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  1. Twin boxes of HdM Elegantes from a recent 24:24. I love the Party Presidente, love HdM, and haven't disliked an LCDH release I've tried, so I have high hopes for these!
  2. Willett 2 year old rye is one of my favorites, alongside Rittenhouse. With the 2yr, you can taste that it is a young whiskey, but I think to somehow works with the spice of the rye. Willett also has 6, 7 and 8 year ryes, but those are not actually their own mash.
  3. +1 for snakes. +100 for snakes that swim. Ugh... nothing more evil than snakes in the water with you, straight up nightmare material!
  4. Siglo III & IV from a recent 24:24. Wish I had a flash to showcase the wrappers on the III, the iPad photos don't do them justice!
  5. I love this stuff: The only places I've ever seen Flitz products are old-school hardware stores and West Marine, but it's available online. It is non-toxic, but be sure to wash your knife well with dish soap after polishing, then dry well and apply a tiny amount of oil. I use coconut oil on my knives, as it doesn't go rancid if it gets into a little nook you can't reach, and it's supposed to be anti microbial.
  6. Great looking box of VR Unicos from a recent 24:24:
  7. I like the Xikar 5 stick and 20 stick hard cases for serious travel, but have cheapo 2 and 3 stick leather cases for light travel (like heading to a casino). My two stick leather one is just leather, while the three stick is cedar lined, but since cigars never stay in them for more than a couple of days, I notice no difference in flavor. Sorry, no experience with the custom ones, as I just couldn't imagine spending much on a travel case (they're fun to look at, but I'm sure I'd just end up losing it).
  8. Those are painful to look at, hope you got your money back! (Kinda like looking at photos of a car wreck) Even with a refund, it's horrid to see some PEs lost to mold.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation, Ethernut! I picked up four bottles at Costco while in Lexington last week, and I'm glad I did, it's fantastic stuff. I also picked up a few bottles of Rittenhouse Rye, as that's my go-to for mixed Rye drinks (now that the Willet 7yr is impossible to find). I'll be sure to look you up on one of my future trips to Lex!
  10. Picked up a couple of Ardbeg gift sets today (oh, and a Nectar D'or) and the store manager gave me a cool tin Ardbeg sign. I'll hang it up in my basement and see how long the wife lets it stay.
  11. PSP MAG56 from our host. It's going to be a struggle waiting 30 days before I try one!
  12. Let them all rest for at least 30 days, then take notes as you smoke them, this will give you thoughts to review when looking at future 24:24 sales. My faves (in order) from this line up: Mag46, CORO, Epi #1, BBF. For me, the Mag46 is on average better than the CORO, but the better COROs are far better than the best Mag46. Enjoy!
  13. For me, nobody tops WC Fields for quotes: "Whilst traveling, we lost our corkscrew. Had to live on food and water for several days." On his aversion to drinking water: "Never touch the stuff—very unhealthy. Fish f*ck in it." "If you put a bucket of beer in front of a pig it will grunt and walk away…and so should you…or would you rather be a duck?" "Women are like elephants to me. I like to look at them, but I wouldn't want to own one."
  14. Just received mine back in July, so I've only had the one (after about a month of rest) from this box, but all reviews I've seen say they settle into a creamier profile with some age. This is my first box of the Du Prince, so I can only report from what I've heard from others. However, I did just sample an Epi 1 from an Oct 14 box tonight, and those are certainly coming along well!

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