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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Another long winter ahead, Hoyo EE TEA 15
  2. Minus the rear engine sports car this has always been my go to move and it works great. I use a small space heater too if I want it really warm
  3. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    A couple new things to try, I got a bottle of Balvenie Caribbean cask last week that I'm loving too
  4. Love the e30, I have an e46 and an F32 myself, unfortunately neither have ever seen a track
  5. Cigar Seeding

    Those look great! Did you have any problems with bugs while growing? Right around topping time the bugs showed up and i couldn't find anyway to get rid of them besides trimming the affected leaves
  6. Cigar Seeding

    I'm going to make an attempt at rolling cigars but never have before so we'll see how they turn out
  7. Cigar Seeding

    Yes luckily they did, it was all vuelta abajo. How did your plants do? I still have a lot more to pick but the sewing process is pretty time consuming
  8. Whatcha reading?

    I just finished the biography of Jim Morrison "No One Gets Out Alive" and "Caveat Emptor" about the art forger Ken Perenyi, both great books! Now I'm starting "Sapiens A Brief History Of Humankind"
  9. Bordeaux....Heck All things French wine

    If anyone has any "crash course" reading suggestions/books on french wine I'm all ears! I've been doing some googling/reading lately and am blown away by how much there is to take in. A little more than CC's..
  10. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    Thank you I'll keep an eye out for these. I loved your Altano Douro suggestion and have bought quite a few bottles of it since, I never would have normally tried a bottle I could get on sale for $9.99
  11. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    Anyone drink anything good lately? I'm looking to try some new stuff
  12. Wow you do some awesome work, I'd love to get to that level someday
  13. I'd love to see the furniture, I've been getting into woodworking recently myself
  14. Bissell Brothers in portland Maine

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