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  1. When i first started out I never bought a box by myself. I had one buddy who would split them with me so we could figure out what we liked. Now I have a group text setup with multiple buddies. If we see something we want, we get it and split it. I still make solo purchases on boxes that I know I will want to keep and age. It's a great way to try a bunch of different cigars to figure out what you enjoy. My buddies only have desktop humidors so they get pretty picky and I'm over here playing tetris in my wineador.
  2. I have both a weber "bullet" type smoker and an electric smoker. To be honest, I never pull out the weber anymore. It's too easy with the electric smoker. The purist in me wants to use the weber but the "set it and forget it" type of cook with the electric smoker always works better with my busy schedule and the results are consistently great. Often I want to do a pork butt but I need to put it on the night before so I can time it around a meal. The electric smoker is perfect for that. If I have about 6hrs to kill and I want to watch football, smoke a cigar, and smoke some ribs, I'll probably head for the weber.
  3. Just had an entire primal week like this when the wife was out of town. Ribeye or Strip steak every night (Some reverse seared, some grilled) Double Wide IPA or some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Basketball all night PC games for ancillary entertainment cause it's too cold to go out on the lake Smoked a few Princpes that week until I got strep. Apparently I can't do it like I used to.
  4. I love me some Monte 4s. They are pretty straight forward. I get tobacco, light coffee, and a little bit of creamy smoke from it. They're my go to stick but I'm about to run out and I'm forcing myself to branch out and get outside of my comfort zone. There's gotta be something else out there around that price range. besides the BPC. In my humidor, they're not aging cigars past a few months to even them out or if I go deep on a couple boxes. They're everyday smoking cigars. I save space for larger sticks to age but that's just me. PCs are for smoking!
  5. If you make it north of there (about 15-20min), there is a cool place in Bentonville called One Eyed Jacks. Very large lounge and humidor. Full service bar with a bunch of whiskey. Right off the highway. I don't often go down to Fayetteville but @encephalization has been trying to get me down there. While you're in Bentonville, I'd highly recommend visiting Crystal Bridges art museum and stopping in for lunch somewhere around the square. If you need some recommendations, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  6. I forgot about the newspaper. It's the carbon in the print that does it. You can go to your local pet/aquarium shop and get some activated carbon for pretty cheap. A bag of that would probably do the trick.
  7. I'm still searching for these specific tastes that I can get out of a cigar, put my finger on it, and replicate it. Still fairly new to this. However, the one that I've had that really sticks out is the light/mild bread taste that I've had in only 2 of my PSD4s. It's not something that I seek out and really enjoy, but I think it's pretty unique. Reminds me of this Amish restaurant that I routinely eat at that bakes the best bread I've ever eaten. I've had one lightly aged RASS that had some weird fruit flavors that surprised me. The rest were young and I didn't get that flavor. I bought a cab of these last year with the intent on figuring out exactly when that fruit flavor pops its head through. Waiting until it warms up and I can go fishing to try one out of this cab. I imagine it's around the 2-3 year mark. There's something about a BPC that just draws me in and I enjoy. But I'm not sure of the exact flavor that it is. I just know I like it.
  8. RASSC, JL2, and BPC would be my top picks for fuller smokes. To me a great balance of strength and flavor is a monte 4 but it's not as in your face as the previously mentioned sticks. Good luck man!
  9. ^ This. I'll happily rebuild a motor over doing anything electrical. However, I'm too cheap to hire someone to do it so I end up doing it anyway and expecting to kill myself the whole time. It's completely irrational but might stem from the fact that I would always watch my dad and grandpa messing with electric fences while the other one snuck off and turned it on.
  10. Great post. There are so many things that you can do with pulled pork leftovers. I always vacuum pack them and freeze them. To warm, you can boil them straight from the freezer in the bag. I normally do this then throw them into a frying pan with some butter and taco seasoning to make carnitas enchiladas or tacos. They are delicious. Instead of oil, try regular yellow mustard to get your rub to stick. It works really well, it's cheap, and doesn't flavor the meat at all.
  11. I got ETP lusi's as advertised...... I can say that I've never gotten a box that didn't match the advertised listing.
  12. 42 is my preferred size for sure. It feel right in my hand. I prefer the shorter smoke time as well. I think you'll find a TON of cigars that you will like in that range. The previously mentioned Trinidad Reyes are really good, the RASCC is stout, and my favorites would be the Boli PC or the Monte 4 for a consistent but enjoyable smoke. I have some tins of HUHCs on the way that I'm excited to try too.
  13. I just washed mine out a couple of times and then filled it up. Not sure I ever got ALL of the smell out. Currently, it's almost full and smells like heaven. If you have a local B&M, see if you can go buy some empty boxes. I did that and I think it helped and added something else to buffer the RH than just my beads.
  14. I think this is great advice and I say that sitting in your shoes a year or two ago. One of my favorite sticks when I first started was the JL2. What I found out is that I started out smoking the fuller bodied smokes and now I'm inching my way into the medium realm. My favorite smoke I've had has been a Partagas Lusitania. It was not full bodied but a perfect specimen of a mild smoke that held my attention for the whole ride. Elegant would be a good term for it. There's a fine line between in your face and perfect IMO. Good luck!
  15. So this thread is a list of everyone who beat me to the PLPCs last night!

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