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  1. I been smoking food for awhile now and just picked this up for $35 it is awesome and really easy to control!
  2. What to stock up on?

    Yes it is.
  3. What's for dinner?

    You are correct brother gibson's it is.
  4. Hello from Detroit

    Welcome from Michigan as well
  5. What's for dinner?

    Surf and turf!
  6. Hello from Michigan land!

    Thanks for the welcomes!
  7. Hello from Michigan land!

    Just north of grand Rapids out in the country in Cedar Springs. I'll be having a pig roast herf august 28th you are more than welcome got some others from your area coming as well.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Early morning with coffee yum!
  9. Herd a lot of good things about this place figured I'd check it out.

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