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  1. Phinz

    24:24 TUESDAY

    So happy to score PSP Presidente! Rare to see them at all, let alone at that quality.
  2. Beyond the usual suspects (scotch, bourbon, rum), here are two I love to pair with a cigar: Sazerac- I build mine with Rittenhouse rye, St. George absinthe and barrel aged Peychaud’s bitters. Manhattan- I build mine with Rittenhouse rye (spot a trend?), Woodford Reserve spicy cherry bitters and a couple of rainier maraschino cherries. Pairs perfectly with any cigar with a cherry note
  3. For me, welted leather shoes. We’re business casual at work, so these AE Overlords are my go to (they just stopped making them, but I picked up some spare pairs on clearance): Leather sole with a lugged heel and the whole thing made from soft kudu (antelope) leather. These are real shoes and can be rebuilt several times, so easily a decade of regular wear.... try getting a decade out of that injection molded crap most manufacturers put out!
  4. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Another good day for Islay malt- found four more bottles of Loch Gorm @ clearance price, along with a Corryvreckan on sale. The Pusser’s is for today... Tiki Painkillers in the backyard!
  5. Our new pup, adopted through a regional rescue organization: Never had a dog more easily trained. He came to us knowing: sit, down, roll over... in just a short time I was able to get him to join them together with my “bang!”
  6. A couple boxes of Reyes from a recent 24:24 and the Perfect Draw tool you all convinced me I had to have arrived today (you were right, the Perfect Draw is a high quality tool!): Bonus pic of the new buddy (adopted him a week ago):
  7. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    A couple to start my vacation week off right:
  8. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    When I went back, I found it was all sold... turns out it is $89 here, too... it went on “final clearance” @$53. Dang, missed ‘em!
  9. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Just had my first sample of the Loch Gorm.... at $53, this stuff is a bargain! I’ll be picking up a few more bottles, for sure!
  10. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Went on a bit of an Islay shopping spree today.
  11. My most recent scores from 24:24, all are great looking boxes: 1st ever box of JL2 (TPO ENE 18)... Can’t wait to try ‘em: Party Pres (ALO DIC 16): Cohiba PE (LGR SEP 17)
  12. Phinz

    The Alexander Cocktail

    I was served a tasty variation with cherry wine (think: port made with nothing but cherries, rather than super sweet cherry brandy) to the traditional brandy Alexander. Yum!
  13. All items on CUNTINT show “In Stock” currently.
  14. Haven’t remembered to post a purchase in a bit, but I couldn’t skip posting these: MOL JUN 17 Been waiting a loooong time for these on the 24:24. Thanks Prez!

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