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  1. Enjoying the hot New England weather with a HDM petite robusto from a recent split, spectacular drawn and burn, white flakey ash, flavors are somewhat floral and light, might need a little more time down to really develop but I do see that sweetness everyone is talking about. This was a great pick up [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I find trinidad's are super smooth with age. They are full of cream and sweet tea. An aged trinidad robusto extra is by far my favorite. A lot of members on the forum love the colonials for its honey character but I have yet to find it. Always been curious to try a robusto T but they are extremely hard to find. So can't offer much on its flavor profile. Lets bring back the debate about whats better the T-Rex or robusto T. Looking forward to a few other opinions. Oh and back to the original thread, I completely agree pig tails rock. Something about that extra detail makes it so appealing.
  3. Everyone is raving about the HDM PR's lately which means I need a box haha, was this out of a fresh box? Box code?
  4. The box code stamp is usually found on the inside flap of the bigger outside box that contains the 3 packs, don't believe the individual 3 pack boxes carry any markings Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I actually had a very similar experience with a 2010 DD. The draw was extremely tight and the only flavor present was toasted tobacco and was almost harsh. I could only get through half of it before I pitched it. The draw was unbearable. I have a few from 2003 that I'm hoping will be full of vanilla as others describe. I'll chock it up to a dud and hope the others shine.
  6. Nice Job! Great write up, thanks for sharing!
  7. Congrats brother!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I completely agree the comparison is very difficult, not only by availability standards but also price point, The 2006 is definitely in a class all by itself as it was designed to be, I am more curious as to why the current production stock is lacking so much flavor while the 2006 which sparked the initial interest in the line and was such an amazing smoke. The evolution so far doesn't support the price point or the interest , however I am told the first batch of 2010's were outstanding but a significant slide has occured since, so what do we think happened? I think we can all agree they are great smokes that have a uniqueness to them but will age help the muted flavors develop or is the line pure hype based upon the 2006 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. So the topic of BHK's has been beaten to death over the years but I figured I would revisit it to see how the current stock is doing. The scarcity of the medio tiempo leaf drove the prices sky high and left a very limited supply. While many agree the prices are still astronomically high the supply seems to be back, but are the current production any better? Have we rounded a corner with these smokes? Do the flavors found justify the price? For me it is luxurious smoke that is very elegant, the flavors are there but not where I would like them to be for the price. For the current prices these sticks should make you say wow and I just haven't seen it. Most of my stock is from 2014 and had a few years to age but will more time make these any better? The question is a tough gamble to take with such an expensive stick. After reading reviews on the original 40th anniversary 2006 Behike, one would like to think all BHK's should be the "white whale cigar" they were intended to be. So why the disappointment. The only consistent characteristic I see with BHK's is the roll. They are a stunning cigar to look at. The band and the wrapper make for one hell of a presentation. But like so many have said before, the smoke leaves a lot to be desired and does not justify the price. Plenty of other marca's are putting out exceptional sticks recently at moderate pricing, so what happened to the BHK's. The 2006 Behike reviews show the smoke was worth the price, but unfortunately only a few got the opportunity to experience it. So what happened 2010-2017? Did the shorter size of the 52 change the flavor experience? Was the 2006 a marketing ploy to create interest in the line? I only wish I had the chance to try the 2006 so I would have more input as it sounds like a truly amazing smoke filled with rich flavors. If anyone has experience with the 2006 please feel free to comment. Hope this creates some good discussion and not bashing. Cheers!
  10. Great picture! Been very curious to try this stick, I am big fan of the trinidad line, what kind of flavors did you find in it? Similar to a robusto T or extra? Enjoy the Vaca!
  11. First new topic post for me, hopefully its a not a dumb one haha. Just was wondering if anyone has found similarities in RE's across the different marcas. Obviously the vitola's and blends vary greatly, but was curious if people find similar flavors that appear regularly in a regional release regardless of the marca. An example of this is I have found espana RE's to carry a petite robusto size and are often a sweeter profile. Outside of that I have found the asian regional to be spicy across a few different marcas. Still slightly new to RE's so figured I would ask around. Thanks guys!
  12. Would love to get my hands on some of these when they come out. Does anyone think they will make there way to distributors outside the region? I know the italian market is tough and few make it out.
  13. Awesome post! Looks like it was a spectacular time, thanks for sharing brother!
  14. Beautiful set up!
  15. Speaking of a great 109, how are the bushidos smoking these days gents? Anyone tried one since robs big sale a few months back, mine are still resting waiting for a nice summer day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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