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  1. I fell in love with some Mag 46s that I have. They have this intoxicating raisin-esque aroma.
  2. VR Famosos

    That's an odd first CC but I can understand it. I had an extremely dark unicos that was glorious. If it were to have been my first CC, it would have got me too. However, it is the reason that I purchased a recent box of famosos. I haven't tried a famoso yet though. I'm going to let them rest for another 6 months or so. I'm worried that I will smoke one and not like it. To this date, the lone unicos is the only VR I've smoked.
  3. Best 2016 Box Codes

    OBM on the Lusis but I haven't had anything else from there. Other than that, it's ETP.
  4. Had to restock on some of the OBM Lusis. I've been enjoying milder smokes recently so I decided to try some Fonsecas too. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  5. FOH Mould Study

    Very cool article. Thank you for posting it.... I love some biology!
  6. I assume it's for individual resale but I have no idea.
  7. What's the volume of the bottle? I can't find that anywhere.
  8. Got some secretos in the mail today. Excited to give them a try and then stuff them in the back of my humidor. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  9. Normally an evening smoke watching the sunset is the best. However, there is something magical about lighting up a cigar on the front of the boat on a summer morning chasing that top water bite. That's a very specific situation
  10. Matter of fact, I'm doing that experiment right now. It's not anything that I plan on getting very objective about (Although I have been weighing them in my log) but it will tell me how the changes will affect my personal opinion of taste. For many people, the activity of smoking a cigar is almost meditative. At least for me, sometimes it is common to get lost in thought about the finer details which probably led me to do this experiment. But I'm also weird I have a degree in soil/water science so I enjoy the opportunity to gather some data.
  11. wineadore headche

    Thank you for the follow up. After watching Pig's video with his PMC vs. RH vs. Temp curves, I decided to unplug mine as well. I have 2lbs of beads in there and so far there hasn't been any RH variation and my temp has gone up about 10°F. I'm very interested in the results. A lot of my cigars were tasting muddled and seemed wet to me. I don't have the experience to correlate my smoking experience to my storage conditions so I'm going out on a limb. As a side experiment, I have picked a few specific cigars out to weigh every night. I just started it tonight. I went to school and took part in too many labs to let this situation fly past me without taking the opportunity to gather some empirical data. I'm almost out of room in my humidor for any more boxes. With all of that substrate, this transition might take some time. In the meantime, I'm setting up a small tuperware container with some 62% bovedas to get the party started. I have a fishing weekend booked in a few weeks so I'm going to try to get some cigars "dry boxed" to see how they taste. My goal is to keep this setup rolling and sample the same cigars from both of these humidors to see if I can taste a difference.
  12. As soon as I saw the picture I knew you were from Texas. Your name confirmed it!
  13. Oh man I have so many great stories. You just can't kill those old straight 6's. One night I sunk it in a creek. I'm talking my passenger was out on the hood because water was up to the seats. We got a tow back to camp and tried to sleep some of it off. Woke up in the morning and bummed a ride to the nearest auto store to get some new oil and plugs. Pulled the old ones and turned the engine over to shoot all of the water out of it. After new oil and new plugs, we drove her all the way home with no issues. After a complete flush of all the fluids, she was back up and running like nothing happened. But yes, working on it taught me a ton about vehicles and 4x4's. Hopefully I'll get to build up another one with my son one day.
  14. Built this sucker from the ground up as a weekend play toy. Sadly, I sold this shortly after I got married. Honestly, I might have spent more time working on it than driving it. I trailered it home 5hrs and as soon as I got it off the trailer, the rear differential blew up. My second day owning the Jeep i was crawling around a junk yard. That pretty much sums Jeep ownership up (when you play hard on them). I did have a ton of fun in it though.
  15. I'll start this off with a caveat that the #4 is one of my go-to cigars. I've only had a couple of the petite edmundos. They didn't impress me as I'm not really into the short fatties. I'd go with the 4 here but the quality can be in question buying blind. That's just my personal preference.

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