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  1. BlackFriar

    24:24 Wednesday

    Your penance... Is a Dagwood Dog!
  2. BlackFriar

    24:24 Wednesday

    What a unique way for the government to “stick it” to the public and have them smile during the act!
  3. BlackFriar

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Not bad at all. Been dry boxing a few days.
  4. That box will make the ALCAN one hell of a trip! Good luck Colin!
  5. Thanks @Joeysmoke. My friend is going via Vancouver so I will let him know about City Cigar.
  6. Wow! Your generosity @Tave1225 is humbling. Thank you so much. Participating in this box pass has been an amazing experience. Thank you @cfc1016 for getting me involved. Cheers, Chris
  7. I have a friend heading out to Chilliwack, Canada in a couple of weeks. Anyone have any suggestions of cigar lounges or cigar stores my friend could visit while he is there? Thanks, Chris
  8. BlackFriar

    Box of the week

    They look better in the "nude!"
  9. I enjoy the burgers at Shelly's. If you are going early you should have no problem getting a club chair. The place is quite comfy but it can get very crowded. The times I went the ventilation wasn't the greatest so be prepared to smell like an ash tray when you leave. There are a few spots out front (maybe 8 or so chairs/tables) but this is definitely the wrong time of year to be outside in DC in the late afternoon. If you buy from Shelly's they have a pretty stiff mark-up so bring you own if you have them on this trip.
  10. BlackFriar

    Your next box is likely to be?

    That box of Cuabas @Elpresidente posted a pick of yesterday? One can always hope!
  11. Box is in the hands of the Post Office. Next stop Ohio!
  12. So I am off to buy a new box this morning and should have the new box off to @Capt. Brett later today. So without further ado... Puts: Cuaba Divinos TOS OCT 16 2 POINTS BAG 2 SLOT 4 Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas RUE DIC 16 2 POINTS BAG 3 SLOT 2 H. Upmann Connoisseur no.1 MEG MAY 16 4 POINTS BAG 6 SLOT 4 H. Upmann Noellas (LCDH ER) MEG ENE 17 4 POINTS BAG 8 SLOT 2 La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or no.4 OSU JUL 02 8 POINTS BAG 9 SLOT 2 Montecristo no.1 ESL AGO 17 2 POINTS BAG 9 SLOT 3 Montecristo no.3 BUM JUL 15 4 POINTS BAG 11 SLOT 3 Partagás 8-9-8 (Varnished) LMB ENE 18 2 POINTS BAG 15 SLOT 1 Partagás Presidentes ALO DIC 16 2 POINTS BAG 20 SLOT 5 Por Larrañaga Montecarlos TOS MAR 17 2 POINTS BAG 23 SLOT 1 Romeo y Julieta Cazadores LAT AGO 17 2 POINTS BAG 26 SLOT 1 Trinidad Fundadores RAG NOV 17 2 POINTS BAG 26 SLOT 2 Trinidad Fundadores RAG NOV 17 2 POINTS BAG 26 SLOT 3 Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro BTL JUN 08 8 POINTS BAG 27 SLOT 1 Total: 46 POINTS Takes: Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Roi URL FEB 02 10 POINTS BAG 11 SLOT 3 H. Upmann Magnum 46 OBM FEB 17 2 POINTS BAG 9 SLOT 2 Punch Corona NUSU39 (1995) 8 POINTS BAG 20 SLOT 5 Punch Double Corona PEL EA00 (2000) 8 POINTS BAG 23 SLOT 1 Ramon Allones Specially Selected LAU MAR 16 4 POINTS BAG 9 SLOT 3 Ramon Allones Specially Selected ETP ABR 16 4 POINTS BAG 6 SLOT 4 Ramon Allones Specially Selected 2017 2 POINTS BAG 15 SLOT 1 Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill ABO SEP 17 2 POINTS BAG 3 SLOT 2 Total: 40 POINTS Freebies I contributed: San Cristóbal El Morro 2012 BAG 24 SLOT 4 San Cristóbal El Morro 2012 BAG 25 SLOT 5 *** So the story on the El Morro's is that I bought the box from our host when I last lived in MD (2010-2013) and then moved to San Antonio, TX in 2013, and then back to MD in 2015. I was really not smoking CCs in Texas much (there was a great B&M that was like my version of Cheers) and the storage of these El Morro's was not the greatest. Some had wrappers beginning to loosen etc... and some looked fine. I have had these two under proper humidor conditions for over six months now and they are in good shape. Sorry about not having the exact box code/date but I pitched the box over a year ago. I cannot in good conscious do anything with them but give them away for others to try. If they turn out to be dog rockets no matter, but if you take one and you like it, please let me know. This was one of those rare cigars that I had delicate cup of Darjeeling Tea like flavors from.
  13. BlackFriar

    How did you get started?

    Was deployed to Kosovo in 2000-2001 (cushy deployment) and the senior staff would gather to smoke outside the General’s hooch every evening. I was the boss’ secretary at the time and got treated like the kid brother by the staff officers. We bought our Cubans from the French contingent’s PX on convoy runs. The first box I ever purchased was a Montecristo Especial No.2 and they were pure magic.
  14. Well, well, well... Look at just what arrived in the mail. I believe this is coming your way Capt. Brett next!
  15. Hahhahaha! I went outside to check the mail, saw nothing but junk, then looked at the tracking webpage. I had a good laugh.

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