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  1. Twang... PLPC is great!
  2. This is exactly why the world looks at American tourists as nothing more than absolute schmucks. As one who works occasionally in a pretty nice, honest cigar shop, I appreciate when customers call our errors out to us rather than score a few bucks. If memory serves, our host screwed up on a price and after a very short time up, buyers called out the error so he didn't lose any more on sales. Karma my friend, karma.
  3. Think I've had an epiphany...or could be just a brain fart. In any case, it finally sunk in on why some Cubans may not have the amazing flavor profile that they are (usually) known for. It appears that some exapmles really do suffer terribly when constructed with 'off' wrappers, while others seem to be just fine regardless. Take some of the lighter, more complex cigars, such as many in the Monte, Trinidad and Vegas Robianaseries. I've had some really ho-hum No4's, Coloniales and Famosos. On the other hand, never had a Party Short or RyJ Cazadores suffer from PWS (pale wrapper syndrome). Hell, you could probably leave the wrapper clean off of the latter without any ill effects!
  4. I'm a fan of smaller ring gauge Cubans and these not only fit that category, but offer a nice ring gauge as well. A subjective comparison between these two feisty lightweight pugilists... Appearance and overall aesthetics - Monte has this down. Very attractive and smooth wrapper. Construction - tie. Both are very well made with good, secure cap. Draw - HUHC is spot on. Slightly open, just right resistance. Monte can be a little tight, but not too much so. Burn - Monte wins. Razor sharp burn line in most I've enjoyed. Strength - HUHC hands down. Monte is decidedly lighter. Flavors - IMHO, the HUHC has this by a slight margin. HUHC is a bit of a mongrel with stronger flavors and quite a bit of tang. Definitely has the marca's flavor profile. Excellent little smoke and one of my personal favorites. I did not much care for the MMC at first. That was until I discovered it is the ideal morning coffee cigar. Light coffee and toasted tobacco, pairs well with a good dark roast. Definitely a keeper. Duration - draw. About 45 min +/- Cost - HUHC by a mile. Can't figure why the Montes are so much more. Bang for the buck - HUHC get it. Both are worth having in the collection. I'm going deeper on the HU though. review is subjective - just IMNSHO
  5. Figured was a health warning. That or a cryptic ad for a Cat house!
  6. Recently was gifted a 10 pack box of HDM Epi Deluxe from a friend and saw a label that I hadn't seen before. What is it and what is the language? Surely not a new variation of espanol! Great cigars, BTW!
  7. Does brother NoNads have sufficient tenure and post count to make such a request???
  8. This is for those who like to use a V-cut occasionally on their cigars. Which of these do you prefer and why? Which gives the better cut? Xikar VX Keychain, Xikar VX Full Size or Colibri.
  9. A week ago, MUH DUH ROW and I went to a local favorite coffee house hangout to enjoy some good coffee and a few prized Cubans. There was an art show on the main drag, so lots of people and bikini watching to do. MDR arrived early and looking to be courteous, picked out a table outside off to the side, well away from others in the front courtyard area. Coffee enjoyed and cigars gleefully burning, the area began to get busy. We had been there about an hour and a half when a rather scrawny lone ranger chose a table in front of us. Being outdoors and a nice breezy day, we unexpectedly received an inquiry as to how long we intended to stay. Then something about if we intended to "smoke all of those things". I was proud of MDR when he beat me to an answer, informing the inquisitive interloper that if we were to smoke them all, it would be days. Or something like that. Then MDR asked in his most soothing voice, "why doseth thou ask". Well, not exactly like that, but you get the jist of it. The irritating inquisitor turned his back on us and mumbled that we knew why. Bad move! We happily puffed away and enjoyed our caffiene and wonderful cigars while lamenting our next anticipated purchases and what we wished Rob would put up next! The pest promptly left. Chalk one more up to the good guys!!!
  10. I very recently reviewed material, intending to purchase another, smaller life policy. Upon reading the rates, they were broken into non-nicotine users and nicotine users. They've gotten very crafty - no more smoker/non-smoker classifications. Looks like we cigar only types are royally screwed!
  11. I'm excited about the sleeper in the new crowd...the RyJ Petit Royales. Yeah, that's right. Another Petit Robusto type! Love them little fokkers!
  12. Not sure in CC's, but add a dram or two of most any premium aged rum at least 12 years old and you have your wish!
  13. After receiving these good responses, I did the same! We should compare notes.
  14. HdM Petit Robusto - what's it like? Recommended or avoid at all costs? This is a tough one to get a handle on. Not many reviews and they seem to be all over the map. Looks like a perfect size! I'm looking for a few more good CC's to add for dog-walking and am wondering if this one is worth picking up a box.

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