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  1. Well, by that standard, everything under the sun (including gold) will have zero value 5 billion years out once the sun expands to consume the earth. But that's not exactly a bold or insightful prediction.
  2. Most? Yes, of course. But this is about as bold a prediction as predicting which horizon the sun will rise over five years from today. This is like saying "most" businesses will go bankrupt. Or "most" stocks will go to zero. "Most" business do indeed go bankrupt or at least shut down. "Most" stocks do indeed go to zero*. But the winning businesses and stocks more than make up for the ones that don't survive. We will see if the same ends up being true for cryptos. *- (There are at least 15,000 stocks that are not traded on major exchanges and are essentially worth zero. And there are tens of thousands more over the many years that have been completely de-listed and are literally worth zero. It's the nature of business.)
  3. Kind of curious about that statement. What were they previously importing that they no longer will? Maybe metal clasps and hinges? 3m CUP is less than 100k Euro, so it doesn't amount to much.
  4. Best Cigars During Talking With Women

    I read this entire thread with the voice of Leslie Phillips in my head. "Well, hel.....lo..."
  5. Indeed. And if you can spare the storage space, then don't give up on tight cigars just because they've been that way for years. I have a box of 2002 Upmann Monarchs that just never opened up at all - the entire box. I could tell they weren't plugged, just way over-filled. Finally I decided last year to just clip the cap on all of the remaining sticks and let them sit again for a while. And that has done wonders. I revisited them earlier this year and they draw just fine now. And they are utterly fantastic. I'm glad I didn't throw them in the trash, as I nearly did a couple of times.
  6. I'm not saying you're wrong at all or criticizing you in any way, and you definitely aren't the only one here with similar experience, but... This is just mind boggling to me, how you (and others) have encountered so few problem draws. I have at least 5 gallon sized ziplock bags full of Habanos with unsmokably tight draws (aka my penalty box). I would guess at least 200-300 sticks. Maybe half eventually come around to being smokable after a few years, but at least a third never open up enough. It's fairly standard for me to get 2-3 sticks per box that are too tight. And no matter if it's ROTT or stored myself for years. I'm just come to accept it as a "Cuban inefficiency tax" I have to pay to enjoy this hobby. I can only conclude that a bunch of y'all here have much stronger lungs (or is it diaphragm muscle?) than I do. And yes, everything is 62% here and has been for years.
  7. He's completely right ya know... Low levels of mold spores are *everywhere*. And we all inhale some every day. It's only extremely high levels with long term exposure that cause health issues. Besides, ya'll aren't inhaling cigar smoke (into your lungs) are you?
  8. Cryptocurrencies

    How does one provide a broadly decentralized (and therefore robust against a 51% or other type of attack) ledger without the economic incentive of the attached cryptocurrency? Perhaps generous Bernie Sanders voters who will offer up their computer cycles and electricity merely for the benefit of the Luxembourg Real Estate Title agency? Let's see how that goes. BTC (and ETH and some others) have a huge advantage in security because of the whoppingly huge distribution of consensus. BTC is essentially invulnerable to a 51% attack at this point. All because of the cryptocurrency incentive offered to participating nodes. Take the attached currency away and it would wither away to be a highly vulnerable blockchain. My money (some of it) is on the Adam Smith side. Self-interest makes the world go 'round. You gotta give something of value to get something of value. I don't think we'll see BernieCoin supplant BTC. Anyway, enough of my opinion. I only have 160 posts here and don't opine in every single thread on this board, so I don't really belong here.
  9. Cryptocurrencies

    Would we say that things like the email SMTP protocol, TCP/IP protocol, ACH payments, etc, have no industrial utility? They are equally as intangible as BTC.
  10. Cryptocurrencies

    Hmm, this smells like Coinbase is about to add XRP support.
  11. Cryptocurrencies

    I'll offer a different opinion, as I think this gets it completely upside down. BTC has a critical mass in the crypto space similar to what Facebook has in social media space right now. It has "mind share" that no other fledgling crypto will ever match. My Space did get supplanted by Facebook, but Facebook acceptance now almost certainly puts it out of reach of some new thing coming along and toppling it. The mutual acceptance component of Facebook is a barrier to competitors and has an analogue in the crypto world. In my opinion, BTC is approaching similar dominance. It's worth remembering that gold also has no "intrinsic value" either, except for its industrial utility (BTC arguably also has an analogous industrial utility). But gold's industrial utility is a very small component of its market value. Gold is dominant as a store of value almost purely because of a perception of value and mutual acceptance. Palladium and platinum have even better industrial utility, yet it doesn't supplant gold. Why? Because of the mutual acceptance and broad perception of gold is so strong, it doesn't get overturned on the basis of technical or industrial usage (Sony Betamax also tells this story). If it's a broad enough perception of value, then it's reality. To at least some degree, that is already also true of BTC. In my opinion, if BTC goes to zero, it won't be because ETH or LTC or something else took its place. It will be because crypto as a store of value evaporated as a trend/idea.
  12. Indeed! Some of the best Monte #2 I've ever had (I'm thinking of one particular 2002 box) were very light in color, so let's hope you get a pleasant surprise.
  13. Pre cut of CC

    In my opinion, it will not change the flavor one bit whatsoever. What it *may* do, is open the draw a little bit. And in cases of cigars I've clipped and found the pre-light draw to be too tight, I find this to be a feature, not a bug. Since I can put a tight cigar into the penalty box and usually have something smoke-able in 6-12 months time.
  14. Are you suggesting wrapper color is a quality control issue? Or are you disappointed the cigars were put in the boxes upside down, the printing was upside down, the lids opened downward...etc? If the latter, don't worry, these types of boxes are simply boxes targeted for export to the southern hemisphere.
  15. Well, I'll chime in from the Unpopular Opinion Dept... In my book, these have a 50% chance of being fantastic. The Monte Churchills and Party CGs...fantastic. The Hoyo and RyJ Anejados...not so much.

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