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  1. Ether, while I'm a little over 2/3 your age, I can totally relate to your sentiment. I remember gun racks and not thinking twice about them. Hell, most people in my family had gun racks. I also remember having to hide my archery equipment in my truck so I could go hunting after class when I was in high school. I remember stuffing a shotgun behind my seats and covering it with blankets so I could go duck hunting after class. In my mind it was unthinkable to ever use these weapons on another human being. However, if caught, I would have been expelled no questions asked. Fast forward to today, you'll hardly find me without my concealed pistol because there's no telling what other people's intentions are. I won't take a chance risking my family's safety. I hope I never have to use a weapon against another human but I'm not naive enough to write it off completely. I came across some interesting research about soldiers in WWII. It said that only ~15% of the soldiers were willing to shoot at targets even when being fired upon. Shortly after, the military switched their targets to the human silhouette that is still largely popular. It really makes you think about how we have been conditioned to value human life less than our previous ancestry.
  2. Humidity up top high!

    Best thing I did to mine was unplug it.
  3. Looks like I'm moving to the Congo!
  4. Di's first fish

    What an excellent first fish! I started taking my wife out on the boat with me so we could spend some more time together. Now she looks at me and tells me where we are going to be fishing that weekend. It's a great problem to have.
  5. If you value hunting or the food you eat, check out the meateater pod cast. Great show.
  6. It's a hypothesis.
  7. In the spirit of this thread I met my my buddy at a local spot and had a warped Liria Rojo today. Now ill be the first to admit I don't have a refined palette but the cigar was just okay. It was a little too peppery for me but overall it was a decent cigar. But for $12 per stick I have other cigars that would kill it. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  8. I'm close enough with my local B&M owner that I can get the real scoop. He let me know that he would put back a bundle of the black honeys if I wanted some. I asked him the price and he flat out told me that they are a good cigar but the hype associated with them has driven the price up so high that they aren't worth it at that price point. I'm sure that they are good but I doubt they are $20/stick good so I passed because I can get Lusis under that price point.
  9. I can always appreciate an informed decision that goes against the grain. I have a cab in the humi so I can conduct this same test. I still have a few years before that happens. I was just thinking to myself the other night after seeing them pop up on 24:24 again that if they are as tasty as pres makes them out to be around that 5 year mark then I will be kicking myself for not getting more of them. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  10. BPC for me. Followed by monte 4. I'm a basic B.
  11. I totally understand and agree with your point. However, in crypto's case, the labor or input is the sole reason that the blockchain is running. No proof of work (POW) blockchains could run without a mining network to verify the blockchain itself. So in essence, if you believe that blockchain technology has value, then I would think you would agree that the costs associated with keeping the blockchain "online" are certainly worth something. But I will concede that the prices of the actual currencies are almost, if not, 100% speculative. However, by purchasing these coins, you're "betting" on that team/blockchain/use-case. As a long term outlook, I wouldn't be surprised if only 5% of the current cryptos actually survive. Most have very ambitious use cases that are likely never to take off and gain real world traction. On one hand I like proof of work chains because they allow me to mine the coin and get paid in that currency for helping to keep their chain running which is extremely selfish. However, I do not think it's sustainable and I think it's highly irresponsible in environmental terms. I think the future of blockchain technology has to be in proof of stake (POS) coins. A lot of cryptos hold initial coin offerings (ICOs) which are almost the same as IPOs in stock terms. They are used to acquire capital to build their platform. In my opinion, this has gotten out of hand due to the decentralized nature of crypto/blockchain technology. Normally these are held on the Ethereum (ETH) platform which is the #2 coin in terms of market cap. ETH is a proven platform that is based on "Smart Contracts". I could start a SloppyJ coin that will have a 900 million coin circulating supply. I would hold an ICO and say that if you send me 1 ETH, I will give you 10,000 SloppyJ coins. All the while, I'm working with one of the smaller exchanges to get my coin listed on their exchange so once my coin goes live, the coin can be traded. There really is no obligation for me to do anything else at this point other than make sure my ICO meets its fundraising goals so my contract is executed on the Ethereum platform and my coins are distributed to the "investors". Once the contract is executed I have already acquired a lot of ETH from the ICO and I sell the remaining SloppyJ coins on the exchange. I just became a millionaire. Since fiat is used to enter the crypto market, this has gotten the attention of regulators that are looking to protect their citizens. There are now some pretty strong limitations on ICOs for Americans. It's a HIGHLY unregulated market right now that is and will continue to be manipulated for personal benefit. There are some noble cryptos out there for sure. But for every one of those, there are hundreds of "scam coins" in my opinion. Long story short, the vast majority of the current crypto offerings have nothing to back them up and are purely speculative. IMO, BTC is here to stay due to it being the catalyst that started this entire deal. Ethereum is a legitimate crypto that has a wide range of uses to execute contracts. Litecoin has proven useful to me as an everyday crypto that can be used to pay for items due to its quick transactions and low fees. Other than that, it's all anyone's guess.
  12. Had a nice rally today. 2018 will see record prices again, I'm sure of it. Hopefully that crash will end up culling out a lot of the alt coins that are purely scams. If you want to break it down there most certainly is something backing up most of the coins and it's the equipment and energy costs that miners must take on to support the network. Glad we have a crypto post up on the board. I've been pretty deep into it for about a year now and it's something that I follow closely every day. I've been debating about making a thread for a few months now but didn't think there would be much interest.
  13. Pulled Neck Muscle Fixes?

    Happens to me all the time. I initially injured it weightlifting with extremely heavy shrugs and overhead presses. It's been a lingering injury ever since. It feels as if it is coming from behind my shoulder blade or at the bottom of my trap muscle. It results in me not being able to turn my head much if any. At least 3x per year it will flare up for no reason. Once, admittedly, I was driving and had to check out this very nice looking lady jogging down the road. Whipped my head around really fast and boom, I was down for a few days. 100% serious. I've been to a chiropractor multiple times, with no luck. I'm still not sure that they're not witch doctors. (Sorry to any chiro members). After giving up on them I finally broke down and went to my normal doctor to get some advice. As I suspected, there's nothing that they can do. I walked out of there with a bottle of pain killers and some muscle relaxers. In my case, my muscle just gets out of whack and spasms. Only thing you can do is wait it out. Sorry man!!

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