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  1. The Alexander Cocktail

    I was served a tasty variation with cherry wine (think: port made with nothing but cherries, rather than super sweet cherry brandy) to the traditional brandy Alexander. Yum!
  2. All items on CUNTINT show “In Stock” currently.
  3. Haven’t remembered to post a purchase in a bit, but I couldn’t skip posting these: MOL JUN 17 Been waiting a loooong time for these on the 24:24. Thanks Prez!
  4. Hmmm.... from your username, I suspect you were laying a trap... clearly the only right answer is that you must find your own truth about what cigars cannot be stored together. My truth is that all cigars can be stored togeather, unless they are artificially flavored. Beyond that, I store my “ready to smoke” CC in one coolidor and my “ready to smoke” NC cigars in a separate coolidor, due to the difference in my preferred RH by origin (62’ish for CC, 67’ish for NC). However, I store my “not ready to smoke” CC in the coolidor with the “ready to smoke” NC, as that cooler has extra room. Your truth may vary....
  5. Hmmm, Ken's deck didn't make the cut?
  6. Pinball Arcade. Faithful recreations of classic pinball games (physics, sounds, graphics, etc...). This is an awesome way to play the pinball games you remember, without having to deal with owning one (I'd still love to, but don't have the space or funds). The iPad is perfect for this one, as a phone would be too small.
  7. FWIW: I'd say fake, based on the rough look of the stick and how the white squares on the band align. In particular, the squares around the Cohiba name and the hologram below it on the back of this stick look suspect, as every real Behike I've seen has the edges of these boxes align with the edges of the white squares evenly. Cubancigarwebsite has good images of these bands for comparison.
  8. I've almost always straight cut 'me, but now that I know this is a "Dickman Cut," I'm sold! LOL
  9. What, you were thinking that someone should know someone should know something about the topic before offering an opinion?
  10. Twin boxes of HdM Elegantes from a recent 24:24. I love the Party Presidente, love HdM, and haven't disliked an LCDH release I've tried, so I have high hopes for these!
  11. Willett 2 year old rye is one of my favorites, alongside Rittenhouse. With the 2yr, you can taste that it is a young whiskey, but I think to somehow works with the spice of the rye. Willett also has 6, 7 and 8 year ryes, but those are not actually their own mash.
  12. Personal Kryptonite

    +1 for snakes. +100 for snakes that swim. Ugh... nothing more evil than snakes in the water with you, straight up nightmare material!
  13. Siglo III & IV from a recent 24:24. Wish I had a flash to showcase the wrappers on the III, the iPad photos don't do them justice!
  14. Cleaning Your Carbon Steel

    I love this stuff: The only places I've ever seen Flitz products are old-school hardware stores and West Marine, but it's available online. It is non-toxic, but be sure to wash your knife well with dish soap after polishing, then dry well and apply a tiny amount of oil. I use coconut oil on my knives, as it doesn't go rancid if it gets into a little nook you can't reach, and it's supposed to be anti microbial.
  15. Great looking box of VR Unicos from a recent 24:24:

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