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  1. wineadore headche

    Thank you for the follow up. After watching Pig's video with his PMC vs. RH vs. Temp curves, I decided to unplug mine as well. I have 2lbs of beads in there and so far there hasn't been any RH variation and my temp has gone up about 10°F. I'm very interested in the results. A lot of my cigars were tasting muddled and seemed wet to me. I don't have the experience to correlate my smoking experience to my storage conditions so I'm going out on a limb. As a side experiment, I have picked a few specific cigars out to weigh every night. I just started it tonight. I went to school and took part in too many labs to let this situation fly past me without taking the opportunity to gather some empirical data. I'm almost out of room in my humidor for any more boxes. With all of that substrate, this transition might take some time. In the meantime, I'm setting up a small tuperware container with some 62% bovedas to get the party started. I have a fishing weekend booked in a few weeks so I'm going to try to get some cigars "dry boxed" to see how they taste. My goal is to keep this setup rolling and sample the same cigars from both of these humidors to see if I can taste a difference.
  2. As soon as I saw the picture I knew you were from Texas. Your name confirmed it!
  3. Oh man I have so many great stories. You just can't kill those old straight 6's. One night I sunk it in a creek. I'm talking my passenger was out on the hood because water was up to the seats. We got a tow back to camp and tried to sleep some of it off. Woke up in the morning and bummed a ride to the nearest auto store to get some new oil and plugs. Pulled the old ones and turned the engine over to shoot all of the water out of it. After new oil and new plugs, we drove her all the way home with no issues. After a complete flush of all the fluids, she was back up and running like nothing happened. But yes, working on it taught me a ton about vehicles and 4x4's. Hopefully I'll get to build up another one with my son one day.
  4. Built this sucker from the ground up as a weekend play toy. Sadly, I sold this shortly after I got married. Honestly, I might have spent more time working on it than driving it. I trailered it home 5hrs and as soon as I got it off the trailer, the rear differential blew up. My second day owning the Jeep i was crawling around a junk yard. That pretty much sums Jeep ownership up (when you play hard on them). I did have a ton of fun in it though.
  5. I'll start this off with a caveat that the #4 is one of my go-to cigars. I've only had a couple of the petite edmundos. They didn't impress me as I'm not really into the short fatties. I'd go with the 4 here but the quality can be in question buying blind. That's just my personal preference.
  6. That's the cigar that started this mess for me. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  7. Now we can't feel too sorry for you! I'm interested in the results though.
  8. Spearfishing Tonga

    Wahoo. Yummy! Looks like an awesome trip.
  9. My top pick is Partagas Lusitania - OBM ABR 2016 Granted I'm pretty new, this is one of the best smokes that I've ever had.
  10. Dawn dish soap has worked for me in the past. My wife also made some concoction with apple cider vinegar. Nothing is going to take it away. You just have to keep bathing them to cut the smell.
  11. I have a 93g cube w/ a 30g sump. I use ecotech LEDs and power heads. It's been severely neglected for about 5 months now. I need to do some serious water changes. But yes, I love my reef tank. I used to be much more into it than I currently am. I have everything from SPS to zoas and a few fish to top it off.
  12. Little Help

    You had me at "X-ref" Pig! Fellow CAD user here specifically Civil3D. Nice video, thank you for sharing. As a related question, what do you typically find is off in the RH and temperature measurements as it relates to wineadors. It seems from your post that you believe the % moisture content is too high for the OP and is common with wineador setups. Also from your post, you point out the lack of circulation. Does that relate to inaccurate RH measurements when it comes to wineadors? I'm asking because, like many others, my storage is in a wineador. I'm newer to the game but I like to make informed decisions. I clearly have an issue keeping consistency in my wineador from the top to the bottom based on my two hygrometers. If I wanted to make an experiment, i could setup a tupperware container left out at ambient temp while doing my best to match the RH that's found in my wineador. That would likely be about 10°F to 15°F higher than in the cooler. If I shouldn't trust the RH readings I'm getting out of my wineador then my variables keep growing. Either way, I think it might be worth the effort to set something up like that and work backwards into the wineador to address any issues that I may or may not have. Hell, I might even unplug it. Before I do that, I'd want to try a small scale tupperware storage system to see how it affects the cigars.
  13. Chance's box pass was handled very well. I probably should not have gotten into that one because I didn't have the quality of cigars that were in the pass and he was more than happy to help me come up with a workable trade. He would be a great asset here. Thanks again Chance. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  14. My next planned purchase is a box of Lusis from Sep 2017 to celebrate the birth of my son. Not sure how long these take to get to market but I'll be looking. I could be persuaded into something different but for now that's what I want. I will also pick up another Sep 2017 box of my choosing. Haven't decided on those yet, maybe some BBFs, Unicos, or....? As far as accessories, I want a xikar v-cut.
  15. Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    Nicotine is a stimulant so it could happen.

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