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  1. I’ve found it’s also the rate of transition from your humidor to the dry, cold outdoor.
  2. Thank you @scap99 Very good to know. I’m guessing we’ll keep ours no warmer than you. Plus, I won’t put the cabinet ina sunny location. Just happy I can finally get mine out on display.
  3. Expensive and amazingly well built. A few humidipaks with 150 cigars has easily lasted a year plus.
  4. I too say peekaboo. Shows off the boxes and adds some excitement about what’s in the drawers.
  5. Very nice cabinet. @shaffer22 Is the temp control imperative in TX? Moving to Austin myself in the next few months and am worried because my cabinet doesn’t have this setup.
  6. Candela a calling?

    The Illusione candela is a regular smoke of mine but I've really been enjoying the LFD double claro lately. The Fuente is good but probably on 3 on my list.
  7. I'm headed to the Caribbean for a cruise in about a week. Any experience with buying cigars in Bermuda? Is there a good selection? How are prices? Also, is there rum I should be looking for that I can't pick up in the states, besides Havana Club?
  8. I'm with Ken on this, trophies matter (though the money of the UCL is what everyone fights for). Ken, it appears your only hope of Arsenal finishing above Tottenham in the near future comes when all the Tottenham stars are sold to clubs paying much higher wages.
  9. When I'm outside and concerned about the impact of wind when lighting my cigar, I toast the foot before cutting the cap. My goal is to prevent any draft through the cigar. Not sure if science is legit but the results suggest so.
  10. Caribbean cruise

    This is very disappointing news.
  11. Caribbean cruise

    Thought I would check. I'm on Anthem, hitting St Martin on June 12 hoping there is some good stock.
  12. Caribbean cruise

    Which cruise? I'm headed on a Royal Caribbean cruise in June. Looking forward to the stop at the LCDH in St Martin too. Anyone, any experience with Bermuda? Particularly how are prices?
  13. Alaska cruise?

    It's been a few years since I've been on a ship with a cigar lounge inside. Everything now seems to be on deck. Be prepared for windy weather while on deck. We went in August and there wasn't a day I could smoke due to wind and/or rain. Hope it's better for you. I don't recommend taking up space with an ashtray in your luggage. A plastic cup from the bar filled with ice works great and cleans up easily if you choose to smoke on your balcony if you have one.
  14. Vacation line up

    The 2nd week? I was thinking after day 4.
  15. US Masters 2017

    Nothing lit at the moment. I'm backing Sergio.

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