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  1. Already ordered from Rob on that 24:24 sale. Can't wait to get it
  2. Totally makes sense. Already spoke to Rob via email and that is what he will do for me is pick me a box so I have better chances landing a jam
  3. That makes sense for sure^^
  4. One stick that is always on point and always perfectly rolled and has great pull/construction IMO and come around with age has been OpusX sticks. Have many that are now 4+ years and are amazing. Only non Cuban I love a lot. Fuente Anejos are great but I found them better fresh than aged. I have Sharks resting and afraid to smoke them as last time I had one were not as good as when they were fresh. Not sure why
  5. Thanks guys! Why Monte? I always wanted to get a box to let them rest a few years. I know it's a dangerous box to get as its #1 most popular stick out there people buy so yes, I do know it's a higher probability to get a box of duds. That's why I wanted to see if I can possibly avoid some box codes and take a chance on another. That's all. I have a box of now 4+ year old PSD4 and Trini Reyes that are great smoking. So wanted a box of Monte2 to lay to rest. Thanks again guys for the input. Appreciated
  6. Great forum! Have been watching admin's reviews for awhile now on YouTube. Great info and passion for sticks! Applauds I am about to order 10 count Box of Monte #2 but can't find any info if these box codes are good or bad. I read some out there are rolled to tight. How are PMS ABR or MAR 15, and EAG ABR 15? Any info is appreciated

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