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  1. So -- no confirmation yet? Just someone posting on his YT channel, in the absence of any activity?
  2. Checking in

    Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
  3. Peanut is one of the flavor descriptors I track in the Video Review tracker. Significant amounts of that flavor observed, or mentioned repeatedly: Edmundo Dantes (ER 2010) Cuaba Distinguidos SCDLH El Principe Mentioned as a flavor: BBF BCG FOH Custom, The Czar HUHC HURR JL #2 Partagas Serie P No. 1 (Jars, 2009) Partagas Shorts Punch RS #12 RG Corona Extra SLR Regios Trinidad Short Robusto T (EL 2010) Hints, aromas, or ephemeral notes: BCE Cohiba Siglo VI Monty Open Junior Partagas 898 varnished Partagas Serie D No 5 (EL 2008) Punch Petit Punch If this is useful, I might create a way to generate reports like this for each descriptor in the database.
  4. There's a long-standing hack in the pipe smoking community of "faking age" by applying heat to packages of tobacco -- even just leaving your favorite tins of Virginia tobacco in the car during a few hot weeks or months over the summer have resulted in noticeable differences which some people enjoy, and believe to be similar to aging.
  5. MLB Season 2017

    ...also, congrats to the Astros!
  6. MLB Season 2017

    I've never liked anything about Texas as much as I like the Astros right now.
  7. New here from KC

  8. MLB Season 2017

    Nope. I'm just a Giants fan!
  9. MLB Season 2017

    Hope to see Kershaw take it in the chin. Go, 'stros!
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Nice little CoSho.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2009 PSD4 -- delicious!
  12. Hello from DE

    Welcome! Enjoy the forum, and dive on in!
  13. Generating the list @Philc2001 wants would be trivial, if CCW had accurate "Current Production" data. I wonder if there's any way we can help populate that data and keep it current?
  14. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Thanks to @Lotusguy for mentioning that one of our better California suppliers had the Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz available. Also picked up a couple bottles of the Four Pillars / K&L collaboration (notes), and an old standby tawny.
  15. Hello from SF,CA

    Greetings from the East Bay!

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