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  1. CoRo from. MUO JUL 14. Lovely. Had high hopes for the AGR SEP 10 Trinidad Robusto T, but no dice. Still raw and potent.
  2. Some discussion on Maduro 5 of late, so I decided to grab one out of the humidor. Fewer calories than chocolate cake.
  3. It seems so damn obvious that you have to think there's a specific person installed somewhere who is blocking the idea.
  4. Calling @Ken Gargett... I use a Glencairn glass as often as not.
  5. Briefly checked work email -- all's well, and everything is proceeding to plan. Great backdrop for a relaxing "comfort food" smoke on a lazy Sunday morning.
  6. Welcome, Kirk. Starting with a sampler was a smart move! Enjoy the journey, and dive into the fray!
  7. Revelation Space, a fun sci-fi audiobook with several interesting ideas and pretty good characterization. I wish this thread was entitled "What are you reading?" to mirror some of our other threads, rather than "Best books"! I might be inclined to post more in it.
  8. Great selections for what's sure to be a memorable day!
  9. I totally agree. Some people get WAY more out of it than I'm able to. Not sure why. The best Disney experience I had is when my company rented out the park for an evening. No lines. Low density. Adult beverages on offer. No kids.
  10. In that case, how about some more unbanded reviews? On a more serious note, I wonder if you and Rob have considered vertical tastings? Same cigar, different vintages?
  11. You guys need to come down to earth where the rest of us are living! Let's have reviews which show the state of current production! Let's have Josue L. Piedra, which has had only 1 review all these years. And let's have a brace of Vegueros reviews! Poor Vegueros, neglected by FOH all these years...
  12. Two comments: First, with this score, 2017 is trending to have the highest review scores of any year on record, with an average of 92.6. Quite remarkable, given the overall quality on the market. Second, when are we going to see @Ferrero join the review crew?!
  13. I appreciate how the character line of the car aligns with the shadow of the curb. Also: nice car!!

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