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  1. The Connie A have been a top 5 cigar in our end-of-year community tallies for the last two years. Only it and the Cohiba Robusto have been so consistent, by that measure.
  2. In theory yes, but in practice you park a mile away from all other cars in the parking lot, so you're burning a lot of extra time walking... and pausing to appreciate your car from various angles... and making sure some jackass in a rust-bucket doesn't park next to you just because he can.
  3. Results: White: Grüner Veltliner Red: Right Bank Bordeaux Actual preferences: White: Champagne Red: Pinot Noir Conclusion: it's an internet quiz.
  4. Confirmed. I've been a vegetarian for about 25 years -- since college. I still enjoy the aromas of things like BBQ and bacon, and the spice flavors of same, despite choosing not to partake. One of my favorite snacks is what they call "veggie jerky". All the spice character, but not the meaty taste or texture. And simple cooked meat, like roast beef or a non-spicy stew or something -- no, do not like.
  5. Cohiba gets most of the attention, but I really enjoy the Partagas offering -- when it passes Rob's muster, anyway. The Cuban maduro character really compliments the Partagas profile, I think!
  6. You guys are brave, and I wish you luck! @zeedubbya, I hope your cigars are as good as the shade of the wrappers imply! Personally, I'd want someone I trust to inspect these cigars and judge them to pass muster before I spent the coin on them. The more time I spend with cigars, the more I agree with what some others have said in the past: wrapper appearance is one thing, but aroma might give you more information about the quality of the total cigar. ...We need Smell-O-Vision! Dang it, it's 2017, for pete's sake. We were promised flying cars!
  7. Yes, absolutely. I thought it was a very strong show. Good script, good production, pretty good casting, well-acted. Not without its flaws, but it has that "labor of love" vibe that you get from shows with strong creator involvement. If I get a sense of that, I will forgive a lot of things. And I thought the way it ended ( spoilers...) was very good. I'm not sure they need to do a second season at all. Just let this stand on its own as a singular effort. Agree with your call on the similarity to Stranger Things. Might also draw a comparison to Donnie Darko -- though that's from a relatively dim memory, and based mainly on vibe and its "unreliable reality" quality. This new golden age of longer form, continuity-oriented video entertainment, starting with The Sopranos in 1999, is wonderful.
  8. Mmm, Cazadores! I copied the above here because because it was from an ephemeral 24:24 thread which is no longer accessible. Rob posted just a smaller subset of the above in a recent box codes thread.
  9. Lancero! AMO OCT 16, from the PSP 24:24 sale. One of two boxes. Putting them deep, deep in the humidor.
  10. This is up there with @Warren and his "roast lamb" call, or @asmith and "cooked carrot". I'd also think about referencing @Ken Gargett's "old lady's handbag", but many cigars were tagged with that descriptor, so it's hardly unique.
  11. I've tried most mentioned here. Of them all, the El Dorado 21 is my favorite by a margin. The Zacapa 23 is good; have a bottle of the XO I need to dig into. I found the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva just ok, and not particularly worth a re-purchase.
  12. Highlight the data, and then Insert > Chart. Here's a walkthrough.
  13. Chagrined, I am. I guess we've not crossed paths, and I assumed the worst. Anyway - great to hear, with apologies to @Smoker!
  14. There have been recent threads on box codes and sticker colors. Rob posted in today's 24:24 to clarify and expand on his process. Since those posts vanish, and the context interesting, I thought it wise to record it here. Should the OP of this thread ever return to FOH, I might suggest we update the original posts to include this. Until then, a copy/paste from our host...

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