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  1. The Total Wine in Las Vegas still has the fourth one (from the left, which was the last produced) on the shelf last time I was there. $54,999.99 plus tax. Don't forget to use your Total Wine Discovery Member number at check-out. Don't want to miss out on those points!
  2. What should I request?

    2:1 odds she ends up buying from "a guy whose brother works at the factory" out on the street. I am amazed at how many times mules who know nothing about cigars, when repeatedly and firmly told beforehand "DO NOT BUY OFF THE STREET" end up doing so anyway.
  3. Modern Guayabera's

    My cousin wore one for his beach wedding a few years ago, and got us guys standing with him the same ones. Fanatastic shirt...all white, with just a bit of embroidered pattern, and a separate cigar-sized pocket on one side that we all put a Montecristo No 2 (my cousin's favorite cigar) in during the wedding. We all looked sharp!
  4. If you're visiting those cities in order (Toronto first), then I'd heartily recommend spending very little (or even none!) of your budget in Canada. They have astonishingly high taxes. You will get much more bang for your buck in the other locales you're visiting.
  5. Topping an old thread here, but I'd like to revisit this... Just had an ALO JUL 16 Partagas Presidente (from our gracious host) that that actually had me feeling it in my gut. I can't even remember the last time I felt a bit tilted after a cigar, at least since I weaned myself off of Macanudos and went down the Habanos path 20 years ago! Not even recent RyJ Cazadores really do this to me any more. This Presidente was certainly up there with Punch SS2 or the old SLR DCs for me in strength. (Never had the opportunity to try the legendary La Escepcion Cazadores Mirarar.) Is the Partagas strength of old making a comeback?
  6. Fundadores

    I'll be impressed if there's anyone on this board who was actually smoked a diplomatic Trinidad. They are mindbogglingly rare. I think the diplomatics had a different ring gauge. If I remember right they were 38 vs the publicly available version which is 40.
  7. Habanos 2000 box

    Well, I can't agree that this falls under the "Cuba being Cuba" canard. There's nothing wrong or uncommon with how that clasp is aligned. If you're referring to the rotation of the black button at the center, it will rotate with just a little pressure applied. Many, many legit boxes will have the black button rotated a little or a lot. (And as an aside, I doubt anyone is "counterfeiting" these little Schmale or Italian clasps anyway...fake-makers will quite obviously just pull real ones off of empty boxes or backdoor real ones out of the factory.) But why are we quibbling over such minuscule detail from blurry photos over the internet? All these "Real or fake" threads always over-analyze detail that is just incidental to the provenance of the box. You know the kind....the threads from someone who bought a box on the beach in Cancun for half the wholesale price and then someone feels the need to point out the shield on the warranty seal isn't precisely centered on the lid corner. The question over this box is better settled over the obvious facts. The obvious facts being: 1) No one has ever seen these boxes before, and 2) We know the Reserva Milenio series originally came in ceramic jars of 25. Sure, that doesn't settle the question 100%, but it's far more useful than trying to look at clasps and factory stamps. Sorry for the rant and I don't mean to make this personal, so my apologies for any pointed words...these threads are always a pet peeve of mine. On another board I used to post photos of utterly real boxes and let the pedants pick away at micro-detail they see in blurry photos; with the inevitable conclusion that every Habanos box on the face of the earth is counterfeit.
  8. Really sorry you had bad luck on yours. Down to six from my last box. They have been mind-blowingly good. I am not turning them into pipe fodder any circumstances.
  9. Equifax Data Breach

    <delete duplicate post>
  10. Equifax Data Breach

    From the Extremely Unpopular Opinion Department, I bring you these thoughts... As an investment advisor, I sometimes analyze the insider selling records (they are always made public via filings with the SEC, published to the EDGAR database for all the world to see) to try and gain insight into how insiders may be viewing their company's future prospects. After looking at the sales records of the 3 EFX executives who sold near the time in question, I would score this 2 out of 10 on the "suspicious" scale. I know this won't be a popular opinion, but that's what I see. Two of the three execs made similar (actually larger) sales at the same July/August timeframe in Q3 of previous years (2016 and before). And both made fairly regular sales twice a year with regularity. The third made very large sales before the data breach (about $9 million) and his after the breach sale was relative peanuts (less than $1M, and less than 15% of his stake). If the execs were really hell bent on dumping before the inevitable stock drop, we would have seen more than 3 execs doing this, and it would have been for far larger slices of their holdings. If the claim that Equifax made today that the execs did not know about the breach when they made the sales is *NOT* true (decide for yourself), then what I see is execs actually making smaller than normal sales here. Certainly one could reasonably argue they should stop all sales upon acquiring this info (it's certainly material info!), but that's a far different tone to the reality than the stories we're seeing all over the media using loaded words like "dumping" to describe what happened. That's not really a fair characterization of these sales. I don't typically like defending oft-overpaid execs, but I hate to see the media stir up a emotion-driven mob mentality over something that really isn't all that dirty as I see it.
  11. Habanos 2000 box

    Holy smokes, I have dozens of fake boxes by this standard.... The clasp pictured here is better aligned than 90% of the boxes I've ever had. And the fact that it actually closes and stays closed makes it better than about 5% of all boxes I ever had.
  12. Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin is inherently deflationary, what with the 21 million hard cap. An intriguing characteristic. To borrow a phrase from our gracious host, "if you have the coin" you might want to own at least 1.0 BTC. There's a very small (yet real) chance it eventually becomes a broadly accepted store of value, currency-independent exchange medium, or hedge against fiat inflation (or all of the above). Read the Deloitte or Goldman Sachs reports on some of the best case scenarios and your mind will be racing with the possibilities of being moderately rich by just owning 1.0 BTC.
  13. Las Vegas cigar bars

    I have been to Montecristo at least a half dozen times. Never did I have anyone insist they cut or light the cigar for me. They may offer, but certainly you can politely decline.
  14. For the reading comprehension challenged, he stated the box was vacuum sealed. This is what results when you let the machine over-vacuum before sealing. Did this to the very first box I ever vacuum sealed (2002 RASS). They looked ridiculous, but smoked and drew fine. Lesson for folks doing the vacuum seal thing: hit the seal button long before you see the lid buckle in. Your little vacuum seal machine will easily crush even a sbn/bn style wood box. Do no let the machine auto seal. Use the manual seal button (early). The benefit in vacuum sealing is in the seal, not the vacuum!

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