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    Fine hand rolled tobacco, Hunting, Fishing, Watches, Real Estate just to name a few

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  1. Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    'Dozer' aka 'K9 Warrior'
  2. Beetle holes

    freeze everything to be safe or at least the box if it hasn't been hanging out in your humidor with your other cigars
  3. Inside the Partagas Factory

    very cool! thanks for sharing, wish i was there so i went down to my humi, opened the door, closed my eyes, took a deep smell and pretended
  4. Your February 2018 cigar Awards

    Best - Monte Double Edmundo EAG May 15 worst - (NC) Joya de Nicaragua Magnum 660 - flavors were sugar covered cardboard
  5. my inlaws are there now and thanks to me my father in law is now a chronic cigar smoker - i just sent him this list and i suspect he will prob go to each one hahaha
  6. Tuesday Amusement

    hahahah pretty good!
  7. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Got some more pictures and i ended up deciding to pass, no hologram green authenticity sticker, no date and factory code stamp, cigars look more then a little rough around the edges.
  8. I want in - where do I go?
  9. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    makes sense
  10. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Much appreciated!!!
  11. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    All good!
  12. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    No idea where the pic was taken but it does look like it's on a bed I don't know that 1 or more boxes in bed is ever a bad thing
  13. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Prob because I horribly addicted to collecting, smoking cigars and continuously growing my collection.
  14. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Roger that! thanks
  15. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    no other documentation avail.....

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