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  1. Brother in Law and I shared a couple of SUM Sep 15 a month or so ago and they were very nice--but I do like cedar and spice tones. Construction/draw was top notch on both.
  2. 1. Parti Shorts 2. PLPC 3. Hoyo du Prince
  3. why 911?

    An initial 1 in the dial sequence means something else, like you are dialing out of area.
  4. For those of us who perpetrate some of the acts and omissions listed on this thread, including forgetting completely, here are lyrics to a Steve Earle song that you can try to package in some way in a pathetic attempt to recover from your testosterone induced idiocy. I probably shouldn't have to say it--but then again, after reading this litany it's perhaps best that I do advise that this is not something that you are to do every year, men. VALENTINE'S DAY By: Steve Earle I come to you with empty hands I guess I just forgot again I only got my love to send On Valentine's Day. I ain't got a card to sign Roses have been hard to find I only hope that you'll be mine On Valentine's Day. I know that I swore that I wouldn't forget I wrote it all down, I lost it I guess. There's so much I want to say But all the words just slip away. The way you love me every day Is Valentine's Day. If I could I would deliver to you Diamonds and gold; it's the least I can do. So if you'll take my IOU I could make it up to you. Until then I hope my heart'll do For Valentine's Day For Valentine's Day
  5. Same Code

    Absolutely aesthetics play a huge part here. The cigar porn we all drool over sells a lot of cigars at a premium, which is why our host de-commoditizes a portion of the product via the culling effort he undertakes. If the demand wasn't there, the market would correct. All girls look the same in a darkened room but we all tend to still see the supermodel that was on our arm when we walked in. We, especially men, are particularly stimulated by visual inputs. Does it matter a whit if the total package of enjoyment we receive from a cigar is partly derived from the visual pleasure center as well as from the purely taste pleasure center? If the blindfold test yields no distinction in pure taste from the two batches, I suspect we will nonetheless continue to pony up for the pretties.
  6. Is it any wonder that English is considered a difficult language to learn when "shitload" and "load of shit" have entirely different meanings?
  7. Ummm...what is used to bait a croc trap? Or am I better off not knowing?
  8. I find it a moral challenge to support the argument that the Cuban government has rights in misappropriated (oops, "nationalized") intellectual property that should be honored by the rest of the world. Further, the Cuban HC product is not permitted to be sold in the US, so there is no competitor to protect in the relevant market nor is there a significant concern that the consumer is going to be duped/confused into thinking that the Bacardi stuff is really the Cuban brand. Bacardi is clearly not trading its HC brand here to leverage that name for greater sales. The Bacardi strategy is in place as a preemptive move to keep HC out of the states without a rights deal being done post embargo. Bacardi is not entering HC space here but HC would be entering Bacardi space if they wish to come here in the future when it is permitted. I was quite surprised to see the Bacardi CEO being so transparent about this on the record.
  9. This is what I have been fearing. Not all that interested if it is strictly to watch Oldman dress up as Churchill with studied idiosyncrasies and speech patterns--no matter how convincingly he pulls it off. Some roles are simply Oscar bait for the actors; I hope this is not a case in point.
  10. FORMULA 1

    Yes, I have read about the LCDH in Maastricht. Supposedly quite nice.
  11. FORMULA 1

    I have been to several US GP (all at Indy) but only one in Europe (Magny Cours). I have always considered Spa as a bucket list event and am considering the planning for 2019. Anyone who has attended that venue have any thoughts? If recommended, any advice (seat locations, travel in/out, lodging, etc.)? Thanks in advance. Mike
  12. Laugh-In

    Goldie's shtick could get tiresome but I can see why I was crazy about her back then.
  13. I keep PLPC in about a 4 year cycle; I smoke through the ones from 4-5 years earlier as I replenish each current year. I have found myself a bit ahead of the curve lately, since I have been into the 2014s for a few months now. I have EML April and May for 2014. I am about 10 cigars into the April cab and find them to be just coming around in the last few months. To contrast, I tried a '15 recently and it was still full of adolescent P&V. By "coming around" I completely second what NSXCigar said--PLPC goes from punchy insolence into a richer, more complex cigar at about this point in time. Many people describe the change as adding "caramel" to the mix. This can happen very suddenly. I find it fascinating to witness. It does not go from a "bad" tasting cigar to a good tasting one; it is more of a change of character. I will say that I have yet to experience a "bland" PLPC of any age. To the contrary, they can bite you when young. I am only aware of this cigar coming from EML (recoded as TOS) in this timeframe and so it is not likely factory variation at play. It may be that it is simply not your cup of tea. My suggestion? Forget about them and try one on a nice day in May. If you still feel the same at that time, you may wish to end the relationship. If it helps, they would be in demand and someone will be glad to do a trade or otherwise take them off your hands. Happy to send a couple of my '14s your way if you wish to do a comparo in the meantime to rule out the bad box possibility. Just PM me.
  14. Anyone remember Steven Wright, the comedian? This question seems perfect for his twisted view, perhaps reasoning that it would be difficult to fit in even a Parti Shorts before the light gets real bright, observing that any smoke would likely culminate in something akin to coitus interruptus. And as we all have sadly discovered, the better the smoke, the more painful the interruptus. Is that still better than no coitus at all or do you fire up a White Owl knowing how ecstatic you will be when the end comes?

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