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  1. I normally prefer a little heavier music than this and I really don't want to like this band but I can't help it. They've consistently put out great albums. Their drummer is extremely talented and keeps me hooked.
  2. Yeah you gotta ditch those wire shelves. I have 2 cedar shelves in mine. Let the Tetris game begin.
  3. Your wineador doesn't sound that big. I have a typical Newair 280 and probably have 15 boxes in the including 2 cabs. Pretty equal mix between dress boxes and slide lids.
  4. I can get behind this. Most notably because of the hog in your avatar though. WPS! For real though, those are my favorite bolivars too.
  5. Actually I know all about it. A keystone to organic farming is crop rotation. Historically, Cuba has been a monoculture mentality. They aren't alternating legumes to fix nitrogen or implementing a no-till mentality. At least until recently according to the article below. Kind of hard to be accurate on your field when you're not getting a soil test. You're throwing darts at that point. fish here, chicken poop there..... Obviously whatever they are doing is working for them and they've made it by using what they can. Kudos to them. I was just curious of the methods. I just found this document and started reading it. It's very well written and is the perfect accompany piece for this thread. Enjoy! Word - Towards sustainable agriculture in Cuba 1st August[1].pdf
  6. I'm not disagreeing that Cuba is in the prime location for tobacco production but you can't create biomass from thin air. The nutrients are pulled from the soil. Without replenishment, the fields will be fallow. Check that link out.
  7. I think there are a lot more factors than simply the type of fertilizer applied to tomatoes but I understand what you're getting at. Plant variety and the scale of the grow are probably the two biggest. Along with the fact that I'm sure there's some sort of preservative on them. However, I don't believe that Cuba could have sustained a substantial crop over the years without some sort of soil fertility amendments or intelligent farming practices. Granted they aren't going to be using the most technological advances, they're doing something to uphold the sheer volume of tobacco that's grown. It sounded really fishy to me when I heard this at my local BM but I'm respectful enough to let others have their own uninformed opinions. They think I'm a snob because I prefer CCs. I just think they're better. I'm not above smoking a NC but if I'm spending money, I'm going to buy what I prefer. Thank you all for the time to help answer my questions.
  8. Not totally off topic but I have a question. This came from a local BM, but I've heard rumblings about how Cuban crops just can't keep up with NCs. Specifically that the Cuban soil isn't properly maintained or amended each year. By this, I mean supplemental fertilizers, lime to adjust pH, or anything else that could be utilized to help soil fertility. Is there any truth to this or is it all just hearsay? As someone with education on this matter, I find it hard to believe that they could sustain a crop for the amount of time that they have without any sort of supplements. Thanks guys!
  9. I think it's a great idea but I know I couldn't pull it off in my climate. Days that hit 100°F ambient and I can only assume it's much hotter in a closed car. The cigars would be all sorts of messed up.
  10. boxes because you will be playing a serious game of tetris in your near future.
  11. I might be in the overwhelming minority here, I haven't had any special release (RE, LE..etc) and I really don't care to. Sure, they are a limited release but with the pricing and the fact that they all aren't going to be great, I'd rather put my money into favorites that I know I will enjoy. I think they've overdone it with all of the different releases and the associated pricing. That's just me though. PS - they intrigue me so I'll keep reading all the posts about them.
  12. I started out splitting boxes with friends or trying singles to get my feet wet with CCs. That helped me find what I like and what I didn't like. That process took about a year. Since then, it's been pretty much all full box purchases for me. I've become more of a hoarder to get some first hand experience on aging. I rarely want to split boxes any more because it will normally take me 4-5 samples of a cigar to figure out when they are smoking good and how that corresponds to my taste preferences. If I split a box, that means I only have 6-7 more to enjoy once I find that sweet spot. As I transition away from that, there are still smokes that I want to try. I find that coming on here getting in on some 5'er splits with fellow FOH members gives me a large enough sample size that I feel confident in judging a cigar to decide if I want to make a box purchase. However, sometimes I just see things on the sales and I pull the trigger on sticks I've never had before. Come to think of it, there's really no rhyme or reason to my ways I just like to act like there is.
  13. I have an ETP cab with a date of March 2016 that I bought with the intent of aging. I just so happened to smoke my first one from it last weekend. It was very good but I'm going to give it a few more months until I try another sample from this cab. If that were the only cigar I had, I would smoke them all. I don't mind a little "bite" in my cigar. I bought these to age and experience how they change over time so I could answer your question subjectively based on my tastes (since I too have had that same question). You're going to have to smoke them and find out.
  14. I think the OP has misled us in what he's looking for. He's seeking recommendations for a starting point and is asking what our favorite cigar is. I'd say most people are going to list cigars that aren't currently in production or RE/LE releases. Also, the one box per year will undoubtedly change your answer to a larger stick because of the reduced frequency of smoking opportunities. What he's really asking is: What cigars should I try as a beginner? 1st scenario: I'd say a 50cab of a double corona. Answer to his real question: Buy 5 packs of popular brands and formats. Know that some of these are preferred with some age on them (ex. RASS). At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter because you'll get bit and start ordering multiple boxes and wind up starting your own collection. I'll tell you this - If I were giving my friend their first CC, I'd probably give them a Monte 4. That's a pretty solid starting point IMO. Good Luck OP.

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