves, mowing the yard, and hung a bird house my son built in scouts. Enjoying a really rare November short sleeve day here in Chicagoland with a BBF and Elijah Craig 12. Sharing with my Cub fan Brother-in-law Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Chicago Bears 5-11...and that is probably being optimistic at this point.
  9. In the past few weeks I have seen a few boxes that Rob has put up on the site from his trip to Hong Kong. Some of these were from 2009, the year my son was born. Not knowing anything about acquiring Cuban cigars nor anything about aging back then, I didn't think to pick up a box from that year. I have always had this vision of sitting back with my son on a camping trip in 2027 or 2030 when my son is 18 or 21 and enjoying a cigar from his birth year with him. My question is would that cigar have aged past it prime our would it still have a good taste? I was just wondering if was worth while seeking out and making the investment at this point? Maybe my better bet is seeking out the 12 year old bottle of scotch in 2021 or 18 year old bottle in 2027 and enjoy it with whatever cigars are around at that time?
  10. Agreed. I read that book earlier this year and it is definitely a page tuner. After reading this book you definitely take a step back when you walk down a busy city street and see everyone glued to their phones. In a world were we automated everything, this book makes you realized how much we have really lost those core skills to produce as a society. It also is a good lesson civics and how governments form and evolve and the hard choices those in those roles may have to make. I know some of the stuff in this book is a bit of stretch, but it does really make you step back and look at your life when you consider this is a real threat. I also read the sequel to this book, One Year After. If you are curious about what happens to the characters one year after the EMP attack it may be a good read. It does lack the strong plot that makes the first novel such a page turner.
  11. I was a late comer to get my own cell phone. My first was a Sprint A460 by Samsung I don't really consider the Atari 2600 a computer and my sister won a TI-99 that I got to occassionally play with, but the first computer we had in our family and I played with forever was an Apple IIe
  12. Just got an email from Travelzoo that I had to open titled, "$99* -- JetBlue Flights to Cuba from Ft. Lauderdale, O/W". Their flights are to Camaguey, Holguin, and Santa Clara. It is probably not going to get you to the meet-up in November at a cheaper fare, but hopefully it is a sign of things to come! The original article can be found here... It probably wouldn't be bad for a quick "culture" trip down to Cuba if you lived near Ft. Lauderdale. I don't know much about these cities.
  13. Enjoying a 2009 Monte 4 tonight. I got a fiver from a friend when I had my son. He had just been laid off so I figured he could use a good cigar. Nice and mellow to the end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Would be really interesting if you could get Yuengling down there since we cannot even get it in Illinois yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. May 15 OPG BBF. Great cigar on a very hot and humid day. Got very hot toward the end. Enjoyed watching a storm roll in while smoking it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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