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  1. "Holy Smoke" -- that's rather funny. Taking a look now!
  2. Congrats and enjoy, @Diabolicalpherpher!
  3. Love Austin, great town, with a great vibe. Welcome aboard.
  4. My vision required that I get glasses in my late teens. I used to be maniacal about cleaning them. Then I had kids. Many things I used to be picky or particular about gradually became beyond my ability to care or invest the energy. So, in short: I recommend procreation.
  5. Ok, it's Tuesday, so it's time to summarize findings thus far. (Will keep updating the data if more reviews roll in.) Petit Corona data. Previous Robusto data. Cigars smoked 42 Mean (average) duration 64 minutes Median duration 63 minutes Mode 52 minutes Std Dev 13 minutes As a reminder, the average for Robustos was 70 minutes with 44 samples. Cigar choices were more varied: Duration graph compared to the normal curve. Not too bad a fit, overall. And finally, the correlation between time of day and duration was noticed *very weakly* this time around: As @PigFish observed in his video review, other factors like construction and personal style probably matter much more. I have some thoughts about comparisons between vitolas, but might wait to see if we get more sets of data before building some of that out. Do let me know if you'd like to see other data or visualizations, as well!
  6. Excellent first post. Welcome!
  7. Cohiba Siglo II (MUO MAY 14) stored at 65F / 66%RH. Paired this morning with a cup of black coffee at 81F / 41% humidity on the front porch accompanied by the quail which reside in the front yard foliage. Charring light: 10:17am Draw is perfect - pleasant bit of resistance. Smoke is thick, and flavors are rich, and what you’d expect from a Siglo II: bit of hay or grass, toasted tobacco, creamy mouthfeel, touch of wood, and an amber honey sweetness. Wood, honey took center stage in the second third. With the creamy character of the cigar, the it’s almost a honey-butter sensation. The finish of the cigar is sensational, lingering long and delightfully. The final third saw an emergence of backbone and a bit of pleasant spicy tingle, especially in the retrohale. Enjoyed increasingly less here as the spice and heat picked up, until I set it down before nubbing it, indicating again how Cohiba Siglos reward the better part of a decade of age. This is a 92 point cigar right now, with up-side into 2020, I'd guess. Set down: 11:12am Duration: 55 minuttes.
  8. Tracking data here.
  9. Thanks for the review. Pity about the cigar. Any chance you can re-attempt uploading the photos?
  10. R&J Cazadores. The hunter.
  11. I'm a 3rd generation SF Giants fan. Team's in the dumps this year, but they've had some of the best players in the game play for them, and have generally done a good job in recent years with their farm system, smart trades, and cultivating some exciting talent. Their championship runs in 2010, 2012, and 2014 were tortuous (as we say) but electrifying. If you want to get in on the ground floor, San Francisco is a great team to follow. It's also one of the closest to root for, should you visit the States, with one of the most beautiful sporting venues on Earth. But, listen: as long as you don't pick the Dodgers, we're cool. Seriously: they're the motherless worst. The Bay Area's a good region for sports overall, too. Once you put down roots here, you can enjoy Warriors basketball, 49ers football (which admittedly isn't all that great -- another ground floor opportunity), and San Jose Sharks hockey. Secondarily, you can also follow the Oakland A's in the MLB American League (known for fielding lower-budget, younger teams).
  12. Welcome to FOH, and enjoy!
  13. I'm a fan of the Partagas Maduro No.1. They're like... comfort food, maybe? Not the most complex presentation, and I don't think it does well against the "cigars should be a journey" review principle. But it's nevertheless very tasty, and I have resolved to keep a box on hand, alongside a selection of the Cohiba Maduro 5 offerings, as well.
  14. Seems like we're toward the end of submissions, so here are the (potentially) final stats, with 42 robusto entries. (Two non-robusto entries were submitted, but not included, for rigor.) The data is here. Mean 70 minutes Median 71 minutes Mode 80 minutes Std Dev 17.81 minutes Average age: 3.8 years Average score: 90.1 points The cigars chosen were: With an average of 70, the actual distribution of scores looked like this, with a normal distribution plotted for reference: Finally, I noticed a weak correlation between time of day and the duration of the smoke. For every 3 hours which pass during the day, a smoke tends to last 5 minutes longer -- an observation which we should take with a grain of salt... Hope these rough findings are of interest. There may be a bit more buried in here, but the data set is limited. Cheers!

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