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  1. Can anybody pm me? I'm trying to find these. Do they potentially come in 10s? Thanks
  2. nice. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you
  4. I'm looking to make a first Cuban cigar purchase. Can anybody school a newbie on where to find a good variety so I can pick from there? Thanks!
  5. I worked at Force Protection industries. They built military vehicles such as the cougar and buffalo. Started at 18, got laid off at 24 due to the economy
  6. My awesome girlfriend bought me a humidor for my birthday. I was just wondering how some of you have calibrated your analog hygrometer. I have heard to use the salt and cap method or even just put it in the refrigerator. Help please? Thanks!
  7. Sorry for your loss
  8. You guys here are great.
  9. Jealous.
  10. Well if any of my fellow habano friends can help I'd greatly appreciate it
  11. Lol keep rubbing it in.
  12. Lol from the sounds of things I should give up
  13. Yea I figured the ones that I found were fakes
  14. Hopefully. Thank you.
  15. Figured as much. Is there something comparable out there?

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