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  1. You will overwhelmingly hear that the A is better than the 1. I have had only one A but it didn't live up to its legendary status for me. I need to sample more of them. But for the price, the 1 is one of my favorites when quality is high (HU quality is usually high).
  2. PerfecDraw instructional video is still down on the site. Showing "this video is private."
  3. I guess I'd say, this is certainly not the time to buy anything blind. Even Upmann.
  4. Despite the recent quality slump, I'm still seeing very nice sticks on 24/24. To each their own, but I plan to at least replace what I smoke.
  5. I was shocked at how good the two LFDC PCs I had were. On my list for sure. I only had one Selectos and was good as well. These rival the PL Patella as the best short filler cigars.
  6. PerfecDraw

    That's what I needed to know. Screw in, pull out. Thanks!
  7. This can be truly maddening to relative newbies like myself. You start questioning everything and start doing stupid things ("what if i kick the RH to 68%?"). A local B&M owner suggested that certain times of the year are notorious for triggering this. In these parts, late winter when there's a lot of grime in the air from melted snow.
  8. PerfecDraw

    One slightly annoying thing was the instructions stating,"To prevent damage, go to our instructional video..." The video is down on their site but these's plenty of user videos on YT.
  9. PerfecDraw

    Bit the bullet and forked out the $35 on Saturday (thanks to those who shared the coupon code). Actually got it today (48 hours x-continent). I felt like a bit of a sucker until I used it just now. Wish I had gotten it a few weeks ago when this thread first went up. Wonderful device. Sometimes you have to pay for the idea.
  10. 45-60 Min Smoke

    Just had my first (and likely only) JLPC this week as a single from a LCDH. While it does have JL DNA, I found it too mellow and disappointing. I was hoping for a mini JL2. Usually smaller ring gauges are more flavorful but not in this case. Wouldn't be surprised if JLPC gets officially discontinued next year.

    Your post might need some editing.
  12. I remember listening on this on my mother's console stereo. Lovely.
  13. And here is meth-riddled biker trash midwest USA rock. The dialogue at 2:45 is worth the price of admission. '
  14. BTW, if you don't have a Spotify subscription it is worth getting one. Best $10/month I spend. Every Monday they push a "Discover Weekly" playlist to you that gives you 30+ songs you will probably like based on what you listen to. It's creepily accurate.
  15. I have been digging this Mac Demarco guy lately. Strange production values. Unique.

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