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  1. Kreator - Gods of Violence...a modern thrash masterpiece...
  2. hmm...a foreshadow to todays 24/24? now I will be furiously refreshing just in case
  3. I will check it out...thanks for the recco
  4. Cryptocurrencies

    too little too late IMO at least to make a real dent...the level of frustration trying to work through bitstamp and kraken to acquire Ripple has been downright maddening...but thats what I get for being on the sidelines for so damn long...who knew that the Bjorck bros had it right so many years ago when they started giving 10% discounts for bitcoin payment...lol
  5. broke into my box of TOS DIC 15 over Thanksgiving holiday and I was very satisfied with the smoke...smooth but still with a nice medium kick to it...burned perfectly and had great construction...look forward to enjoying the rest of the box over the next few years...
  6. every day for the last week its been this...I guess its in the doom realm but has a much brighter NWOBHM feel to it...excellent!
  7. Johnny O Talisman Review

    I've smoked a bunch of these and I find them to be much closer to medium/full...very reminiscent of the Mag 56...I mean VERY reminiscent...whatever these are John has either delivered on his description or he has become the only man on earth to successfully replicate the EL profile (if you've smoked enough of them over the years then you know what I am talking about) to a tee...my 2 cents. MB
  8. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Bon era: Sin City Brian era: Let Me Put My Love Into You RIP Malcolm
  9. Johnny O's

    Yes I freeze them...usual routine...24/fridge 48/freezer 24/fridge 24/room
  10. Johnny O's

    I as well...have some EL Pyramid Extra heading my way...
  11. Johnny O's

    Have smoked through a ton of the recent EL offerings through John and have been very satisfied with everything...Ill keep buying...
  12. cigar: Siglo 5 Music - Pallbearer "Heartless" Reading/Cinema - Finding the Winning Edge (Bill Walsh) - Narcos Season 3 Beverage - Have Lagaunitas Pils on tap but have been pounding Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest since it was released last month Hobby - Just hanging out with my soon to be 3 year old boy...he makes everything else trivial in comparison
  13. regarding the two gentlemen that sell the "seconds" as they have come to be known...I am curious to any thoughts as to why one sells them for roughly twice the price as the other? I have not had the more expensive offering but have heard they are very good as well...anyone smoked both? Opinions? Thanks!
  14. thanks for sharing...interesting read and something I have been thinking about doing myself lately since I enjoy the "seconds" so much...

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