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  1. Need some sage input here, as this has me stumped. Was enjoying a PLPC last night and about half way through, an extremely bitter taste suddenly came through and held for the next few draws. Thought about tossing it, but decided to re-trim the head. That did the trick and all went back to it's usual great taste. Only have had that occur once before and on that occasion I saw a very small bead of black at the cut head. Both times, I had used a V-cut from a quality cutter. That taste is not to be forgotten - something akin to toxic sludge! Cigars are kept at 68 deg. f and 62%, with excellent draw and burn. What could possibly be the cause of this horrible taste and accumulation at the cut? BTW, no cat litter, no cats in the house and the dogs don't mess with the wineador, so couldn't be a dog-rocket thing! So...
  2. Find a cigar friendly pub with a good happy hour! Have a few good ones here on the Florida Gulf Coast. Hope you find some relief!
  3. Wrapper Repair Help

    Gum arabic. I've successfully repaired worse on a few that were just too nice to toss. No affect on flavor or burn. Great stuff. The cigar will be a little fugly, but otherwise just fine.
  4. Por Larranaga Montecarlos

    Personally, not impressed. Vastly prefer the PLPC.
  5. Down here y'all call it Blanton's bourbon! Happy 1st to our Canadian neighbors to the north and happy 4th to us heathens in the good 'ole USA!
  6. Sounds about right there y'all!
  7. Know it's late, but this is still a good one! A young Kindergarten teacher addresses her class and explains they would have a show and tell for the afternoon. With all the kids brimming with excitement, she holds up a shiny ripe red Braeburn and asks the kids what it is. Hands fly up everywhere. The teacher calls on little Suzie, “OK Suzie, what is this fruit?” The swift reply is ”it’s an apple, teacher”. “Very good, Suzie, come get your apple!” Next, the teacher holds up a bunch of round, ripe, purple Concords. “Who knows what these are?” Again, hands shoot up all around! “Sally, what do you think?” Sally replies that they are grapes! “Very good, Sally, come get your grapes”. Last item the teacher holds up is a small, foil wrapped pyramid chocolate candy. “Who knows what this is?” Nothing, not a single hand goes up. Teacher is perplexed and asks again with not a single reply. She calls on little Timmy to come up to her desk, unwraps the candy and puts it in his mouth. “Timmy, do you know now?” Still nothing! The teacher decides to give the kids a hint…”it’s what your mommy gives your daddy just before bed at night”. Suddenly little Tommy shouts out, “spit it out Timmy, that there’s a piece of ass!”
  8. Just think...this might just be either a really late or really early April Fools tweet from the Donald, uh, the prez ( not you, Rob), I mean the US President and twitter in chief. He's probably a connoisseur of fine cigars and really doesn't mean to sell us down the river just so's those selfish Canucks can get all the CC goodies! At least we still have a great exchange rate going for us!
  9. C'mon Rob...everybody knows our gov't does clusterf**ks so very well!
  10. Wow! Seems like throwing stones whilst living in a glass house. WE sell arms to Saudi Arabia... France included and a host of others. Let's all be big enough boys to take the blame.
  11. Coffee Maker

    Like the OP, I was on the search for a serious upgrade in coffee. After scouring this thread, took the plunge and bought an Aeropress. AWESOME COFFEE! The search is over and coffee nirvana has been found! I'm a happy dude!
  12. That second hearse dog is worth his weight in premium habanos! Atta boy!

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