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  1. Sinatra

  2. Recommendations 4 A Newb

    The Pres is not necessarily talking about aging, as much as he is talking about allowing things to settle down in your environment for a couple three months. RASS in particular can be all over the board til they reach steady state.
  3. Fakes in Singapore.

    Not that I could likely spot a good fake for what it is, but Rob--was it the packaging/labeling, the cigar construction/appearance or a combination of both that gave it away to you?
  4. Bon Voyage Greg

    Greg--you were the de facto face of the organization when we had a question on logistics. How you responded in large part painted our view of the entire business. That Rob trusted you to do that is a feather in your cap and at least in my experience you easily warranted that trust from him. Good Luck going forward.
  5. RASS remind me of golf. Just when you've had enough and are ready to give it up, you hit the perfect shot or in this case stumble across a divine example.
  6. Sounds like the perfect time for one of those "box of chocolates" Monte 2s. I will either be raggin' and bitchin' or waxing rhapsodically.
  7. @jmg nailed it. Well-written and mirrors my experience with this one, although "red ginseng" is beyond the resolution my aged buds are able to dial in.
  8. Dawn dish soap. More than a few times.
  9. Thanks! Nice write-up.
  10. The last LE fail?

    Yeah, @NSXCIGARwhat's with all the complete sentences and multisyllabic words assembled to form coherent thought? It's 2018, man.
  11. Di's first fish

    Lots of fish on that tackle. Fun!
  12. If cigars were hookers

    I’ll have what he’s having!
  13. QdO No.50 and 54

    The 50s are available if you look. I haven't found any 54s, however.

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