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  1. Recently received a 15 count box (5 3-packs) of HDM Petit Robustos in the paper board counter display 15 pack box. No date that I can see. Not a bid deal, as these are damn good little cigars, but curious if these are dated anywhere.
  2. Well, looks like the 8th dwarf has been outed - Bitchy! Kidding! Lived in Orlando - Disney World city. Agree that the 'Magic Kingdom' can be rough for those of us who are just not into overcrowded amusement parks. Animal Kingdom, on the other hand, is well worth a visit and the food there is pretty good. Can even get a good cold beer or three!
  3. With the acknowledgement that my experience is no where near that of yours, I respectfully disagree. I believe that a pale, sickly wrapper is an indication of what may well be that of things to come with many CC's. I base this on a few experiences with items received in trades where the cigars have wrappers that pale in comparison to the norm for the marcas. I received some 2014 HU 2's that turned out to be ghostly pale and the same with another group of '14 Monte Petit No 2's. The Montes also had a good bit of mold as well. In neither case was this noted prior to my receiving them. Taste on each was as pale as the wrappers. On the other hand, I have no issue with seconds where there is some foot damage. Bought many a box from our host that way and found no issue at all with taste and construction quality.
  4. I very much agree. After making a good number of trades, I find that there is often a reason someone is looking to part with lots and often they are looking to be rid of substandard cigars. This is quite disappointing when one sends decent, sought after sticks and receive poor items in return. I am finding it is best to do box purchases as well.
  5. It would be nice if the fokkers in government and special interests would simply stop telling everyone else what to do and how to live! And those fokkers are supposed to be our "representatives". What an unfortunate joke!
  6. Clearly in the US and Oz, that would be a NO!
  7. Wrappers can have a dramatic influence on the flavor profile of a cigar. Take a popular NC marca, LFD. Their Double Ligero line includes both natural and maduro cigars in like sizes. Aside from the wrappers, the filler and binder is identical for each. There is a world of difference in the total flavor profiles of them. Can't speak on CC's as I have not had two of the same Cubans with different wrappers, but I would bet there is the same difference.
  8. Not only snakes and crocks...even the spiders have attitude!
  9. That's no Jeep! Looks more like brer Rob has his bad self a rompin' Suzuki Samurai !!!
  10. I salute and respect all the Aussie service personnel who answered the call. Many thanks.
  11. While looking for a replacement wine cooler, I've run across something that I have not seen before. A wine cooler that uses what is described as a heat pipe cooling system. What is this, as compared to a thermoelectric (peltier unit) cooling system? Also, is a heat pipe cooler as relaible?
  12. Rob, look what you've done! Turned the whole lot of us into cigar j-j-junkies!
  13. As others have said, likely too moist. Try dry boxing and try the next one pretty dry. Not usual for CC's - at least for the larger ring gauges. Unfortunately, it does happen on the rare occasion, even with premier sticks. Good luck.
  14. Google - worldatlas.com or something like that. Aren't we supposed to believe everything we read on the internet? Here's another thought...anyone that has his disgraced people executed by firing squad, using an anti-aircraft weapon, is nothing short of bat-crap crazy!

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