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  1. worst movie ever

    Open Water Absolutely the worst movie of all time
  2. Greetings from a lurker.

    Welcome from NJ!
  3. Hello from Kentucky

    Hey Jody, nice to see you here, welcome!
  4. Yes sir, that’s the place...based on their Instagram posts it seems that they may have weekly cigar/whiskey tastings as well which seems pretty cool Nick
  5. Por Larranaga Montecarlos

    Had one a while back with some nice age on it, convinced me to grab a box recently - very pleased especially at the price!
  6. I’m envious of most of you 🤤🤤🤤
  7. Haha sorry Javi, I’m Nick! Thanks for the info, yeah I’ve been dying to try out Sofia’s, hopefully I’ll get there soon...let us know how it goes bro NICK lol
  8. Also, as a side bar question, since the warmer weather will soon be upon us, does anyone have any recommendations for any bars/restaurants that allow for cigar smoking in their outdoor areas etc? Thanks!!
  9. Hey brothers, I won’t be free until May, but please post info in here moving forward - I’m definitely interested. I was just at Jamie’s in Clifton on Saturday night!
  10. I’m in NJ - Bergen County as well!!
  11. Good morning from Texas.

    Welcome from NJ!
  12. New Guy From the Chicago Area

    The slope is slippery man!!! Welcome from NJ
  13. Greetings From a Brit in America

    Welcome from NJ brother!
  14. Hello from New York

    Hey Tom, welcome from Bergen County, NJ!

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