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  1. Daily Cup O' Joe

    Yes!! Sightglass and ritual are two more i enjoy...i was all over the blue bottle craze 10 years ago...but man i cant drink it since they sold out...there isnt a roast i really enjoy from them.
  2. Daily Cup O' Joe

    I drink Farmers Brothers medium roast monday-friday...i grew up a few miles from their factory in southern ca...so it reminds me of home. Its not cheap to buy because its not sold retail...its for restaurants, donut shops, etc. So i buy it via Amazon for a marked up price. On the weekends we will go with local roasters from here in the bay area...really like Verve, Trail, Counter Culture, Highnote...i like light and medium roasts...
  3. Hey fellas...I was able to snag a large marble ashtray last year in Havana at Hotel Nacional but have been on a search for another for the last few months to no avail...this is for a 40th birthday present for an associate. At this point I have moved on from the idea of getting another HN branded piece...so I need to consider alternatives...anyone have any ideas on what might be a suitable replacement and where I might be able to purchase it online? Thanks in advance for any assistance! MB
  4. Your Cuban "Sampler from Hell"

    Monte Petit 2 Hoyo San Juan RYJ Short Church RA Gigantes (never reach for one over Punch or Lusi) Boli Libertador (just expect so much for the price...they can be good but never great)
  5. Ive probably bought 50 or so of these over the years...always used as business gifts...most times they have 4-5 years of age on them when purchased...but I can't recall anyone who received them as a gift ever telling me how fantastic they were...for what thats worth (not much considering the audience isnt seasoned smokers)
  6. Your Standout Regional

    Smoking a RA Sur Libano as we speak...excellent cigar...not lacking for power...richness on nearly an opus level...has my vote
  7. A vendors most recent box codes list Vigia with box code UAO.
  8. Let's talk Steak

    Ive given up on US Prime...the standards have most assuredly dropped over the past 15 years. I buy my steaks from either steaksandgame.com or snake river farms...australian wagyu or american wagyu my favorite cut is the ribeye but I love a good porterhouse also...simply prepared by kosher salt, pepper and a light dusting of garlic powder...seared on a charcoal grill and cooked medium...almost as good as a great cigar.
  9. eating weird stuff

    Had grasshoppers last weekend at a Mariners game...not my thing...at all
  10. Medio siglo is stronger than the CORO in my opinion...its a great cigar but its not a great value...they both can be great cigars...
  11. Leyenda - $478 Maltes - $441 Dumas - $387
  12. Greatest Guitar Player Ever

    Im going down memory lane on amazon Prime music listening to them...I really forgot how unique their sound was...
  13. Greatest Guitar Player Ever

    Im listening to Grin right now because of this post...its literally been 10+ years since Ive spun this album...what a great underrated band...thanks bro for the reminder here.
  14. Greatest Guitar Player Ever

    This take will be sure to ruffle some feathers but it’s a long standing belief and one born from 30+ years of playing…Hendrix is overrated. He certainly is a legend and I would never deny his impact on the craft…but just talking pure ability he falls woefully short of the other titans of his time…most notably Blackmore, who would play circles around Jimi…Hendrix had a unique way of phrasing but he was really all over the place and a total mess live (same can be said for Page but Page was dynamite in the studio)…a very very good talent who was a trailblazer…but not someone I would remotely consider the greatest of all time.

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