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  1. "KSA" cigars?

    Well said 👍🏼
  2. "KSA" cigars?

    HAHA, I know, that’s why I used the “might”! I hope you all have a great day wherever you are. And if any of you are in Habana this November, would be great to meet and share a KSA. Enjoy your week!
  3. "KSA" cigars?

    Agree with you brother. This guy isn’t talking about this matter, which for me is entirely secondary really. All I can say, and I conclude with this (haha has been quite a thread these last 24H), the man is one of the most amazings BOTL I have come to know. All the praises are well funded, and yeah, the “humble” joke MIGHT, just MIGHT, seem a bit harsh and a little disrespectful.
  4. "KSA" cigars?

    Well, enough said. At least I know who King a%%£*€# is. Enjoy you all!
  5. "KSA" cigars?

    Enjoy bro!! Had the salomon the other day. Started mildish and evolved into a tasty powerhouse 👊🏼
  6. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Going there! Meeting a few IG friends that I haven’t met in person and some that I have! Should be fun. Hope to meet some of you there.
  7. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    For long term aging (years) I try to be in the lowers 60s (60-65). For my singles or opened boxes that I know I'm going to smoke within 6 months, I don't care much as long as they are between 62 and 68... if they are in 70 at some point, no one is going to phreak out. So, long term: low 60s. Temp, in any case, always between 65 and 69. (70, don't pheak out). Honestly, before I got my cabinet with temp control, I had humidors in my room which is not air conditioned 24/7, and for two years I had not a single issue at all. Cigars are not newborns... so as long as we keep them between those very comfortable ranges of humidity and temp, it will all be fine. 👊🏼 so
  8. "KSA" cigars?

    No need to have doubts, the cigars are Cuban. Tobacco harvested in Cuba, and rolled in Cuba by, literally, the best rollers in Cuba (at least the most famous). PK means Prince Khaled. He is a member of the Saudi Royal Family. This is not something I have heard, is something I know for a fact. One of the most humble and giving person I know. A real BOTL and great, experienced cigar Aficionado .
  9. "KSA" cigars?

    PK is just an outstanding person. Humble and generous as it gets, and his cigars are top notch. Just cigars right? Not exactly. If you take selected good quality tobacco, process it very carefully, give it to the best blenders and rollers, and then age the sticks beautifully for a couple of years... the probability of getting an outstanding cigar just get bigger. So, not exactly your normal LCDH custom. Now think about the fact that this man puts all that care into his cigars to end up giving away the vast majority of them? I believe it's something remarkable, and somehow reflects very much of what the so called "BOTLs" are all about. Have a nice day you all! Xavi
  10. Amazing responses. The answer is that both cigars are great! Although given that I had to choose one box, the majority voted for the ENCANTOS! I have a handful of SLR also to try while I smoke thru the Encantos box, I'll let you know if we made the correct decision. Happy and good smokes my friends,
  11. Amazing responses. The answer is that both cigars are great! Although given that I had to choose one box, the majority voted for the ENCANTOS! I have a handful of SLR also to try while I smoke thru the Encantos box, I'll let you know if we made the correct decision. Happy and good smokes my friends,
  12. Hi guys, I have to choose between buying a box of Por Larrañaga Encantos and one of Saint Luis Rey Pacíficos (both Ediciones Regionales Asia Pacifico), which one would you choose based on your experience? I love the vitola of the Encantos, but believe the aging potential of the Pacificos is bigger (I haven't tried ANY of then). What would you say to help me make the choice? Thank you very much
  13. Hola Jorge!! I hope is all good. The humification element is pretty simple, just a large container with a big fan over it. It doesnt have a sponge, nor beads or anything like that. You are supposed to put the distilled water directly in the container (the container is quite large, glycol solution would be a very expensive idea). What I did to help over humification, was filling the container halfway with 69% humidity beads, and then put the distilled water. They absorb the water and then expel only the necessary. Thats my major tip bro: don't over humidify the lower part. My cabinet is pretty full, so I guess the air circulation is not the best. I might have the lower space at 72%RH and the top drawer at 63%RH. Both are stepping the borderline of the accepted, with the 72% a bit over the top for long term aging, but it usually is around 69-70. The first time I filled the reservoir with just water, it spiked to almost 78%. Thats too much. I also have 6 large 320 grams Boveda Bags (I know, is far from the idea to have boveda bags if you buy a controlled cabinet) to help balance to the upper RH side the top drawers where I keep singles, while not having to overhumidify the lower part. Because it's fairly humid, the Bóvedas won't dry out fast, they will last some months, while I rotate them so that can recharge in the lower part and the use it again in the upper part. I hope I explained myself. Let me know if you have further doubts, but I have find its a pretty good idea to individually monitor the lower, middle and upper part of the cabinet. I use a wireless hygrometer you will find on Amazon that have 3 sensors, see the picture attached for details. So you know how are all your precious boxes and also figure out when is the moment to perform a little rotation. Let me know if you have any further doubt, JP
  14. Hello!! It has been a while since there was a post here, but I would like to know your experience with your "new humidor", must be almost a year now! I have had a Remington for six months and it has worked just fine. Because it has such a powerful AC (compressor) when it kicks in the humidity drops quite a lot, but it maintains the average temperature and humidity pretty well, and because it all happens fast, your cigars willl be ok. Nonetheless, I already ran out of space and I'm starting to look somewhere else. Your cabinet has thermoelectric components, opposite to the Remington compressor approach. How has it worked ? People often complain about the durability of the thermoelectric electronics. How is your experience? The Remington has a pretty good sea IMHO, how is yours? thanks, Any other advice will be highly appreciated. Javier @cigars4soul

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