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  1. My list: 1. H. Upmann Connoisseur A (LUB MAR/APR 15) A consistent stunner. I'll reach for these any time, any where. 2. H. Upmann Magnum 50 (MUL MAR 15, BUM DEC 14) Came out of nowhere for me; I didn't like the previous examples I smoked, with under 2 years of age. But now, suddenly, delights galore! 3. Cohiba Siglo IV (MEL OCT 08) My favorite Cohiba of the year, certainly the best performing of those I'm willing to smoke while all the rest are tucked away and aging. 4. H. Upmann Magnum 56 (TOS NOV 15) A spectacular cigar with a terrible ring gauge. 5. Por Larranaga Montecarlos (EML MAY 15) It was @Danimalia who turned me on to these. They have proven to be delicious, and their form factor is a welcome departure from the market trend. 6. Cohiba Siglo VI (LRE MAR 09) Alluring flavor profile, and I think @JohnS may be right when he says it's not exactly like the other Siglos... 7. Diplomaticos No. 2 (TOS DEC 15) Delicious, and mostly consistent. Not a "journey" cigar for me, but a great flavor profile that hits the spot when you're in the mood for it. 8. Montecristo No. 2 (ORA MAY 14) Comfort food, pure and simple. 9. Por Larranaga Petit Coronas (EML MAR 15) In 2017, my cabinet moved past the 3-year age mark, and the cigars are coming along nicely, with the sugar building. I need more. 10. Cohiba Shorts (no code) @Lotusguy's recommendations put these in my humidor. Their convenience and shockingly good flavor puts them on my list.
  2. I thought about that, but it's not the same as a top 10 list, as it doesn't give folks room to include a range of cigars that they enjoyed in the year. ...One thing I could do is scrape that thread for anyone who doesn't offer votes here, and add them to this tally at the end. Hmm.
  3. @JohnS has reminded me that we never had a thread to assemble the community's top 10 cigars of 2017. Let's address that, shall we? Better late than never! To paraphrase @El Presidente from last year, gently updated: Fill us in as to what were your Top 10 of 2017......the 10 cigars (or less if need be) that consistently rocked your world, floated your boat. If you can ...keep it from 2014 to now in terms of production. If you have to slide an older stick problem as this is really about what has been sensational for you this year. Looking forward to reading your thoughts! And I'll gladly summarize the results, natch!
  4. If only Bob offered a "Bag of Holding" upgrade!
  5. G'day from OZ

    Welcome to FOH!
  6. This may not a direct answer to the question of when unapproachable examples become tolerable, and aging prospects change as tobacco crops differ... but in a video review from 2009, Rob speculated that aging them for 2-4 years would bear significant improvement.
  7. Or buy up some Talisman, apparently!
  8. I know you opted for the discontinued HU Monarch, but the Tang Monarch seems like it would be a brilliant choice for this thread, I seem to remember Rob indicating at one point that it was one of the most closely-held cigars in the collections of those who have them.
  9. pets - your ideal pet

    1. Four dogs, all rescues. One collie mix, one corgi mix, one chihuahua mix, and one miniature pincher-like tiny dog. I love them all dearly, but that's the upper limit of what I think I'd want. 2. My wife might say that we should be a foster home to more dogs, some cats, and who knows what else. If I could hire experts and maintenance staff, I'd have salt water aquariums!
  10. Like @BJRPorter, I have great curiosity about Davidoff, and would love the opportunity to explore their entire line. ...Yes, it's a cheat of an answer, but if I had a wish, this might well be it. Articles like this one from Suckling in 1993 show that it was far from sunshine and roses, but also that there were indeed some terrific rich cigars in the range, even in the final years approaching 1991 when Davidoff left Cuba. Nary a one above 47 ring, and most in the 38-42 range. Glorious! OTOH, maybe it was all fluff and marketing?
  11. Hilariously, the article is 95% rant and 5% cigar and rum pairing. I like to think that this rant was conveyed to Rob during a span of downtime during a review taping on the deck several years ago. Except, Rob was drunk and the camera was accidentally left on while Ken held forth about mailmen, city officials, and pest control companies. ...Later on, I imagine, Smithy is left sitting there enduring the footage, struggling to piece together some kind of coherent film to upload to YouTube. Ken's rants, cut from the final footage, would somehow remain the most coherent content produced that day, and persisted in the outtakes folder of the FOH Central Computer System for half a decade, until Greg discovered them, transcribed them, and posted them this week on Ken's behalf.
  12. Very nice! All that free space looks dreamy. Imagine the possibilities!
  13. speilberg

    The story was a bit dumbed down, and I left with expectations unmet. There were some Ron Howard-like scenes of the newspaper folks putting the story together, and some hit-you-over-the-head scenes involving the difficult role of women at the time. All the while, music was churning away making sure that you knew just how emotional and piquant all of this should be. Drove me absolutely insane. I wanted to reach through the screen and throttle Spielberg, who in this film (and, I think most others) seems to want to communicate with the least common denominators of the world. No audience member left behind! Otherwise -- Streep was, per usual, terrific, and Hanks was right up there. Saved the move for me, to the extent it was saved at all.
  14. Agree. Didn't grab me either. My wife loves the endless supply of modern crime dramas and police procedurals. For her, the last decade or so has been a golden age.

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