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  1. There should be a format where you can't read the replies until you've posted yours. I wonder how that would change the list?
  2. Reliable - Monte 4 & BPC. Just simply straightforward sticks. Lemons - Principe (I haven't had one I liked), RASCC (I know, crazy right?), Monte 2s (I don't get the hype) Really, I think what it boils down to is that I started buying cigars based on what everyone else thought was good before I knew what I liked myself. I might be the only person on the board that doesn't care for the RASCC though.
  3. Out of the one's I've had here is how I rank them: Fonseca RyJ Cazzie PLMC LGC MdO#4 Kind of off topic, but the only LGC I have had is the #4 that I picked off of a box pass. It had a really nice dark wrapper. In hindsight, dark wrappers on these sticks might not be desirable for me. However, it tasted like potpourri which I found to be awful. Are they all like that?
  4. What's up for the weekend?

    Lawn duties, craw fish boil, and then my nephew's birthday party crammed into Saturday. Mayyyybe I can sneak the boat out on Sunday to go chase some largemouth. Been having a lot of luck skipping boat docks lately and that's one of my favorite ways to fish.
  5. Great perspective! I have a bunch of sticks that I have been saving for that "special" occasion as well. After having a baby boy 8 months ago, I learned that any free time where I can actually enjoy a cigar is now a special occasion. Burn them all my friend!! Hope everyone has a great weekend,
  6. Ether, while I'm a little over 2/3 your age, I can totally relate to your sentiment. I remember gun racks and not thinking twice about them. Hell, most people in my family had gun racks. I also remember having to hide my archery equipment in my truck so I could go hunting after class when I was in high school. I remember stuffing a shotgun behind my seats and covering it with blankets so I could go duck hunting after class. In my mind it was unthinkable to ever use these weapons on another human being. However, if caught, I would have been expelled no questions asked. Fast forward to today, you'll hardly find me without my concealed pistol because there's no telling what other people's intentions are. I won't take a chance risking my family's safety. I hope I never have to use a weapon against another human but I'm not naive enough to write it off completely. I came across some interesting research about soldiers in WWII. It said that only ~15% of the soldiers were willing to shoot at targets even when being fired upon. Shortly after, the military switched their targets to the human silhouette that is still largely popular. It really makes you think about how we have been conditioned to value human life less than our previous ancestry.
  7. Humidity up top high!

    Best thing I did to mine was unplug it.
  8. Looks like I'm moving to the Congo!
  9. Di's first fish

    What an excellent first fish! I started taking my wife out on the boat with me so we could spend some more time together. Now she looks at me and tells me where we are going to be fishing that weekend. It's a great problem to have.
  10. If you value hunting or the food you eat, check out the meateater pod cast. Great show.
  11. It's a hypothesis.
  12. In the spirit of this thread I met my my buddy at a local spot and had a warped Liria Rojo today. Now ill be the first to admit I don't have a refined palette but the cigar was just okay. It was a little too peppery for me but overall it was a decent cigar. But for $12 per stick I have other cigars that would kill it. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  13. I'm close enough with my local B&M owner that I can get the real scoop. He let me know that he would put back a bundle of the black honeys if I wanted some. I asked him the price and he flat out told me that they are a good cigar but the hype associated with them has driven the price up so high that they aren't worth it at that price point. I'm sure that they are good but I doubt they are $20/stick good so I passed because I can get Lusis under that price point.

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