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  1. I've been smoking cigars for 20 years and the most memorable cigar was a box of aged Sir Winnies. I can still remember the feeling (if not the taste!) I had smoking that box with my friends. I took a break for about three years from smoking CCs because of moving and switched to Davidoff NC almost exclusively. They were the closest thing I could experience to a CC, but they just didn't have that magic. CC's remind me of French wines. Yes there are the dogs but those are anywhere. More often than not what I find is a marriage of delicate flavors you cannot get anywhere else, even in the cheapest vin de table. What other countries' cigars having have you concentrating to divine the unique flavors that come off CCs? Now I find myself at the next step of the journey where I have turned to Bob for a temp/rh controlled humidor and to FOH for a sizeable stock of cigars to age. Seriously, what other than CCs has anybody else ever committed themselves to such a cigar journey?
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I love Parodis! When my buddy is around we smoke a five pack each a day. The ultimate cheap and cheerful.
  3. Wow that sucks! Some of my finest memories were smoking Cubans at the intercontinental coex in Gangnam backin 2004. That was a fantastic cigar shop and an even better bar!
  4. Michael Chiklis as Vic Mackey in The Shield.
  5. 2005 siglo V. It should go perfectly with the fries!
  6. Are they getting the Duke of Windsor’s old digs in France as a wedding gift? Yes it is a cheap and crass crack in the attempt at humor, and I will apologize up front for poor taste. As thedame007 makes the point, at the end of the day it’s two people getting married and I wish them the best of luck. Like most folks who aren’t family or friends of the couple, I’m no really concerned. P.S. Loved your article Ken, gave me a good laugh!
  7. I like using a creme brûlée torch which makes the standard torches seem like bic lighters. I’ll get it red hot by blowing on the foot till I see the whole foot cherry red. Then i take some puffs without the flame. I don’t get any obnoxious fuel smells with this method. I like cedar spills too but I’m just not competent enough with them to get an even burn started. Mind you that torch is wicked and if you are not careful you can scorch half the cigar along its axis!
  8. Cuba Plane crash

    My heart goes out to all the families. Just terrible news today.
  9. Newfound love for Cast Iron

    I use my Field skillet all the time. Making steaks with it is great. Have to disable the fire alarms though.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Rainy day here in DC. That, a cigar and a drink make for a pleasant afternoon.
  11. Yeah it's pretty obscure. To be fair it is a bastardization of a true pudding. Magnolia Pancake Haus is the only place I have seen a form of the Dutch Baby on the menu. It's tasty but you practically need someone to wheelbarrow you out after finishing. It should come with a shot of insulin.
  12. Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio serves a dutch baby under the name Pfannekuchen. I'm guilty of eating theM, and they were DELICIOUS! Hahahaha! Authentic Apfel Pfannekuchen This is the real deal, translated from Oma’s own cookbook and brought to life in our kitchens. Granny Smith apples and our Haus secret spices combine to create a puffed pancake that is an authentic taste of Bavaria. Served with powdered sugar and European-style whipped cream

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