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  1. What is the outdoor Rh where you are?
  2. From last night, another great RAS (no I'm not missing any fingers just the pic)
  3. hmm is the high heat fermentation why so many NC maduros have an almost "crunchy" wrapper? Specifically Liga Privadas?
  4. I have a ETP ENE 16 box that i wish I had 10 of, they're good now but show potential of getting even better with more time
  5. I also thought this was a nice surprise this morning
  6. I got a cab of the PLPC too and was wondering the same thing
  7. Reminds me of this.. Guy can't catch a break
  8. First HdM De luxe from a 2016 TOS box great smoke, tons of cream, chocolate and light clove like spice. I'd like to get another box to bury away for awhile. Gave the Cohiba Short another try.. I know there are some fans on here but these are gross. There are even much better NC choices around and for half the price
  9. Blast from the past here but great review piggy!
  10. Don't worry, Barry even cut himself off from 24:24 with his own 6 month rule . It's hardly a BOTL move to say, "you haven't been here as long as me you can't join" and doesn't exactly welcome people to the forum.
  11. ^^^^ Im curious too, Cool pics
  12. @BrightonCorgi Here's a link to the thread on the KSA cigars
  13. I'll keep my eye out for them, but as for tatuaje and illusione, I think spice bomb would the the exact opposite phrase I would use to describe them. Especially Illusione, the Epernay does not even contain any ligero leaf. They are probably two of my favorite NC lines alongside perdomo and i'm not a big pepper/spice guy at all.
  14. Great run down of the different lines, Thank you!
  15. Does anyone have any Davidoff suggestions? I've never tried any and after seeing how many different lines they have I don't know where to start.

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