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  1. Im going to second red solo cup or a shot glass
  2. Nice review, I wish I picked up more boxes of these too
  3. Do these ever become available in the store? I see singles are listed as sold out and have been the past few times i've checked over the year but boxes aren't listed. Are they ever available from FOH? What's everyones thoughts on them?
  4. @M82 I keep what i have left for NC's with my CC's at 60-62% RH and have never had any problems. They have always burned and tasted fine
  5. Seeds I used
  6. I got a much later start than mwaller but I just planted my seeds today, Habano 2000, connecticut shade leaf, and a packet of seeds called vuelta abajo. not expecting to roll anything awesome with it but it should be fun for the summer. EDIT: 72 plants total, will eventually be 2 foot spacing between plants and 3 feet between rows. split into 2 different locations to see which has better soil. I still need to get a PH test of both spots to get a better idea of how to fertilize
  7. Picked up this 3 CD box set and haven't stopped listening since
  8. What do you think of the speakers?
  9. After filling up the last of my cigar storage last week I was thinking about a new collection to start that I won't one day light on fire and kind of impulse bought a record player, some speakers and a few albums (nothing high end Audio-Technica AT-LP120 and Audioengine A5+ speakers). I listen to a lot of classic rock and thought this could add a cool new touch to the music. Does anyone collect albums?
  10. TOS MAR16 great smoke already
  11. Du Prince
  12. Have you been to twins in Londonderry? definitely my favorite right behind stanza
  13. What is the outdoor Rh where you are?
  14. From last night, another great RAS (no I'm not missing any fingers just the pic)

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