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  1. Factory Codes

    AMO is El Laguito Believe TOS is La Corona
  2. Same with me, though a buddy did have Intellivision...I'd say that was about 1982. At that time I had an Odyssey system. Got the Commodore 64 a couple years later! In high school I wanted an Iroc-Z. Never did get one, had to settle for an '84 metallic brown Chevette!!
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Tasty '15
  4. Getting the cabinet from Aristocrat. Not inexpensive, but I'm not leaving the cigar hobby any time soon! And my wife is almost as sick of the wineadors as I am!
  5. These units just aren't very good at keeping temps more than 7-8 degrees below the room's ambient temp. I'm moving to a climate controlled cabinet soon (with triple Peltier coolers). I would think the wineadors would perform better with multiple coolers.
  6. Well, haven't got the hospital bill yet, but the best thing I've brought home is my new baby daughter! Even brought her home on Father's Day!
  7. I enjoyed it! I'm not particularly good at discerning flavors, but think I tasted baking spice and maybe even some cinnamon. Reminded me a bit of some PSD4's I've smoked.
  8. Starting the 4th eve with this. Not sure what I'm smoking tomorrow.
  9. Oh, that's easy. Biotene! Haven't you seen the commercials ?!
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Epi 1 and a local IPA. Gorgeous evening in New England!
  11. Warning: Transit via Mexico

    I stay out of Mexico...period.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    CJ and coffee on a warm and beautiful Sunday morning
  13. Oops...misread the OP's post.

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