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  1. Well this post had me do an inventory of my stash: 944 in the humidor at the moment .
  2. Can't see why not... Perfect construction. Perfect draw. Thick white smoke. All way through a very pleasant and elegant smoke. Cedar, light chocolate, dried fruit.
  3. Punch PCdP OPM MAR 09 Running low on these little gems as well. And I have never found any difference between PC and PCdP... 1/3 Opens up with a perfect draw. Dry walnuts and pepper in a very tasty combination. 2/3 Mild pepper, honey and walnuts. What a combo! 3/3 A generous doze of nicotine down the end, but still lots of tasty honey and walnuts. Great finish. As for ageing. These has many good years to give. Smoking time: 50 minutes.
  4. Cohiba Corona Especiale paired with lots of wine... Tight draw but not impossible. Full throttle with grass, honey and cedar. Ended with an almond twist. Nice!
  5. Diplomaticos #4 EMA FEB 08 Sad to say I'm down to my last boxes on these... ☹️ Feels a bit underfilled with a very loose draw. 1/3 Strong start. Loads of smoke with pepper, cream and leather. 2/3 Pepper is almost gone. Just luscious waves of creamy leather and tobacco. 3/3 Same as before. Just keeps on going. Dip #4 is the guy that always shows up at work in time. Works hard all day and checks out punctual. A steady performer without any big surprises. Mr. Reliable. Smoking time: 42 min
  6. Well spotted. Missing the outer cardboard box on these so the band is the best clue. My benefactor made his last purchases around 2002-2003 so this must be the closest I get.
  7. RyJ Churchill. Lovely aroma from the tube. 2 hours of sponge cake and cedar pleasure.
  8. Congrats @BMWBen!!
  9. 8-9-8 Unknown date. Probably 99-ish. Bloody marvelous! Over and out.
  10. 09 Tainos Last one from my last box. Will be sorely missed...
  11. During summertime: two/three per day. During wintertime: one per week (if I'm lucky). All depends on the weather.
  12. Sounds like a good start @BellevilleMXZ I have a big non-working soda fridge as humidor. Topped with beads, timer controlled fans and cedar shelves. Keeps a perfect seal and humidity for my boxes. Temperature is seldom an issue here in Sweden. Indor temp at my house swings between 18-22 depending on season.
  13. St Bernardus and cigar. Nice combo! 👍

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