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  1. My goals are two: 1. Only smoke cigars around the peak, give or take. (The aging target to reach the peak depends on the cigar, but in general it's 3 to 10 years. It might skew later for me, because I *like* the aged / more subtle character, even at the expense of some vibrance. I know not everyone agrees.) 2. At any given time, have a wide range of options: marcas, vitolas, flavor profiles. At the moment, for goal #1, I'm not there yet. It's going to phase in over the next several years. I have bought broadly and, in cases where I know I like something, more deeply (several boxes of a single cigar) and over time. Until the aging clock is my friend, I can at least satisfy my second objective, by sampling boxes as they age. This is also educational, which I like. When I have multiple boxes of a given cigar, I tend to have only 1 of the boxes open/cracked at a time. I often pick either a box of middle age (not the oldest), or the one of least quality which I've purchased. For example, i have half a dozen CoRo boxes. Most are PSP and HQ. One is PE. I smoke out of the PE box, while the others are aging. Sometimes, I'll have bought a PCC Vintage box. I enjoy smoking out of those right away.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PL Picadores, ULE MAY 15, bought in October of 2015. Here are Rob's notes from 24:24 on the day: All HQ and PSP. Beautiful boxes one and all. Medium full bodied with an enticing mix of pepper, toasted tobacco and honey. It is Por Larranaga and Caramel is on the horizon in spades. You will taste it now which augurs well for the future. 3-5 years to be at their absolute best. Still, sample one 30 days after arrival. If you are a barbarian like me then you will go through them in the year. These have ageing written all over them. I can’t wait to see them down the track as the caramel that is there now multiplies ten-fold. It's now about 3 years in, so I thought I'd compare notes what we expected / hoped for. Draw is on the firm side (not too bad) and body is over medium. Yes, there is considerable caramel. It's paired with a round, soft mouthfeel which screams Cohiba to me. Caramel is present but its presence is very directly a function of how cool the cigar is being smoked. You can make it all but evaporate if you smoke this too fast/hot. White pepper in the background, but builds through the thirds. I also get an elusive foresty note, which I find both pleasing and an intriguing combination with the sweetness. Needed a couple relights in the final third, but I was very deliberately smoking it slowly to enjoy as much of the natural sweetness as possible. Finished the cigar, and wanted to reach for another one. Paired with room temp water and videos on homebrewing ("brew in a bag" method), as I plot a couple upgrades for the summer.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had a nice day with my teenage sons driving around to some local bookstores. Now home, and selected a LUB MAR 15 Connie A as afternoon clouds roll in.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I realized only afterwards how fitting it was to pair the first episode of American Gods with a des Dieux.
  5. Du Gourmet

    Bit of data: If Google is correct, this is the first FOH thread which even mentions the HDM du Gourmet in over 2 years.
  6. First thing to mind: the H. Upmann Magnum 56 in corona or long corona format.
  7. Longtime lurker coming off the sideline

    Welcome, Ben! Pull up a chair and stay a while!
  8. I'm not sure I'd entrust a non-cigar person to buy cigars on the island. I know people do it, and it sometimes works out well, but... *wince*
  9. ...And you can even make out Pinar del Rio...
  10. Cuba November 2018

    To whomever is coordinating the LA meet-up, or at least putting names on a sheet, I should be able to make it down there for the day, too! Probably driving down from SF.
  11. Hello from SF Bay Area

    Also in the East Bay / Tri-Valley area. Welcome!
  12. Nearly everything expensive seems to sell, so why not keep going? 650 / 725 / 800
  13. Amazing how a program with such potential could deliver such disappointing results. Granting that aged cigars aren't everyone's thing, and even granting that the years aren't going to be equally kind to each cigar, HSA should be able to deliver something at least as good as the PCC Vintage program. Shouldn't they?
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sunny and over 70F outside today, so I'm enjoying a PCC Vintage D4 from '09 with a cup of coffee, while trying to learn the game of Go.
  15. Greetings from Savannah, GA

    Welcome, Rob!

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