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  1. The wood burning on the lacquer areas looks sloppy. Just the serial number micro-printed on the seal? I always wondered if they could replicate the micro-printing.
  2. I agree. In addition to being less refined than the RASS, I don't get as much of the "stewed fruit" flavors from the RASCC. My RASCC definitely still have the "funky" part of the RA profile, which make them worth the (low) price of admission.. Both are cigars I plan to keep buying.
  3. Any kind of rollercoaster or amusement ride. The sensation of falling is terrifying to me.
  4. This is why I still smoke NC's. After I saw the light on CC's and smoked them exclusively for a while, I felt I was becoming desensitized to some of the CC-specific nuances that made me love them so much. I went back to smoking 3-4 NC's a week (Davidoff, Fuente) and that has made me appreciate my CC even more.
  5. Is it possible that this could be a 100% seco cigar? With the 32 rg, not sure how they could get any ligero in there and it doesn't have a ton of body. With such a small rg, I'm thinking burn properties would be fine without any volado.
  6. The one I had tonight went a full two hours and two minutes. I nubbed it to nothing, but that's still just ridiculous. I'll need to get these drier because that's sign that I'm smoking them too wet. But damn, the few I have had so far have been super tasty regardless. My new favorite smoke. I avoided them for too long because I thought 32 rg would be too skinny.
  7. After a couple of months of rest, I broke into my LCG MdO4's this past week. I'm getting close to two hours of full-flavored enjoyment by slow-sipping them, like smoking Virginia flake tobacco out of a pipe. Draw is great - just a touch on the tighter side. They are bit wetter than I like at the moment (65% @ 67F), which I'm sure contributed to the long smoke time. Even so, I'm just amazed at how I'm getting a Churchill amount of time in a cigar that weighs less than a Perla. Anyone else with the same experience?
  8. Only had one RACA. Fantastic, but I'm too cheap to buy boxes of them. What's the chance that RACA could be re-introduced at some point as regular production (ala HU Mag 50) at a more reasonable price? That would make four regular production RA vitolas, including the very popular RASS. Could position RA for broader distribution (relegate VR down to a Local brand to make room). Not sure why HSA chose QdO as the next marca they want to push globally.
  9. I had three different Punch Punch singles from three different sources. All were muted and I nearly gave up on the marca altogether. The fourth single was the charm and I picked up a box last month (also smoking great).
  10. Thanks everyone for explaining and I'm now more intrigued. I'll take the leap and grab a box when they become more available. I don't want to be the guy who buys a box of these over someone who already knows and loves them.
  11. On a price per gram basis, the 898 sells at a bit of a premium. Not as much as I thought when I did the math, but about 22% higher than Shorts and 29% higher than D4s. I was just considering if that premium was worth it compared to other Partagas offerings in different sizes. Again, on a price per gram basis it is a lot closer than I had thought to the slightly smaller Monte 1.
  12. Have the Party 898s always been priced at a bit of a premium vs similarly sized vitolas? I can't imagine that the varnished box costs that much to produce. Is the blend that much better than, say, the Party Shorts blend? Never had the 898 and dying to try one, but the price makes it a bit of a leap. I should have bought one retail when I had the chance a couple years ago.
  13. For the Davidoff Connecticuts (white label), the tried and true is the Thousands series line. The 2000 petite corona is a big seller as it usually runs ~$15 retail and doesn't break the bank. The Millennial, Aniversario, and Winston Churchill lines kick up the body a little - also great cigars. The Gran Cru line kicks it up a bit more, too much for my taste as the shade wrapper flavor doesn't come through as much. The Classics line is the most mild (too mild for me) but they come in great skinny sizes. I believe the Classics line is being discontinued. For non-shade Davidoffs (black label), I really like the Nicaraguan. I'd smoke more Nicaraguan tobacco if it was blended with this kind of balance. Fantastic. I only had one of the new Yamasas, which is a Dominican puro. Fullest Davidoff I have ever had but enjoyed it much. Highly recommended for Opus fans. I found the maduro Escurio line to be boring.
  14. I still buy some NCs for purposes of variety and cost. The Honduran Punch line is simple and tasty, like mashed potatoes and gravy. Unbranded bundle versions can be had for $1.25/stick if you know where to look. Great for give aways to buddies. For some reason, I have a hard time parting with even JLPs for friends who only smoke occasionally. I still smoke a good number of Connecticut shade cigars. The Occidental Reserve line is a bundle cigar made in one of the Davidoff group's factories. It's the only non-Davidoff that has some of the trademark Davidoff musty/fungal characteristics. The corona is the only size that does it well. Great value. Used to buy a lot of full-bodied Nicaraguans when I started smoking. Kind of like when I only listened to Led Zeppelin for three years in my youth, I'm just burnt out and don't enjoy them any more, even after many years. I'll have a Tat or Illusione now and then since I seem to tolerate those more. The only Nicaraguan puro I seek out is the Davidoff, but the price is prohibitive. Still buy singles to support my local shops - Fuente (Hemmingway and Grand Reserva only), Henry Clay (original), LFD, Ashton, Caldwell, Davidoff. But I always think about how that $ could have gone towards the next 24/24 when they ring me up.
  15. I think the tiny gold flakes on the cigars comes from the bands, which have some gold coloring. I have seen it on several vitolas that use gold in the bands, and this one in particular.

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