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  1. Green mark?

    I've seen that before. I believe it's called "chloroformous fibrillatorous," an abnormal condition of the cellular structures of the leaf. At least that's what the botanist inside my head came up with. Don't trust him myself. 🤤
  2. So incredibly sorry to hear about your son - that is heartbreaking to hear. My story is fairly simple. I had been smoking NCs with buddies on special occasions for years. Had a few bad ones in a row, and one of my friends said he was probably done - why smoke if there’s no enjoyment? I agreed, but thought I’d try to understand the differences in cigars, etc. more so that I could make more educated decisions on what to buy. Down the rabbit hole I went...
  3. Not saying there aren't smart cats, perhaps smarter than many dogs. But generally, though, I think science ranks dogs higher than cats. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/canine-corner/201012/are-dogs-more-intelligent-cats. Mind you, I don't profess expertise on the matter, just regurgitating. Still, I tend to believe it from personal experience and observation.
  4. I think it's pretty common knowledge dogs are generally smarter. Me? I really want to own a monkey (or some version thereof).
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Quite well. I only have a 5'er, and this was the first. Had some burn issues as the wrapper was a bit fireproof, but the flavors met the hype.
  6. I try to use only French Press with freshly roasted, fresh-ground beans from a small, local roasterie (?).
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    At first the "CohibaNub" finish sorta annoyed me. Now I miss it when @JayHabanos doesn't include!
  8. Humdity problems

    Hygrometer is almost assuredly the culprit, assuming you allowed it to sit in a sealed environment with the Boveda for long enough to capture a good reading.
  9. Humdity problems

    Double post
  10. Every quarterback makes bad plays, they're just amplified if it's your qb who is making them. My biggest issue is blatant jealousy. The guy's personal life probably sucks, but from the outside, it sure appears he's living the dream. Does it get much better?
  11. I tend to agree. I'm a fan of Cousins and his methodical approach to the game. Although he's not going to be the next Joe Montana, he has the core skills, works hard and seems to study harder. As a result, he is very flexible on his targets, making him more effective as a QB and less dependent on individual WRs, etc. A third franchise tag seems ridiculous, and I hope the FO now understands his first two seasons weren't a fluke. Issue for cousins now may be his age, which may be a limiting factor tho look at Brady, that SOB.
  12. So what's the verdict? Keep Cousins or let him go?
  13. Am I the only one who finds this thread a bit disturbing?

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