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  1. A Trinidad Lonsdale, called the Caribe
  2. foursite12

    Hump day chuckle...

    Sounds like the A-H is a perfect car for him.
  3. Soap. Liquid dishwashing soap, to be specific. Many times. Typically fades after 30 secs or so.
  4. foursite12

    the worst concert you've seen

    1. Aretha Franklin. Chicago Theater 1986. She wanted to be somewhere else; specifically, in the arms of a particular guy she mentioned, who happened to be in attendance. She essentially sang to him for the duration of the show, ignoring the rest of the audience, looking only at him. Mercifully, her hormones won out and she left the stage well under an hour into her show. 2. Rolling Stones. University of Illinois Nov 1969. 3 hours late. Bitter cold while we waited outside. Jagger mocking the audience and the location. Bored outta their freaking minds, they had no problem making us aware of the fact they were only doing this because they had to. Utterly passionless. Ken, Your man B.B. King was the warm up and he was fabulous and a true pro. Three weeks later to the day was Altamont. Some of my group are shown in the Gimme Shelter film, which was cool, but the concert was very disappointing.
  5. PLPC Trini Coloniales Cohiba Lanceros
  6. If consistency and value are out of the equation, there is no competition in that group for the Reyes. As said above, when they are on, nothing else comes close. With consistency and value included as factors, Shorts would be my pick.
  7. Fellow CC smokers get the keys to the humidor; novices receive something from the humidor.
  8. foursite12

    ‘Bleeding’ vegan burger

    I guess tuna/chicken/BBQ pork etc. on a bun must also be fake beef? Wouldn't this mean that a lamb patty is also guilty of being a beef impostor? How would that characterization fly in NZ? So, is a true all-beef patty on a bun considered to be a fake veggie burger?
  9. foursite12

    H. Upmann Magnum 46

    I agree with the consensus here that several years down does wonders for this cigar. GEO Ene 14s have recently started to bloom after the last few years of being completely out of sorts.
  10. foursite12

    Places to burn in Chicago

    My advice is to take Phil up on his invite. Great guy, great shop. Location is ideal and the patio is a nice alternative to the usual indoor lounge.
  11. Homemade tacos in the spring and summer.. Homemade chili and the NFL in the fall. Perhaps the ultimate comfort food is Julia Child's Cassoulet for a Crowd in winter. It's a real project, but oh, so worth the time and effort. The recipe is a small book.
  12. foursite12

    H.Upmann Petit Corona

    Ha Ha. And it's only Monday! Mea culpa. I was indeed referring to the HU 2 despite what I typed. Same conclusion tho. Thanks for pointing it out.
  13. What is your "best cigar" to date of 2018? 2016 Cohiba Lanceros Now, I know it's easy to name a $20+ dollar cigar here but taking price out of the equation, it was a notch above anything else. Complex, stylish and unique, with much to look forward to as these accumulate some time down. What is your MVC (Most Valuable Cigar) to date in 2018? This is the cigar that you have turned to most often Parti Shorts. Closing out a 2014 cab. This is a cigar I prefer younger, truthfully. Nonetheless, these 14s are adding some pleasant mellowness and I still reach for them when the occasion demands a quick blast of earthy Partagas power.
  14. foursite12

    H.Upmann Petit Corona

    Javi, sorry but I respectfully disagree. Blend and strength similarities (even if you agree that they exist between Monte 2 and HUPC, which I do NOT) do not support the conclusion that the Monte 2 is in any way a substitute for the PC, any more than driving a Porsche Cayenne will scratch a 911 itch. It is a completely different smoking experience. If you like the HUPC, you can still find them but act quickly--I was in the same situation with Boli Coronas Gigantes and lost out. Mike

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