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  1. At first I didn't realize the photo was sideways and was amazed at how you'd done that. DOH!
  2. The easiest way to search a site is to go into Google and, as an example, type site:friendsofhabanos.com "limited edition" That will search only the site you've chosen.
  3. Many ppl and biz are leaving NY. Going to start a vicious cycle a la Detroit of the past.
  4. Curious they call it a vaccine, when clearly it was given after diagnosis.
  5. Look at those bands. Look fake to me. 😅
  6. Are they the coveted kind in the glass-top box? I've heard those have a truly unique flavour profile.
  7. Mods: Please delete if this is inappropriate, but wanted folks to know of a great deal available on a JC Pendergast 48 inch humidor (not mine). This is a large-style cabinet humidor in apparently excellent condition. Comes with humidification unit, though the seller indicates humidistat needs to be replaced. Only $350. Location is Greenville, South Carolina. If interested, please PM me and I'll connect you to seller. I was going to buy this but wife's car troubles put a damper on my plans. Seller is a collector and has two of these but no longer needs one. I do not personally know seller, but feel back backing out.
  8. Completely agree! That is the essence of what I was trying to get at. I'm not judging anyone's preference, brother. To the contrary, I'm urging us NOT to judge others. Just that SOME people, whether lovers of of fatter cigars or skinnies, tend to judge the other group or assign blame when there is none that is warranted. Simply difference in preference, that's all. It's not Fat v .Skinnie.
  9. I agree to some extent with the statement earlier about elitism, with caveats. The issue is that some people are judging others (those stupid Americans and their love for fat cigars, for example) and implying they are ignorant or wrong for their opinion. Why? I understand some folks don't like the trend toward fatter smokes, but still....
  10. Jessica Jones is, IMO, the best of the Marvel stuff.
  11. ElPuro


    As someone in marketing who manages websites, etc. for a living, I've found the vast majority of people to be either A) Idiots Too much of a rush to read instructions C) Don't think the rules apply to them for some reason. You can put it in bold, make it huge, etc., no difference. Now, if there are real consequences, people start toeing the line, just tough from a customer service perspective, especially in retail/sales.
  12. Agree with other comments here. I'd probably invest the $ elsewhere, but I could see why others like the idea.
  13. Well said, though there was a reason I didn't say "most." Some of a large group is nonetheless "many." Semantics aside, I completely agree with the crux of your comment. I care myself to some degree, though have learned to care less about the factory than the "run," as it were.
  14. Based on sales, I think many folks do, if only because of known good runs associated with certain months/codes. You see it everywhere. Also sticks from El Laguito tend to move faster and at higher price. There's a reason a certain vendor tends to mention it when promoting his daily sale.
  15. ElPuro

    Montecristo Tubos

    PMUs were the ones I grabbed as well.

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