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  1. cigar: Siglo 5 Music - Pallbearer "Heartless" Reading/Cinema - Finding the Winning Edge (Bill Walsh) - Narcos Season 3 Beverage - Have Lagaunitas Pils on tap but have been pounding Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest since it was released last month Hobby - Just hanging out with my soon to be 3 year old boy...he makes everything else trivial in comparison
  2. regarding the two gentlemen that sell the "seconds" as they have come to be known...I am curious to any thoughts as to why one sells them for roughly twice the price as the other? I have not had the more expensive offering but have heard they are very good as well...anyone smoked both? Opinions? Thanks!
  3. thanks for sharing...interesting read and something I have been thinking about doing myself lately since I enjoy the "seconds" so much...
  4. A cold Pilsner is my choice almost always but a lager will also do
  5. June 2017 Trip Report

    very nice haul! I was in Havana in May and found the experience to be very similar to yours...not much in the way of Cohiba boxes and always felt like the good stuff was being held for certain customers...
  6. bought a box and smoked one...it was really good and had no such issues...I was impressed by this cigar...stayed true to the Marca and I enjoy the format. to each his own.
  7. Steph Curry and that Cigar

    on the local news here they interviewed his father in the locker room and he was clearly smoking a Behike 56...so makes sense that was what Steph was smoking as well.
  8. I was able to buy the large grey one earlier this month...first day in Havana and they didnt have any when I went back a few days later. It was a hassle getting it through both Cuban and US customs...Cuba wanted to seize it and then agreed to let me keep it if I checked the bag...US of A did a full test of it with the powder and everything (this was after going through customs and getting on a connecting flight)...so yea a pain but worth it for such a nice keepsake.
  9. LCDH line reigns supreme

    nevermind...gold medal...been so ling since I seen one I almost forgot about them...
  10. LCDH line reigns supreme

    beside the Libertador which Boli is an LCDH exclusive? Is that a new release?
  11. LGC Inmensos?

    ranges from really good to just ok for the box of 2011s I have...inconsistent cigar from my experience...still worth a shot IMO
  12. Double Corona stockup

    Platinos is a great cigar but not worth the mark up...its a regional...stick to reg production and you will be just fine
  13. Double Corona stockup

    Punch DC is my favorite cigar of all time...to me they are more consistent than any of the other DCs...however, I enjoy Lusis, HDM, and Gigantes too...actually planning on finally having a Don Alejandro tonight...I feel like cuban tobacco is perfectly represented in a DC...you cant go wrong with any of them.
  14. Wind blows

    I hate wind more than anyone and I have no indoor options...so I bought the XL model from these guys and it is one of the best investments I have ever made for my cigar smoking...even if I get weird looks from the neighbors on occasion...https://undertheweatherpods.com/
  15. Super Bowl Competition

    Winner - Patriots First to Score - Legarrett Blount MVP - Devonta Freeman Yards - Devonta Freeman

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