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  1. Tallinn, Estonia.

    Thanks for the tip on Oak Lounge. I´ll check it out next time I´m working in Tallinn.
  2. Cheers mate! Glad to share some of these gems. My first experience with these was ok, but later on they just got better and better. Please keep on posting your experiences!
  3. Something non-cuban as a change of pace. Xo Notturno.
  4. I never claimed fakes. Only the fact the clasp was off, which I find rather disturbing when it comes to such a "rare" box. But once again: CIC
  5. Condolences for the crappy cigars then. Hope they go well in the pipe.
  6. Sorry. I´ve already traded away whats left of my -07 VR Familiars. Never understood them.
  7. Always hate the plugged ones! Out of curiosity: Whats your RH-level?
  8. Nice catch! Personally I usually wait 4-6 months before sampling new arrivals that have travelled far.
  9. The PC was far more superior in power when it was fresh. The ones I have left now has mellowed down a bit but are still better than any Punch Punch. I have nothing against Punch Punch, but how it was allowed to survive when PC´s, RS12 and RS11 got cancelled doesn´t make any sense. All this being my humble opinion. Your mileage may vary.
  10. Stocking up. I've learned my lesson after Dip#4 and Punch PC went on the chopping block a few years ago and I reacted to late.
  11. Dedicated and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Sounds like my kind of gal!
  12. This classic comes to mind:
  13. Don't mess with the QdO Coronas!! For me, it's the ultimate smoke! Smooth magic in the perfect shape.
  14. I know. Cuba is Cuba.

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